PostHeaderIcon Benchmarking activity at the Municipality of Lanuza, Surigao del Sur


A total of 27 participants visited the Municipality of Lanuza, Surigao del Sur on February 20-22, 2017 to benchmark how the MLGU was able to access the People’s Survival Fund (PSF) with funding close to P 40 million for a 2-year project. The group was composed of representatives from LGUs Polomolok, Tupi, Maragusan and Maasim; PLGU South Cotabato; Mahintana Foundation, Inc.; Tribal Leaders Development Foundation; Sarangani Energy Corporation; Kasilak Foundation; and Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc. (CLAFI). The PSF is a special fund in the National Treasury intended for local government units and accredited local/community organizations/institutions that finances climate change adaptation programs and projects.

The Municipal Mayor of Lanuza, Hon. Salvacion Azarcon, along with the Vice Mayor, Hon. Marvin Azarcon, and Mr. Melchor John Largo, MENRO, warmly welcomed the participants. They urged the group to submit project proposals to PSF for them to access the fund. The profile overview and the PSF Proposal of Lanuza were explained and presented by Mr. Largo. Now, the LGU is pursuing its advocacy of protecting communities from the precarious effects of climate change as well as providing them a climate-resilient sources of income.

The participants were thankful for the inputs provided to them by LGU Lanuza including the basic components and preparations needed in creating a quality project proposal for PSF. They also had the chance to tour the Municipal office and the centennial house known as the “Whitehouse” of Lanuza.

PostHeaderIcon New Dumangas Health Center Renovation Blessing and Turn-over Ceremony

The Brgy. New Dumangas locals participated in the Blessing and Turn-over Ceremony of their newly renovated Health Center on February 14, 2017. Community-based and patient-directed, the Barangay Health Center caters the need of the members of the community by providing first aid, maternal and child health care, diagnosis of social diseases, and other basic health services.

The Health Center was successfully turned-over to the BLGU headed by Hon. Dante Tidula and RHU headed by Midwife Patricia Etana. Hon Tidula thanked everyone who attended and acknowledged all the efforts made in order to materialize the renovation of the facility.

The blessing of the building and the ribbon cutting ceremony were participated by the project donors, sponsors and partners, namely, Mr. Randolph I. Fleming, the VP and Managing Director of Dole Philippines, Inc.; Dr. Salvecio Dagang, Tboli Mun. Admin; Hon. Ronie Dela Pena, SB Chair on Health and Nutrition; Dr. Jospehine Armada, MHO Head; and Ms. Patricia Etana, Brgy. Health Center Midwife. The program also held a simultaneous turnover ceremony of the health center to the BLGU-New Dumangas, RHU and LGU-Tboli by awarding the miniature health center building.

Mr. Randolph Fleming was elated to see both children and their parents supporting the event and encouraged the community to continue to support community-based related projects of the company.

The renovation project was made possible through a private-public partnership of Dole Philippines, Inc. through Mahintana Foundation, Inc. together with the BLGU and LGU-Tboli.


(clockwise from top photo) The newly renovated Health Center officially opened through a Ribbon cutting ceremony; Turnover of the miniature health center to BLGU headed by Hon. Dante Tidula and RHU headed by Midwife Patricia Etana; Blessing Ceremony witnessed by project donors, sponsors and partners

PostHeaderIcon Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK) celebrates Heart Health Month


Participants arrive at the Municipal gym entrance after an hour of walking from Dolefil gym (top photo); Dr. Olive Lumata emphasizes the importance of having a regular physical activity and healthy lifestyle to prevent heart diseases.

In the observance of the Heart Month Celebration, the Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK), organized a Heart Walk Activity on February 11, 2017. The said event was carried out as part of creating awareness among Dolefil employees, Coop-based workers, and the community on the relevance of having a healthy heart and taking the next step to a world free of heart diseases.

Over 300 participants from Dolefil executives and management; partner cooperatives (Adventurers’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative (AMCOOP), Cannery Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CAMPCO), Fortitude Ability Resilience in Business (FARB), Polomolok Manpower Services Cooperative (PMSC), Tibud sa Katibawasan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Tibud-SKMPC) and Unified Engineering and Workers’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative (UEWMPC)); and the PTFK Technical Working Group (TWG), participated in the Heart Walk which began at 5:00 a.m. from Dolefil Gym to the Municipal Plaza of Polomolok, S.C. Also present were representatives from Sarangani Resources Corporation (SRC), MFI and schools (Polomolok National High School, Poblacion Polomolok National High School, Mt. Matutum Christian School, and Christian School of Polomolok).

A short program was held afterwards hosted by Mr. Jay Hijos and Ms. Audrey Amarante. This was followed by a Zumba dance workout, another fun-filled physical activity choreographed by Zumba dance instructors and lectures on the importance of living a heart-healthy life. Dr. Olive Lumata, Internal Medicine Physician, discussed about heart diseases, its risks and ways to prevent it. Also, a lecture on Pilipinas Go for Health was delivered by the Health Education Promotion Officer II, Ms. Marifort R. Rafael, RN from the Integrated Provincial Health Office-SC.

Participants enjoy the Zumba workout led by Zumba dance instructors.

At least 300 participants enjoy the Zumba workout led by Zumba dance instructors.

PostHeaderIcon Sinawal Day Care Center Tree Growing Activity

DSCN2466_Fotor_CollageRepresentatives coming from the Sinawal Day Care Center led by Ms. Susan Simpo and Barangay Sinawal, General Santos City headed by the Brgy. Captain Dominador O. Lozano, joined in the Tree Growing Activity on February 1, 2017. At least 1,000 hills of assorted forest and fruit trees were planted at the old barangay hall compound and along gully edges and creeks surrounding Sitio Sinawal. This activity was organized by Mahintana Foundation, Inc. as a reciprocating action for the renovation of the Day Care Center.

The aim of the activity is not only to plant a tree (seedling) but to take care of it until it grows fully and mature. The purok officials together with the support and cooperation from the parents committed to nurture the seedlings well to ensure its survival.

PostHeaderIcon Tupi Nutripan Bakeshop Grand Launching and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Dolefil’s VP & Managing Director, Mr. Randolph Fleming and Municipal Mayor of Tupi, Hon. Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr. giving their messages of support

As part of the health and nutrition initiative of the Kapit Bisig Para sa Kabataan Program, the Municipal Economic Enterprise Development Office (MEEDO) of Tupi with the support of Dole Philippines, Inc. and Mahintana Foundation, Inc., has launched the Nutripan Bakeshop at Tupi, South Cotabato on February 6, 2017. The event was graced by the Municipal Mayor of Tupi, Hon. Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr.; Dolefil’s VP and Managing Director, Mr. Randolph Fleming, and Community and Cooperative Relations Department (CCRD) Manager, Ms. Leamor Bañaga; DepEd Nurse South District, Ms. Jeselyn Claudion; and witnessed by elementary public school students and teachers.

The Nutripan Bakeshop has expanded its coverage to increase the number of beneficiaries by making available affordable and nutritious bread products to address the micronutrient deficiency among pre-school and school-aged children.

With the high prevalence rate of malnutrition in Tupi, Hon. Reynaldo Tamayo, Jr. expressed his gratitude to Dolefil and MFI for choosing his municipality as the project beneficiary. “The bakeshop will be the answer to address the lack of proper nutrition among malnourished children,” he said. He articulated his support and the LGU’s commitment to patronize the products produced by the bakeshop. Likewise, Mr. Randolph Fleming stressed the importance for students to stay healthy for them to perform well at school and encouraged everyone to continue to raise awareness about malnutrition.

The ribbon cutting ceremony was  held afterwards to celebrate the grand opening of the Nutripan Bakeshop followed by the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The guests and participants later enjoyed the bread products with nutritious ingredients such as ‘malunggay’, squash, ube, monggo, pineapple and sweet potato.


(top photo from L to R) MFI Executive Director, Mr. Martiniano Magdolot and Dolefil’s VP & Managing Director, Mr. Randolph Fleming together with DepEd Nurse South District, Ms. Jeselyn Claudion and Municipal Mayor of Tupi, Hon. Reynaldo S. Tamayo Jr. signing the Memorandum of Agreement; (lower left) Cutting of the ribbon; (lower right) students enjoying the nutritious bread products of Nutripan Bakeshop

Dole Philippines, through Mahintana Foundation, Inc. financed the renovation of the bakery, purchase of equipment and materials and other operating expenses. The local government of Tupi provided the building and space as their counterpart.

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana Foundation, Inc. developing the 5-year Strategic Plan for 2018 – 2022

DSC_0474_FotorThe staff and management of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. together with BOT members Engr. Carlos S. Baldostamon, Jr. and Dr. Eva Hormigos convened for a Strategic Planning activity on January 25-26, 2017 at Dole Kalsangi, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The main goal of the activity is the formulation of the 5-year Strategic Plan for the years 2018-2022.

Day one included inputs coming from different resource speakers and group discussions led by the facilitator, Mr. Norman Joseph Q. Jiao, Executive Director of Association of Foundations (AF).


Resource speakers Mr. Dennis Omar T. Salvo, Manager of PEF’s Partnership and Program Unit and Mr. Fiorello Elizaga, DILG XII LGOO VI

Resource speaker Mr. Fiorello Elizaga, DILG XII LGOO VI, presented the National and Local situation in the Philippines and highlighted in his presentation the priority programs and accomplishments under the Duterte administration. He explained what the current administration commits and will deliver in the next six years.

Another resource speaker, Mr. Dennis Omar T. Salvo, Manager of PEF’s Partnership & Program Unit, talked about social entrepreneurship and shared the thrusts and policy directives of PEF. “PEF’s direction is geared towards building sustainable communities by investing in social enterprises that will provide them viable livelihood,” he said. He stressed that as a development strategy, social entrepreneurship is an approach that can benefit the society in general, with emphasis more on those who are marginalized and poor.


(top photo) AF Executive Director, Mr. Norman Joseph Q. Jiao, discussing the vision and mission statements of the organization; MFI’s Executive Director, Mr. Martiniano Magdolot, giving his closing message

Known for his ability to help groups develop quality strategic plans, Mr. Norman Joseph Jiao, AF Executive Director, gave the staff the opportunity to reflect on their personal commitment in working with the organization. They had the opportunity to look back and revisit the vision and mission statements of the organization. Mr. Jiao allowed the group to carefully understand the statements, do the analyses and to work together to clearly state a common vision and mission, detailed and specific enough to guide the direction of the organization.

On day two, the strategic planning continued with Mr. Jiao making the activity engaging and dynamic. He also shared about his experiences in pursuing his passion and challenged the staff to do the same.

Accomplishment reports of the four programs of MFI (Environmental Program, Basic Social Enterprise, Basic Social Services and Institution Building and Governance) were later presented. The reports showed that most of the organization’s stated goals and objectives for the past 5 years have been achieved. This was followed by a presentation on the brief background and history including the milestones and financial performance of MFI for the past years by Mr. Martiniano Magdolot, Executive Director and the identified SWOT by Ms. Margie Managuit, Healthplus Program Manager.

For the closing message, Mr. Magdolot expressed his gratefulness to the staff for participating actively and engaging themselves in the process. He encouraged everyone to be more dynamic for the realization of the 5-year Strategic Plan.

The two-day activity allowed the group to clearly identify the vision, mission, slogan, programs, strategic goals and key results as the organization moves forward. Mahintana Foundation will continue to focus on its core programs towards the attainment of its vision of “A dynamic organization working towards sustainable and resilient communities” guided with its mission, “To implement viable and socio-economic and environmental programs through leadership, commitment, teamwork, integrity and excellence.” The slogan “Building Resiliency, Sustaining Development,” simply defines what the organization values the most and what it wants to achieve in the succeeding years.

PostHeaderIcon MFI conducts Seminar on “Understanding Vulnerability through Hazard Maps”

Mr Roel Ian Blanker, MFI Project Officer, presenting and explaining the hazard map

Mr Roel Ian Blanker, MFI Project Officer, presenting and explaining the hazard maps to the participants

Mahintana Foundation, Inc., recently conducted the Seminar on “Understanding Vulnerability through Hazard Maps” held on January 29, 2017 at Durian Garden, Polomolok, S.C., with participants from Barangays Aflek and Malugong, T’boli, South Cotabato. At the same time, challenges and concerns on the implementation of the FPE-funded Scale-up Reduced Pollution through Vegetation and Rehabilitation of Silway River Phase 2 project were presented and discussed.

At least 38 participants gained knowledge and understood their geographical setting through the presentation of hazard and landslide maps provided by the Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO) of T’boli. They were enthused to rehabilitate riverbanks in their areas by planting bamboos, forest and fruit trees for in so doing will help promote arable land area and stabilize the soil to protect them from hazardous effects of flooding and soil erosion.


Brgy. Malugong’s Indigenous People Mandated Representative, Mr. EMilio Comang and Brgy. Aflek Councilor Jimmy Kayawan sharing their experiences with the project.

Selected participants also shared their experiences during the duration of the project implementation. Brgy. Aflek Councilor, Hon. Jimmy Kayawan, and Brgy. Malugong’s Indigenous People Mandated Representative (IPMR), Mr. Emilio Comang, expressed how the project has helped beneficiaries in their respective barangays. Most of them understood that a well-protected and stable riverbank helps protect their land and crops from damage during flood and they also learned and appreciated alternative livelihood opportunities they have gained by earning extra income through planting and having continuous and sufficient supply of fresh vegetables. Furthermore, most of the beneficiaries supported and benefited from the project’s Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) activities by promoting awareness on proper waste disposal and sanitation through the construction of comfort rooms and distribution of toilet bowls.

To augment their training on Basic Life Support, the Barangay Council representatives and beneficiaries also received two first aid kits and supplies which will be endorsed at Barangay Health Centers of Brgys. Aflek and Malugong.

Overall, the project has surpassed its targets and Mahintana Foundation continues to undertake Environmental protection activities.


Beneficiaries from Brgy. Aflek and Malugong receiving two first aid kits and supplies

PostHeaderIcon Cabuay Day Care Center’s Tree Growing Activity and Turn-over of Educational Materials


Participants planting fruit and forest trees seedlings along the cleared corn field bordering a gully area at Purok Raquenardz, Sitio Cabuay

As a reciprocating action for the renovation of the Cabuay Day Care Center, volunteers from Barangay Sinawal, General Santos City, Cabuay Multi-Purpose Cooperative joined the parents of the students from Cabuay Day Care Center in a Tree Growing Activity on January 20, 2017.

Prior to planting, Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI) represented by Project Officers Ms. Ella Mae Babao and Mr. Rhofel Shanton Minion shared bits of information on the proper way of planting to ensure survival of the seedlings. At least 1,000 hills of assorted forest and fruit trees were planted along the cleared corn field bordering a gully area at Purok Raquenardz, Sitio Cabuay.


Teachers and students of Cabuay Day Care Center and participants from Brgy. Sinawal happily receives educational materials and toys handed over by Mahintana Foundation, Inc.

Afterwards, the participants from Brgy. Sinawal headed by the Brgy. Captain Dominador O. Lozano together with the parents and students of Cabuay Day Care Center proceeded to the Day Care Center building to witness the turn-over of the educational toys and reading materials and one (1) unit 29” LED TV which will be used for the educational development and learning of the students.

Dole Philippines, Inc. partnered with Mahintana Foundation, Inc., to implement the Day Care Center Renovation project by providing assistance to day care centers in improving its facilities to make it more conducive for learning to preschool aged children.

PostHeaderIcon Immediate Hiring

Mahintana Foundation, Inc. is in urgent need of the following:

  • Admin Assistant


  • College graduate
  • Male or Female (20 to 30 years old)
  • Experience in technical writing is an advantage
  • With good written and verbal communication skills
  • With good moral character

Interested applicants may submit their Application Letter, Resume, Transcript of Records and other pertinent documents addressed to :

The Executive Director

Mahintana Foundation, Inc.

Cannery Housing, Cannery Site

Polomolok, South Cotabato

Email address:

PostHeaderIcon Multi-Partite Monitoring Team for Dolefil Upper Valley Operations’ Annual Work and Financial Planning Workshop

IMG_8145_Fotor_CollageThe Multi-Partite Monitoring Team for Dolefil Upper Valley Operations’ proponents together with the members celebrated the Year-end meeting and Christmas party on November 25, 2016. Proponents of the MMT include Dole Upper Valley Operation, Laconon 100 Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Tboli Farm Growers Multi-Purpose Cooperative, DENR-EMB XII as the Secretariat assisted by Mahintana Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Adolfo Tanco, TFGMPC Manager, presented the accomplishments for 2016 as to the Growership Program status of Coops while the targets for 2017 was discussed by Mr. Jeshurun Cagumbay, the L100MPC Manager. Updates on the areas (hectares) planted with pineapples and its location, community assistance, gully tree planning project, water sampling and fertilizer/pesticide residue sampling results were provided by Mr. Romulo Castor Jr., Dolefil CommRel Supervisor. Last to present was Ms. Florence Furog, EMB-XII/MMT Secretariat, who highlighted the MMT quarterly monitoring activities for 2015 and 2016.

Mahintana shared with the members the 2016 Basic Social Services provided at the Upper Valley Area such as Tree Growing activities, Adopted Nurseries, Chairs-for-trees Program, Tools-for-trees Program, Adopt-A-School Singkowelahan Project, Health Center Renovation Project, Alay Gabay Wheelchair Turn-over, KBPK-Tboli NutriPan Bakeshoppe Operation and Technical Assistance for TFGMPC and L100MPC.

Afterwards, eight (8) representatives formally signed the MMT Manual of Operations namely: Mr. Ronie Lastrill of Brgy. Veterans; Mr. Dante Tidula of Brgy. New Dumangas; Mr. Jeshurun Cagumbay from L100MPC; Mr. Adolfo Tanco Jr. from TFGMPC; Ms. Alita Bornea from FPA; Ms. Yolanda Plaira from MENRO-Surallah; Engr. Elmer Supremo, DOH Representative; and Atty. Justine Kieth Sarabosquez from EMB-XII. The members of the team worked together to put into a single document clear and specific terms to successfully implement community development and social services projects and activities.

Also part of the activity was the review and approval of the Work and Financial Plan for 2017. Atty. Justine Kieth, EMB-XII Legal Officer, initiated the discussion and suggested to allot the benchmarking budget to barangay infrastructure projects and to the reorientation/training for MMT members of the regulations on Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).

Late in the afternoon, the activity was enlivened by the giving of giveaways and raffle promo as a way to share the yuletide spirit and show appreciation to the support and contributions to all MMT members.

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