PostHeaderIcon Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK) Project: Oplan Kulob and Larva Survey at Prk. Santa Cruz, Brgy. Cannery Site, Polomolok, S.C.

Mr. Frigellanes

(left photo) Mr. Fregillana, Sanitation Officer, lecturing about the transmission of dengue virus; (right photo) Barangay Health Worker conducting the Oplan Kulob in one of the households in Prk. Sta. Cruz

With the alarming increase in Dengue cases, Mahintana through its Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK) project lead the Oplan Kulob and Larva Survey on June 10, 2017 at Prk. Sta. Cruz, Brgy. Cannery Site, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The activity provided the community with proper information about Dengue and encouraged them to practice preventive and control measures such as the Oplan Kulob which encourages individuals to turn upside down any container where mosquitoes can breed and multiply and through a larva survey, a strategy that mobilizes communities to search and destroy possible mosquito-breeding sites at 4 p.m. everyday. These methods can help instill cleanliness not only in every household but for the safety of the entire community.

Mr. Fregillana, Sanitation Inspector, was invited as the lecturer. He focused his topic mainly on the transmission of dengue virus and its breeding areas. Later, the participants were divided into groups and Ms. Ma. Theresa Catalan, PTFK Project Officer, assisted in conducting the Oplan Kulob and Larva Survey. A total of 387 households were surveyed out of 633 total households.

Hon. Octavio urged the barangay officials to replicate the dengue advocacy activities in other Puroks where high cases of dengue were reported and lead the campaign against the dreaded disease.  It is important that communities need not only remember the information shared to them but to also practice what they know and maintain cleanliness in their surroundings.

The activity was participated by the Barangay Cannery Site officers and staff, Purok chairpersons, Barangay Health Workers (BHWs), Sanitation Inspectors, HEPOs from CAMPCO, UEWMPC, AMCOOP, and MFI.IMG_5340_Fotor

PostHeaderIcon Staff in Nutripan-Koronadal attends Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Orientation

In keeping with the provisions of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Mahintana Foundation Inc. conducted a GMP orientation on June 14, 2017 at MFI conference room attended by 4 staff of Nutripan-Koronadal, 2 staff from LGU Koronadal’s Nutrition Office and 3 staff of MFI. The primary objectives of the training interventions include: (a) To improve the participants’ knowledge and understanding of food safety and (b) To assist them in developing and implementing systems to manage food safety hazards.

According to Mr. Jay Hijos, Health Officer of Cannery Multi-purpose Cooperative (CAMPCO), GMP are the basic steps for food or bakery industry to ensure that products are free from contamination and any food safety hazards. He also emphasized on the importance of maintaining cleanliness and observing disease control safety for the personnel. Adhering to these procedures require the staff to establish quality management systems, obtain high-quality raw materials, establish operating procedures, detect and investigate potential problems with product quality, and maintain nutritious breads. The team were also taught how to use the fire extinguisher and oriented on pest control methods.

The staff actively participated during the discussion which made the activity engaging and interactive. It was agreed that Mr. Hijos will conduct a safety inspection to the Nutripan-Koronadal building to monitor if the staff have implemented the rules and regulations based on the GMP orientation.

Mahintana continues to scale up the success of the Nutripan Project by expanding its coverage in Koronadal city and Surralah municipality. It has partnered with Lutheran World Relief (LWR) to implement the Nutripan BREAD (Business for Rural Economy and Agriculture Development) project which aims to improve access to healthy and nutritious snack foods among children in the school and communities.IMG_1062_Fotor

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana Health Plus Program hosts First Pharmacist Meeting

Margie S_Fotor_CollageOn May 17, 2017, Mahintana Foundation, Inc. hosted the first Pharmacist Meeting held at MFI conference room, Cannery Site, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The meeting was attended by the Health Plus Project team including pharmacists from Health Plus Shop-in-a-Shop (HPSiS) outlets and province-run hospitals where HPSiS operates.

The meeting has provided the participants with a venue for clearly defining the roles of government hospital pharmacists on their direct supervision under HPSiS and on understanding the importance of establishing interdependence and effective communication on supply chain management towards providing complete and on-time drugs and medicines to indigent patients. Ms. Rizza A. Cordero, Philippine Pharmaceutical Franchisee (PPF) Supervising Pharmacist, explained the roles of the staff involved in the Supply Chain Section specifically, in obtaining products from suppliers, managing the stocks and delivering it to the HPSiS outlets.

The Project overview was presented by Ms. Margie Managuit, Health Plus Project Manager. She also discussed the milestones of the project that shows its contributions to the welfare of the community especially in the health sector.

Since its successful launch in 2007, the Health Plus Program has established nine (9) HPSIS outlets (4 in South Cotabato, 4 in Sarangani and 1 in General Santos City) and continues to explore the possibility of expanding to other government run hospitals in other areas of the region.The participants during the Open Forum and the discussion on the process flow of Supply Chain_Fotor

PostHeaderIcon Polomolok National High School (PNHS) Supreme Student Government (SSG) and Advisers participate in a Tree Growing Activity

P_20170520_085015_Fotor_CollageRepresentatives from Polomolok National High School (PNHS) participated in a Tree Growing Activity at PNHS gully located in Brgy. Cannery Site, Polomolok, South Cotabato on May 20, 2017. The activity not only helps protect the environment and prevent soil erosion and flooding but also fosters environmental stewardship among the students. Tree planting is a great way to increase student interest in their local environment and involvement in environmental conservation and protection of natural resources.

This activity is one of the major interventions of the Ridge-to-Reef Program initiated by Dole Philippines, Inc. and supported by various stakeholders in the region.

PostHeaderIcon Learning Exposure of the Dole Gawad Pag-ibig Homeowners’ Association Officers in Gawad Kalinga Areas in Davao City and General Santos City

(clockwise from L to R) Different sources of income of the GK communities - Wood carving of GK Orlando; Handicraft making of GK Los Amigos;

(clockwise from L to R) Different sources of income of the GK communities – Wood carving in GK Orlando, Handicraft making in GK Los Amigos, Ube Jam Production Orientation in GK Pueblo Antonio and Bougainvillea propagation in GK Promise Land

In the process of developing and organizing the Dole Gawad Pag-ibig (DGP) community, seventeen (17) participants composed of the DGP Homeowners’ Association officers, Gawad Kalinga (GK) Coordinators and MFI staff facilitated a learning exposure/cross-visit to four (4) identified Gawad Kalinga areas in General Santos City (GK Orlando, Katangawan and GK Promise Land, Mabuhay) and Davao City (GK Pueblo Antonio, Toril and GK Los Amigos, Tugbok) with an outstanding performance in terms of community organizing, project management, livelihood, linkaging and community development on May 24-25, 2017. The activity aims to benchmark and adopt the best practices of the visited GK communities.

The two-day learning exposure enlightened the DGP officers on how to effectively organize their community and establish a sustainable homeowners association responsible in managing and implementing various development programs and activities that would contribute in the sustainability of the community.

During the visit, the DGP officers learned that the foundation for building a productive and sustainable community is to inculcate strong values to their community members and organize programs beneficial for them that can also help address locally identified needs. Building interpersonal relationships and working hand-in-hand are also essential to create mutual understanding and trust. Even more important is to establish and train good leaders who can develop the right approaches and procedures for decision making, resolving conflicts and handling finances.

Furthermore, the different sources of income of visited GK communities inspired the DGP officers to pursue livelihood programs/entrepreneurial activities as an opportunity to provide employment, maximize the full potential of the community and achieve inclusive growth.

The activity was concluded by a feedback session where the DGP officers shared their experiences, learnings and insights. And as a follow through, they planned to gather the children and the youth of the community and provide activities for them to build and enrich their relationship vital for the success of the community.


DGP Homeowners’ Association officers and MFI staff visiting different GK communities in General Santos City and Davao City. (clockwise from L to R: GK Promise Land, GK Orlando, GK Pueblo Antonio, GK Los Amigos)

PostHeaderIcon Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and Mahintana’s Kick-off Meeting for Nutripan Business for Rural Economic and Agriculture Development (BREAD) project

Mr. Jansen Mayor, LWR RTA M&E, explaining

(top photo) Mr. Jansen Mayor, LWR RTA M&E, explaining the different Marketing strategies; (lower photo) Ms. Yvonne Templonuevo, presenting the daily tasks of the Nutripan staff

With the aim of making available in every school, affordable fortified bread products, Mahintana Foundation has forged a partnership with the Lutheran World Relief (LWR) to implement the Nutripan Business for Rural Economic and Agriculture Development (BREAD) project. The project seeks to scale up the operation of the Nutripan Bakeshop in Koronadal City and Surallah Municipality to improve access to healthy and nutritious snack foods among children in the schools and communities.

To facilitate the desired targets and outcomes towards the achievement of the goal of the project, the LWR organized a 5-day kick-off meeting with Mahintana’s key staff involved in the project on May 15-19, 2017 which took place at MFI conference room.

The process of the meeting involved workshops relating to Budget vs. Actual exercises, Basic Logic, Cost allocation, Procurement of goods and services and supporting documentations.  The meeting also generated considerable inputs from the team on Financial management, Cash Management and Internal Controls, Indicators Tracking Tools (ITT) including Activity Tracking Tools (ATT) which made the training-workshop educative, engaging and participatory. At the same time, there were discussions about various issues and challenges on project implementation such as: Partnership treatment and future engagement, composition of the Project Management Committee, Bakery Management, Income Sharing between MFI and LWR, Cooperation Agreement, Financial Management and Internal Control, among others.

Accordingly, with the active participation and services provided by LWR key staff and management namely, Ms. Femia T. Baldeo, Country Director, Mr. Roderick M. Valones, Program Manager, Mr. Jansen Mayor, RTA M&E,  Ms. Annie Lazaro, RFAM and Mr. JP Maguad, Finance & Admin Manager while working collectively with MFI represented by Mr. Martiniano Magdolot, President & CEO, Ms. Liza Hora, Admin. & Finance Officer, Ms. Yvonne Templonuevo, Project Manager and project officers Mr. Gil Artates and Ms. Ma. Theresa Catalan altogether identified potential solutions to address the major challenges. At the end of the session, the staff were able to formulate and review the tools given by LWR to define goals and deliverables and develop strategies for a successful implementation of the project.

Designed as a social business, the Nutripan project directly contributes to MFI’s mission proven to be viable in generating income for the poor farmers and helping build the local economy through taxes paid and employment. It is also consistent with LWR’s food security and agriculture core program by its direct contribution to improving both the income of farmers and access of healthy and nutritious foods among children and families.

PostHeaderIcon Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Triggering at Purok Cawayan, Brgy. Cebuano, Tupi, S.C.


(top photo) Ms. Teresita Molinos, Brgy. Nutrition Scholar member, led the participants in drawing the community map of defecation; (lower photo) Mr. Gil Artates, Project Officer in-charge, gathering data from the members of the community;

On May 4, 2017, Mahintana Foundation conducted another Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Triggering at Purok Cawayan, Brgy. Cebuano, Tupi, S.C. in close coordination with the local officials of Purok Cawayan and the municipality of Tupi, S.C. This is in response to the health and safety issue caused by open defecation particularly to the rural or highly marginalized communities.

Around 25 households went through the triggering process which encouraged and motivated them to analyze the impact of open defecation in their communities and to change their unhygienic practices. The facilitator, Ms. Teresita Molinos, Brgy. Nutrition Scholar member, provided the scope and the context of the CLTS training. She led the analysis of the sanitation situation in the community and their defecation practices and presented the consequences and illnesses associated with faecal oral contamination. This initiative increased the awareness of the community on the importance of having a sanitary lifestyle.

Towards the end of the training, the participants drafted an action plan and indicated their commitment and plans to apply what they have learned and install toilets in their respective households.

The CLTS is one of the major components of Dolefil’s Health Initiatives, Mitigation Services and Opportunities for Growth (HIMSOG) project implemented by Mahintana Foundation, Inc. It is a hygiene promotion approach that triggers the members of the community to experience disgust and shame particularly to those who practice open defecation. Its major goal is to achieve total sanitation and zero open defecation.

PostHeaderIcon Health Education Promotion Officers (HEPOs) undergo Financial Management and Literacy Training-workshop

Participants enjoyed the Structured Learning Exercises (SLEs) which include the building of houses out of the available materials, budgeting of monthly expenses and writing their vision on their financial status for the next 5 years.

Fourteen (14) Health Education Promotion Officers (HEPOs) from partner cooperatives namely CAMPCO, FARB, PMSC, TSKMPC and UEWMPC underwent Financial Management and Literacy Training-workshop on April 28, 2017. The activity included a lecture and workshops aimed in capacitating the participants in money management and household budgeting for them to establish good spending habits and reach their financial goals. During the workshop, the participants were divided into three groups and each group were tasked to design and construct houses out of the available materials they received equivalent to the valuables they had and budget the total amount of P8,000 for their monthly expenses. Despite the challenges and difficulties they encountered during the process, the participants appreciated the different Structured Learning Exercises (SLEs) as it provided them a practical scenario to brainstorm together, determine and improve their individual behavioral budgeting and spending.

This activity was initiated by Mahintana Foundation through the Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK) project which continues to provide support and technical assistance to partner cooperatives/organizations.

PostHeaderIcon Training-Workshop on Values Reorientation, Leadership and Planning for Dole Gawad Pagibig (DGP) Homeowners’ Association Officers


DGP Officers listening attentively to Ms. Liza Hora, MFI Admin & Finance Officer, explaining about the importance of values reorientation

Organizing the Dole Gawad Pagibig (DGP) community is a challenge the DGP officers has to face for they are responsible for uniting people to work together and build a sustainable and socially just community. As community leaders, they need to engage themselves in leadership development, mobilizing and action planning and help promote and implement community-building projects and activities effectively.  On April 17, 2017, Dolefil in partnership with MFI conducted the Training-workshop on Values Re-orientation, Leadership and Planning attended by 15 DGP Homeowners Association Officers held at Dolefil Gymnasium, Brgy. Cannery Site, Polomolok, S.C.

The training allowed the participants to discover and reflect on their personal vision, mission and values in line with the organization’s purpose and core values. It also enabled the participants to identify the current problems of the community, bring about solutions to better live in the community and develop an Action Plan for the implementation of developmental programs.

The topic on Values Re-orientation discussed by Ms. Liza Hora was useful in determining how well the participants know themselves and how others view them as individual members of the community. Another topic on Leadership and Action Planning was presented by Ms. Mythel Faith Solis, MFI Project Officer. She explained the different characteristics a good leader should have and facilitated the drafting of the community action plan. The participants engaged themselves in the process of identifying what the community wants to accomplish and the necessary activities required and resources needed. And at the end of the training, the participants were able to draft the Community Action Plan which will be submitted in the next DGP Officer’s meeting.


Participants brainstorming together in formulating the Community Action Plan

PostHeaderIcon HIMSOG-Tupi promotes Healthy Lifestyle through “Mag Zumba ta, Tara na” Dance Workout and Fitness program

IMG_8745_Fotor_CollageTo promote awareness in healthy lifestyle, the Health Initiatives, Mitigation Services and Opportunities for Growth of Tupi (HIMSOG-Tupi) project initiated by Dole Philippines Inc. through Mahintana Foundation Inc. facilitated the early morning dance workout and fitness program titled “MagZumba ta, Tara na!” on April 7, 2017. The activity which is in line with the celebration of World Health Day 2017 was joined in by participants from LGU Tupi’s Bikers’ Association, Zumba Association, Barangay and Municipal Councils, PNP, BFP, MEEDO, MHO and MDRRM.

Before the Zumba workout, the participants performed a 30-minute dynamic stretching exercises and enjoyed the Fun Walk around the Plaza afterwards. These warm up stretches are essential before any workout routine to condition one’s body  and avoid any muscle discomfort or injuries. The Zumba exercise which lasted for about 45 minutes was led by Nurses under the Nurses Deployment Program (NDP) of DOH.

During the short program held after the Zumba session, Dr. Lester Claveria, Mun. Health Offcier, thanked MFI and Dolefil for initiating this kind of undertaking to encourage individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle. He said, “Maayo gid mag exercise labi nagid sa mga kalalakihan para ma avoid ang prostate cancer ug uban pa nga mga sakit, para sa mga tigulang kay makapabata ini, ug mga kabataan para ma maintain ang maayung panlawas.” (Exercise is good particularly for men as a way to avoid illnesses like prostate cancer, for the elderly to  look and feel young and for the young adults to maintain physically fit and healthy).

The guest speaker, Ms. Marifort R. Rafael, IPHO Health Education Promotion Officer II, lectured about Pilipinas Go4Health and encouraged individuals commit to a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, proper nutrition and the prevention of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Later, LGU Tupi represented by Hon. Noel Escobillo, Municipal Vice Mayor, gladly accepted one (1) unit of Projector donated by Dolefil and MFI to be used in every Zumba Session scheduled every Monday to Friday. Also, one (1) set of flipchart of Pilipinas Go4Health was given to MHO including Information, Education Communication (IEC) materials on Aksyon Barangay Kontra Dengue (ABKD), No Smoking, Hepatitis and STI/HIV/AIDS.


(top photo) LGU Tupi receiving 1 unit of Projector (lower photo) Ms. Marifort Rafael explaining the Health Lifestyle Program Pilipinas Go4Health

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