PostHeaderIcon HEALTH Plus conducts 3rd Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting with Polomolok Municipal Hospital representatives

To discuss project updates, accomplishments and address gaps and challenges on the operations of HEALTH Plus Shop-in-a-Shop (HPSiS) in Polomolok Municipal Hospital (PMH), HEALTH Plus project implemented by Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI) hosts the 3rd TWG meeting on June 20, 2018 with 4 representatives from PMH headed by its Chief of Hospital, Dr. Graciano P. Vencer and 4 representatives from MFI headed by HEALTH Plus Supply Chain Officer, Mr. Nolimar G. Abesar. PMH 1

Ms Normelita Lauron, Project Bookkeeper, presented the project accomplishments as of May 31, 2018 such as served and unserved prescription of the hospital, of which 82% were served by hospital and remaining percentage (18%) was served by HPSiS. Dr Vencer expressed his sincere gratitude to the project in complementing hospital’s unserved prescriptions and in assisting them in complying with Philhealth’s No Billing Balance (NBB) policy. He added that as per his observation, financial of performance of HPSiS for this year was an exact opposite of its financial performance last year. He concluded that this is a continuing learning experience for the hospital to improve their operations by increasing their budget for drugs, medicines and supplies.pmh 2The project’s aging of receivables was also presented which has improved compared to last year through the interdependence of staff and constant and active communication between and among partners on resolving gaps and challenges. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed for HPSiS to package an admission kit for patients, chargeable to Philhealth reimbursement as supplies, and to assist the hospital in fabrication of visible signage of the hospital for promotion and awareness.

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana supports Integrated Provincial Health Office of Sarangani in its “Tutok Buntis” in Poblacion, Maasim

Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI), through its HEALTH Plus Project, actively participates in “Tutok Buntis” a health event initiated by Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO), headed by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Arvin Alejandro, in coordination with the Local Government of Maasim, headed by Acting Mayor Hon. Uttoh Salem Cutan, through the Rural Health Unit (RHU). The health event, held on June 19, 2018 at Poblacion, Maasim, Sarangani, benefits 137 pregnant mothers with hemoglobin tests and blood typing, one-on-one counseling and Olyset nets, insecticide-treated nets protecting individuals from biting mosquitoes and getting infected of dengue or malaria, provided by Department of Health (DOH).Tutok buntis 1

The HEALTH Plus project, with the assistance from is partner-suppliers such as National Pharmaceutical Foundation (NPF), MBE Pharma, Berovan, Innogen, Sannovex, Euromed, Natrapharm, Multicare and Medprix, distributes 100 pregnancy kits, comprised of toothbrush, toothpaste, vitamins, soap, alcohol, adult and baby diapers and bathroom tissue, to first 100 pregnant mothers who attended the event. The project also benefits at least 200 individuals (pregnant and non-pregnant mothers and children) through nutritional feeding.Tutok buntis 2

The “Tutok Buntis” is a health event conducted by IPHO of Sarangani in coordination with the Local Government, through the RHU, to provide health services to pregnant mothers such as laboratory and diagnostic services, pre-natal, health education and promotion, one-on-one counseling and distribution of Olyset nets and pregnancy kits in active coordination with other development players in the area.

PostHeaderIcon RESOURCEGov 2 Team conducts Planning-Workshop to LGUs Libungan and Aleosan

Meetings_Aleosan and Libungan

RESOURCEGov Phase 2 team conducted Planning/Workshop with MLGU Department Heads for the next steps/plans and follow-through monitoring on the other productive use of ODK/Qlik system in LGU Libungan at Ka Kubo Garden Resort and Restaurant, Midsayap, North Cotabato and in LGU Aleosan at Hill Park Inn, Midsayap, North Cotabato on June 14, 2018. The meetings were attended by 27 participants (Male 16, Female 11) for LGU Libungan and 31 participants (Male 11, Female 20) for LGU Aleosan.

The meeting for the LGU Libungan was participated by the Municipal Vice Mayor/Acting Mayor, Hon. Rolando B. Pader, M.D., Municipal Administrator Ruben A. Espabo, MLGOO Ms. Emilia S. Dandoy, and other department heads and representative CSOs. The mayor gave a message saying that he is so thankful that the partnership with Mahintana helped them grow their LGU through providing useful software programs to cater some of their needs. He added that everyone should be involved and that he will support activities that will enhance the skills and knowledge of the staff. Project Officer Mr. Kurt Jurgen Von Lumbao presented the the project overview and the rationale of the activity and Project Bookkeeper Mr. Jason Inot presented the financial updates. Also, as part of the meeting’s agenda, MPDO Mr. Renante L. Ponce, EnP presided the election of new sets of CSO officers. After which, the each officer gave a short message. The LGU committed their support to the project.

In the afternoon, the team met with the department heads of LGU Aleosan headed by Municipal Administrator Mr. Miguel Estrobillo in behalf of the Municipal Mayor Hon. Vicente C. Sorupia, Jr. Municipal Assessor Mr. Jerome Orillosa and Municipal Treasurer Mr. Jaime J. Alemania gave welcome messages. Mr. Orillosa said that throughout the years the partnership with Mahintana, the projects had been very helpful and they are still looking forward for the other uses of the ODK and Qlik. Mr. Estrobillo thanked Mahintana for a very productive partnership. Project Officer Mr. Byron E. Delandrino presented the overview of the project and Project Bookkeeper Jason Inot discussed the budget for the LGU. After presenting their activities and tentative schedules, the LGU heads thanked the project team and committed their support to the project.


PostHeaderIcon RESOURCEGov Team conducts its 2nd PIT Meeting for Regions 11 and 13

2nd PIT Meeting for R11&13

RESOURCEGov Phase 2 Team and partners conducted the 2nd PIT Meeting for Regions 11 and 13 on June 14, 2018 at Grand Menseng Hotel, Davao City. It was attended by 35 participants (Male 12, Female 23) from the project team, project partners, MLGOOs and LGU representatives of the six (6)    expansion areas in the said regions.

The meeting was facilitated by Project Officer Ms. Myra Macla.   MINCODE BOT Director welcomed the participants while MINCODE Executive Director-and-Project Coordinator Ms. Raizsa Mae Anayatin   facilitated the reading of the business arising and key agreements of the previous meetings. Each project partner presented the project updates    for the 2nd quarter. Project Officer ms. Cherrylyn Dapiton reported for  Agri-Aqua Development Corp., and Project Officer  Ms. Llenie Grace Cebuala for Kasilak  Development Foundation Inc., Regional Coordinator Mr. Glenn Bais for PhilDHRAA, and  Ms. Macla for  the  MINCODE Secretariat updates.  Project Manager Mr.  Roel Ian P. Blanker also updated the body that the project had already hit 45% of its overall target for Year 1. Project Bookkeeper Ms. Jessica Teves presented the budget performance report of MINCODE and partners including the counterpart of the partners.  Ms. Anayatin invited the body to join the Mindanao Partners Forum.   Before the meeting ended, the body synchronized the schedules regarding the upcoming activities.

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana conducts Courtesy Visit and Presentation of 3-year accomplishments of HEALTH Plus project in Dr. Jorge P. Royeca Hospital

35461934_1932674816784102_4640012066478882816_nMahintana Foundation, Inc., through the HEALTH Plus Project, facilitated a Courtesy Visit with Hon. Ronnel Rivera, City Mayor of General Santos on June 14, 2018, at his office in City Hall, to present the 3-year accomplishments of HEALTH Plus Shop-in-a-Shop (HPSiS) in Dr. Jorge P. Royeca Hospital (DJPRH) and the identified gaps and challenges of its implementation.  The activity was attended by Hon. Rosalita P. Nu?ez, Sangguniang Panlalawigan Chairperson on Health, Ms. Rhesababes Sumalpong, City Accountant, Mr. John Quimosing, City Budget Officer, Mr. Rodilon Lacap, City Treasurer, Mr. Glennville Gonzalez, DJPRH administrator and Mahintana representatives headed by Ms. Liza D. Hora, Admin and Finance Officer, Ms. Margie S. Managuit, HEALTH Plus Project Manager and Ms. Jea Roque, Licensed Pharmacist. 35522820_1932674853450765_3346446304371802112_n The meeting immediately started with the presentation of history & background, objectives, milestones and accomplishments of the project and its project experience in South Cotabato and Sarangani and in General Santos City, facilitated by Ms. Managuit, ably assisted by Ms. Hora.  Ms. Managuit also emphasized the gaps and challenges of the project in DJPRH including the differing policy interpretations which led to delayed collection of receivables. Ms. Hora acknowledged the accomplishments and active partnership of both the City Government and MFI with the HEALTH Plus project implementation, however, this is greatly affected by some gaps and challenges that have arisen as a result of sudden surge of transactions of HPSiS on the previous year.35514130_1932673816784202_8982304168299462656_nShe stated that DJPRH was not yet able to process the payment for 2018 receivables of HPSiS pending the crafting and approval of an ordinance on the proper utilization of Revolving Fund for such purpose.  Hon. Nu?ez committed to fastrack the crafting and approval of such ordinance as this will be passed and approved under her committee. Hon. Rivera, on the other hand, expressed his concern on the decreasing PHIC’s NBB compliance rate of DJPRH. He instructed Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Chairperson and City Budget Officer, Mr. John Quimosing to also fastrack processing of procurement as this is the major factor for the stock-outs and unavailability of drugs, medicines and supplies at the hospital pharmacy level which further led to decreased NBB rate. He added to also fastrack payment for Mahintana as this may also cause stock-outs at HPSiS level.


PostHeaderIcon Scale-up REPAIR 3 conducts FAITH gardening Workshop Training in Brgys. Lumakil and Rubber

lumakil 3

Scale-up Reduced Pollution through Vegetation and Rehabilitation (Scale-up REPAIR) of Silway River Phase 3 Project conducted FAITH Gardening, Vermicomposting, Farm Planning and Budgeting Workshop Training on May 24-25, 2018 at Barangays Lumakil and Rubber, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The training was attended by 40 project participants and seeks to provide the farmer-partners with knowledge in the establishment and maintenance of FAITH gardens and generate/produce a well-defined and documented Farm Plan with corresponding budget, which will be their guide in establishing household level gardens.
lumakil 1

Project Coordinator Ms. Ella Mae M. Babao welcomed the participants and explained the overview of the 2-day training workshop.  BLGU representative Hon. Jelin Macaludos encouraged the participants that the participants commit to support the project that the whole barangay will benefit from. Project Officer Mr. Ramon C. Manero presented the importance of gardening, and discussed some of the FAITH gardening practices in Asia, steps in making the FAITH gardens, cultural practices in gardening, and inputs on bamboo and fruit tree propagation. In the afternoon, Mr. Raihan A. Solaiman presented the actual maps and survey outputs of the areas in Barangays Lumakil and Rubber, Polomolok to confirm the areas for planting. He also explained the importance of using organic fertilizer and discussed the steps in establishing vermicomposting and its production. Ms. Babao gave a brief orientation on how to develop a FAITH garden farm plan.

As part of the workshop, the participants answered a questionnaire as evaluation of learnings. The participants were able to the plot timeline of the activities for planting,  schedules of establishment of their vermicomposting and farm plan outputs with corresponding budget. Distribution of seedlings is on May 30-31, 2018 while tentative date of planting is on June 1st week

PostHeaderIcon LGUs New Bataan and Maragusan undergo ODK and Qlik Systems Training

06142018_ODK Qlik_mar and NB_mahin

RESOURCEGov 2 Project Team conducted the ODK/Qlik Systems Training and Installation for LGUs New Bataan and Maragusan, Compostela Valley at Mindanao P.O. Complex, Maa, Davao City on June 5-6, 2018.  The training was participated by 24 participants (Male 23, Female 11) including the project team. The mock ODK-based business mapping/surveys were conducted in LGU New Bataan and LGU Maragusan on June 7 and 8, 2018, respectively.

LGU New Bataan and LGU Maragusan underwent workshop-training of the Open Data Kit (ODK) on June 5, 2018 were the participants learned how to do the 3-step process: Build, Collect and Aggregate. Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker guided the LGU representatives and discussed the features of creating forms while participants do hands-on in making the forms using different ‘questions’. The participants were allowed to go out the venue to “collect” data with GPS coordinates. After, they submitted the answered forms as “Aggregate”. At the end of the day, the participants were able to learn how to: register an account to Kobotoolbox, download and install the Kobotoolbox app, build forms, collect data, and aggregate the collected data. Mr. Blanker also added that they can share the forms and results to other departments who can either only view, modify, or add data, if they enable access to such data.

The next day, the participants were trained on Qlik, including registering to the Qlik Sense website and how to upload data to the Qlik system. Mr. Blanker showed samples of how Mahintana use such system for its projects particularly the Health Plus Project. In the afternoon, the participants were asked to present their LGUs’ Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (SREs) from years 2015 to 2017 using Qlik. After, Project Officer-AADC Ms. Cherrylyn Dapiton facilitated the 2-day training evaluation. Mr. Fernando Bautista, Municipal Treasurer of Maragusan, said “Though, we were not able to absorb everything in the training, we are sure that the ODK and Qlik systems are very useful in our LGUs. There must be periodic “clinic-ing” or checking of the systems to ensure that the data uploaded are updated and not lost. The project is very good.” LGU New Bataan Municipal Assessor Mr. Lyle Cubonoc said “As department heads, we can giveour support to the staff who will be assigned to man the systems. We are going to lobby for the gadgets and IT personnel to the mayor and will work hard for them to utilize the free tools.”

The project team traveled to LGU New Bataan on June 7, 2018 and to LGU Maragusan to do the mock surveys using their existing business tax, project monitoring and locational clearance forms. The participants were able to interview business owners, collect and aggregate the data, and presented the results in the post-survey sessions. Each LGU was able to agree on their next steps regarding the ODK and Qlik systems utilization.

PostHeaderIcon ARH Program supports Brigada Eskwela 2018 of 10 Partner Schools


Mahintana Foundation Inc., in partnership with Unified Engineering Works MPC, Tibud sa Katibawasan MPC, Cannery MPC, Polomolok Manpower Services Cooperative (PMSC) and Fortitude, Ability, and Resiliency in Business (FARB), collaborated to visit the schools and promote the Adolescent Reproductive Health Program through giving of one prototype tarpaulin to each school. Each school received 4 boxes of Nutripan Bread for the teacher and School Head sponsored by the partner cooperatives.

arh 4

The partner schools were very appreciative with the partner cooperatives and to Mahintana for the initiative to promote the ARH Program during the Brigada Eskwela which will make the parents and students aware about the said program. It was agreed during the visit that the Cannery Multi-Purpose Cooperative will provide Bonifacio R. Tagaban Integrated School a bigger size of signage.


PostHeaderIcon Dole Gawad Pag-ibig Homeowners Association, Inc. conducts its 2nd General Assembly Meeting

Dole Gawad Pag-ibig Homeowners Association, Inc. (DGP-HAI), with the project assistance through Mahintana Foundation, Inc., conducted its 2nd General Assembly Meeting on May 27, 2018 at Dolefil Gymnasium, with the theme “Ayuda Para sa Malungtarong Kalihukan”. It was participated by a total of 175 DGP Homeowners who attentively listened to the presentation of accomplishment and actively interacted during the discussion of plans for the DGP community. The meeting was organized to present the various interventions and activities in the first year of implementation and to address issues and concerns arising in the community.

dgp 2

The General Assembly Meeting was graced by the ever supportive partners and donors from the company in charge for the housing program represented by Mr. Robert Buranday, Manager of the Industrial Relations Department  and the President of the LEAD.PH, Mr. Francis R. Gales, representing the LEAD Trio – company’s labor union who lobbied to revive the housing program. Furthermore, the Barangay Cannery Site Local Government Unit also supported the event attended by Kag. Antonio Cabilao. Also, as the social development implementer and DGP community organizer, Mahintana Foundation, Inc. represented by Admin and Finance Officer Ms. Liza Hora, DGP Project Coordinator Ms. Mythel Solis and Project Officer Ms. Cristine Abayon facilitated and provided technical assistance for the realization of the activity.

dgp 1

DGP Homeowners were welcomed by the DGP-HAI President Mr. Valeriano Cerigo, Jr. Mr. Buranday gave his message of support saying that every household owner is responsible for the success and sustainability of the program and he encouraged them to continue the initiatives for the community development. Mr. Gales gave his appreciation to the DGP owners for their continuous support to all programs of the union. Hon. Kag. Cabilao said that “Cooperation is the key for successful association”. After the determination of quorum, the meeting was called to order by the president. Then, reading and correction of the previous minutes and presentation of the meeting agenda. Presentations during the meeting included the following: Housing Incentive Scheme, Association Updates and Projects, Financials (Income Statement), Activities Conducted in May 2018, and Proposed Plans for the Association. Open discussions took place to hear the suggestions from the body. After the discussions, the 2nd General Assembly Meeting ended by the raffle draw.

PostHeaderIcon Turnover Ceremony of 2 Classroom-Building to Landan Elementary School



The 5ingkowelahan Project “Limang Pisong Laan Para sa Silid-Aralan” Round 3, a tripartite program initiated by the employee-members of the Union, employee-members of the Cooperatives and the Company (Dolefil), turned over the two classrooms to its beneficiary school, the Landan Elementary School on June 6, 2018. The program aims to help provide conducive learning facilities for the students within SOCSKSARGEN area. The classroom has 50 armchairs, 2 comfort rooms, teacher’s table and chair and blackboard.

The Turnover Ceremony was started with the invocation, singing of Philippine anthem and the South Cotabato Hymn. The event was graced by VP and Managing Director of Dole Philippines, Inc. Mr. Randy Fleming, President and CEO of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot, Mr. Joven Ryan Malida the authorized representative of DepEd Region XII, Chairman of DCo MPC Ms. Rosalie Ligtas, and President of LEAD Mr. Francisco Abrea Jr.  Principal I Ms. Herlyn Berondo and PTA President Mr. Edmar Prior of Landan ES gave their heartfelt gratitude for the donated classrooms. After the ribbon-cutting, the classrooms were officially turned over to the Landan ES. Certificate of Appreciation was given to the donor partners. The blessing ceremony was done headed by Reverent Father Jesreel Calopez. The turn over ceremony was ended with the unveiling of the curtain and picture documentation of the Union Presidents and members, Partner Cooperative Managers and representative and teachers, staff and pupils of Landan Elementary School.


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