PostHeaderIcon Mahintana Visits Envirotech Waste Recycling Inc. in Davao City

The President and CEO of Envirotech Waste Recycling Inc., Mr. Winchester Lemen, welcomed and accompanied the team from Mahintana Foundation, Inc as they visited the recycling facility located at Bunawan District, Davao City, on October 10, 2017. The purpose of the visit was to explore opportunities and exchange information in advocating waste reduction alongside a social enterprise endeavour.

Mr. Lemen led the group as they entered the recycling plant. They were taken through the receiving area where massive amounts of residual plastic wastes undergo a recycling process from sorting to crushing to the finished product. Every 30 kilogram of wastes can make one (1) plastic armchair and sold at a reasonable price.

The Mahintana staff together with the President & CEO, Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot, gained an understanding not only on the basic process of recycling but its importance both to the environment and to the people.

(top photo) Mr. Winchester Lemen led the group to the sorting area where wastes are separated and baled; (lower left) Mr. Martiniano Magdolot, MFI's President & CEO, checking the wood's durability; (lower right) the armchair, as the finished product

(top photo) Mr. Winchester Lemen led the group to the sorting area where wastes are separated and baled; (lower photos) The Mahintana team checking the woods’ durability and the armchair, as the finished product

PostHeaderIcon Indigenous Dike Technology Assessment Round Table Discussion

20171010_090853_FotorOn October 10, 2017, Mahintana Foundation, Inc. represented by Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot, President & CEO, Mr. Jobe C. Tubigon, Program Manager, Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker, Project Coordinator and Ms. Ella Mae M. Babao, Project Officer, participated in the round table discussion about the NACI Dike Technology Assessment. The meeting was held at the Media Room, Community Center, Ateneo De Davao University.

The Project leader of the NACI Dike Assessment, Dr. Jesse B. Manuta, introduced the rationale and the overview of the research. This was followed by the presentations on Dike Technology given by Engr. Richard P. Manapol from the Civil Engineering Department; Cultural Adoption and Adaptation presented by Dr. Rosalinda T. Tomas from the Anthropology Department; and Ecological Assessment by Dr. Virgilio G. Dela Rosa who belonged in the Biology Department.

The discussion highlighted the primary intention and results of the bamboo dike technology, as a new structural measure to flood control and yet resulted as an effective erosion control system. The Mahintana project team remained attuned to their viewpoint and explained that the bamboo dike is a successful flood prevention measure. To further improve this kind of technology, the group came up with the following recommendations: (a) bamboos shall be planted at least 3 meters from the edge of the river; and (b) napier grass shall be planted between the poles.

Also in attendance were the different sectors from the academe represented by Ateneo De Davao University, Tribal Leaders Development Foundation, Inc. (TLDFI), Allah Valley Landscape Development Association (AVLDA) and the funding donor, Foundation for the Philippine Environment (FPE).

PostHeaderIcon Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan at Brgy. Kematu, T’boli, South Cotabato

IMG_5335_Fotor_CollageIn celebration of Health Plus Program’s 10th year implementation, another Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan activity was held at Brgy. Kematu, T’boli, South Cotabato on September 21, 2017. Medical doctors and nurses from the Provincial Health Office in South Cotabato together with Community health care providers came early at the venue to provide the following services to at least 437 beneficiaries: medical consultations, dental check-ups and extraction, laboratory tests (e.g. urinalysis, random glucose test, hematocrit blood test), and skin tests to determine skin infections. Volunteers from partner-suppliers rendered their services and distributed medicines for free.

Hon. Dibu S. Tuan, Municipal Mayor of T’boli, expressed his full support to the health programs initiated by Mahintana Foundation and thanked all those who helped and participated in the event.

Mahintana's Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan Team together with the volunteers from the Provincial Health Office of South Cotabato

Mahintana’s Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan Team together with the volunteers from the Provincial Health Office of South Cotabato

PostHeaderIcon LWR-funded Nutripan BREAD (Business for Rural Economy and Agriculture Development) Project Assessment

IMG_5477_Fotor_CollageOn September 22, 2017, the master bakers from the Lutheran World Relief (LWR)-supported Nutripan Bakeshops in Surallah and Koronadal City together with LWR Program Manager, Mr. Roderick Valones, MFI Admin & Finance Officer, Ms. Liza D. Hora, and the project team convened for the assessment of the Nutripan BREAD (Business for Rural Economy and Agriculture Development) Project.

With collaborative efforts of LWR and Mahintana Foundation, Inc. and support from officials in the barangay, municipal and provincial levels, the project was successfully launched on July 10, 2017 in Koronadal City and on September 7, 2017 in Surallah. Established as a Social Enterprise, this project aims to improve access to healthy, nutritious and affordable snack alternatives among school children.

Mr. Valones explained that it is vital to assess the project’s initial performance and its accomplishments, examine the challenges encountered and determine the extent to which the project was able to meet its objectives. As the front liners, the master bakers, were encouraged to be open and honest to share positive as well as negative factors affecting the overall operations of the bakeshoppe. This includes their personal assessment of the following: (a) sourcing of ingredients; (b) production; (c) marketing strategies; (d) Admin & Management; and (e) other concerns (e.g. interaction among bakers, attitude of bakery staff). By doing so, the project team were able to examine if the project has achieved its goals, determine how effectively it is being managed, formulate recommendations to improve its performance and define the factors that may help set its direction, whether it is sustainable or not.

It is evident that handling a Nutripan Bakeshoppe comes with an array of challenges and overcoming it may not be easy. The project team still has high hopes that the project will be successful in the long run, with the aim not just to provide Nutritious Bread products to the communities but to also offer livelihood/employment opportunities.

The Assessment Plan is an important element for the formulation of the Nutripan BREAD project’s Strategic Plan, which will be used as basis for future investment of Lutheran World Relief.

PostHeaderIcon Nutripan Staff participates on Financial Management and Simple Bookkeeping Training

DSC01813_FotorOn September 9, 2017, at least 14 Nutripan staff from different branches participated on Financial Management and Simple Bookkeeping Seminar conducted by Mahintana Foundation Inc. held at MFI conference room. The training is one of the ongoing activities of the Nutripan BREAD (Business for Rural Economy and Agriculture Development) Project focused on developing the capacity of the participants on financial operation. The training aims to improve production analysis, bread costing and inventory management of the Nutripan staff and strengthen their financial management capabilities in the implementation and generation of accurate financial information of Nutripan Bakeshoppe using a participatory approach.

The morning session was devoted to looking at how important Baker’s Math is and how it affects the operation of the bakeshoppe.  The afternoon session was focused on Financial and Inventory Management which includes understanding on how to achieve break-even sales. Discussion were then summarized from some of the key points linked into the need to improve and mainstream financial scrutiny throughout the Nutripan Bakeshoppe outlets. Deficiencies in the current financial process implementation were also highlighted.

At the end of the training, participants shared their learnings as such they were able to understand the need to assess and steer the overall Nutripan Bakeshoppe’s operation and financial records.

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana holds Grand Opening of Nutripan in Surallah, South Cotabato

(clockwise from L to R) Municipal Mayor of Surallah, Hon. Antonio Bendita, giving his message of support; students enjoying the nutritious Nutripan Bread; blessing of the newly purchased van which will be used for the delivery of bread products; and ceremonial blessing of the bakeshop building

(clockwise from top left) Municipal Mayor of Surallah, Hon. Antonio Bendita, giving his message of support; students enjoying the healthy Nutripan breads; blessing of the newly purchased van and the bakeshop building

The community in Surallah gathered to celebrate the opening of Lutheran World Relief-funded Nutripan BREAD (Business for Rural Economy and Agriculture Development) Project last September 07, 2017 at the Municipal Health Office. The store’s opening marks the next phase of growth for the project which was established as a social enterprise that aims to improve access to healthy, nutritious and less costly snack foods among school children by providing alternatives to junk foods sold around the schools and communities.

The Grand Opening was graced by Mr. Recto Puno, Director for Dole Surallah Cannery Operation; Atty. Melquiades Hernandez III, Dolefil’s Director for Corporate Affairs Division; Mr. Martiniano Magdolot, MFI’s President & CEO; and witnessed by top officials and members of the Municipal Government of Surallah represented by Hon. Antonio Bendita, City Mayor and Dr. Neil Crespo, Municipal Health Officer. The School Principals and Nutrition Coordinators including students from Surallah  Elementary School were also present to show their support. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Health Plus Program’s Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan benefits 437 beneficiaries in Brgy. Small Margus, Sarangani Province


Despite the overbearing heat, beneficiaries arrived in the venue and lined up early in the morning to avail the following services: (clockwise from top left) cholesterol & RBS screening; ABI testing; ear cleaning; free eye glasses for senior citizens; dental services; and received free cintronella-based spray for anti-dengue

The recently conducted Lakbay Buhay Kalusugan (LBK) held on September 7, 2017 has served around 437 beneficiaries residing in Brgy. Small Margus, Glan, Sarangani Province. Mahintana Foundation, Inc., through its Health Plus Program, partnered with the Province of Sarangani, through its Provincial Health Office, to bring health information and services to geographically isolated and disadvantaged communities targeting pregnant mothers, fathers and their children. As a kick-off event for the Health Plus Program’s celebration of its 10th year implementation, this initiative was also organized to help promote health consciousness that will further raise the knowledge and understanding of the public about health, wellness and nutrition.

The LBK team led by Ms. Margie Managuit, Health Plus Program Manager, travelled to the remote area of Brgy. Margus early in the morning to bring health services to its identified constituents. These services include:  (a) medical consultation; (b) dental services; (c) prenatal services; (d) laboratory services (e.g. hematocrit level monitoring, cholesterol & RBS, Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) screening, blood typing, hepatitis & syphilis screening, urinalysis); (e) Filariasis rapid diagnostic tests; (f) TB screening and diagnostics; (g) ear cleaning services; and (h) Implanon insertion/removal as a birth control method. Also, pregnancy kits composed of calcium carbonate, adult and newborn diapers, cotton buds, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste were given to pregnant women. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Polo Day Care Center Turnover Ceremony

After Polo DCC_Fotor_CollageDole Philippines, Inc. partnered with Mahintana Foundation, Inc. for the renovation of the Polo Day Care Center building to make it a conducive place for learning for the preschool aged children. On September 5, 2017, the turnover ceremony and the blessing of the school building took place graced by Mr. Randolph I. Fleming, Dolefil’s VP and Managing Director; Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot, Mahintana’s President & CEO; Hon. Ariston P. Leoberas Jr., Brgy. Captain; and Ms. Glanica Manguiguilid, MSWDO. Also present to witness the ceremonial turnover were the parents of the pupils, teachers and barangay officials. Over 50 pupils enrolled in the day care center will benefit from the project.

Hon. Leoberas opened up the ceremony with a brief message of thanks and acknowledged the concerted efforts of Dolefil and Mahintana for the successful completion of the project.

A message of support was given by Mr. Fleming conveying the importance of providing a comfortable environment to stimulate student learning. According to him, students learn better when they view the learning atmosphere as positive and supportive.

In closing, Ms. Flordeliz Jugar, the teacher in-charge, expressed her overwhelming joy and gratitude. “We are privileged to be chosen as a beneficiary of this project so in return, we will take responsibility to keep it safe and useful for the children in our community,” she said.   In her message, she also emphasized the need to maintain the building’s spic and span and provide quality educational materials for the children.

In addition, the school will be receiving kiddie chairs and table package which will be donated by Dole Philippines, Inc. Its facilities will also be improved which include the fabrication and installation of grills and whiteboard and renovation of the kitchen area and comfort room.


PostHeaderIcon Mahintana Commemorates 40 Years of Excellence of Building Resiliency, Sustaining Development

(clockwise from top photo) Four (4) Mahintana employees with loyalty and service awards pose for a group picture; a portrait painting of the late Mr. Bienvenido Perez given to his family; Mr. Martiniano Magdolot, MFI's President & CEO sharing about Mahintana's history; the current staff entertaining the crowd with a dance presentation; the Mahintana Chorale singing an invocation song;

(clockwise from top photo) Four (4) Mahintana employees with loyalty and service awards pose for a group picture together with MFI’s President & CEO and the BOT members; a portrait painting of the late Mr. Bienvenido Perez given to his family; Mr. Martiniano Magdolot sharing about Mahintana’s history; the current staff entertaining the crowd with a dance presentation; and the Mahintana Chorale singing an invocation song;

As part of its 40th Founding Anniversary celebration, Mahintana Foundation, Inc. held its first Employees’ Night on August 26, 2017 attended by more than 100 past and present employees who worked with the foundation since 1977. The foundation has grown a lot since then through continued community engagements and development contributions that had affected the lives of many people.

What made the celebration remarkable was the recognition of the humble beginnings and significant achievements of the foundation through video presentations and testimonies of some of the former and current employees who shared their own experiences that being part of  Mahintana is a privilege and a blessing at the same time. “Working with the foundation is an opportunity for me to discover my skills and hasten my capabilities for professional growth and competence,” Ms. Margie Managuit said.

The special program also consisted of fun games and meaningful conversations over a sumptuous feast. It was also a moment to recognize the loyalty and service of four (4) employees who have worked with the foundation for 5 years and beyond and to also pay tribute to the officers and staff who have passed away. The legacy of service of Mr. Bienvenido Perez who served and guided Mahintana as Assistant Secretary and President for nearly 4 decades was also recognized. Adding to the festive spirit was the intermission numbers through dance and song presentations of the staff and the exciting raffle draw prizes.

“It is with great pride and joy to be part of this celebration commemorating the meritorious accomplishments of Mahintana through the years,” one of the members of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Carlos Baldostamon said. “We all share a lot of experiences and it made the foundation prosper and it also made us better persons,” he added.

MFI President & CEO, Mr. Martiniano Magdolot, expressed his deepest gratitude to everyone who came and recognized the exceptional contributions of the staff, the exemplary leadership provided by the Board of Trustees and the support of development partners and donors, vital for making the foundation attain its success and reach 40 years of excellence.


PostHeaderIcon Over 7,000 Participants Celebrate Adolescent Reproductive Health Day

IMG_3972_Fotor_Collage3As part of the celebration of the Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Day, Mahintana Foundation, Inc. through its ARH Program, organized a Poster-making, Team Quiz Bee, Tagalog Spoken Poetry & Song-writing/Battle of the Bands Contests with the theme “Sining at Musika Para sa Kabataan: Rated PG #PagibigGoals” held on August 25, 2017 at the Municipal Gymnasium of Polomolok, South Cotabato. This event was successfully conducted with support from Dole Philippines, Inc., Provincial Government of South Cotabato, Local Government of Polomolok, Department of Health, Department of Education, RHU Polomolok, and other development actors and stakeholders including the volunteer efforts of the Health Education Promotion Officers (HEPOs), PNP-Polomolok, Mun. Health Office and the Civil Security Unit.

The main goal of this occasion is to raise the level of awareness of teenage groups regarding adolescent sexuality, adolescent reproductive health and sexual health issues including teenage pregnancies and the prevention of STI/HIV/AIDS. Intended as an event for-a-cause, all the proceeds that will be collected will be used to support the projects related to the ARH program. Read the rest of this entry »

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