PostHeaderIcon Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) Installation in Sen. Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat


Project Coordinator Ms. Lorielyn P. Patoc and Project Officer Mr. Byron E. Delandrino visited Sen. Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat for the installation of the Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) installation on March 8, 2018.

Ms. Patoc presented the LITS Overview to the Vice Mayor, two (2) SB Members and the SB Staff. During the presentation, Vice Mayor Rafael George Flauta III told us that the LGU was already ready to buy the same system before they were invited to the project launching in December of 2017. He added that they can acquire a new desktop unit for the database of the system if necessary. A brand-new laptop unit was installed with LITS during the project orientation on January 25, 2018. However, the IT staff cannot network another laptop or a desktop to the said network as client station. Mr. Delandrino helped the SB staff to network the 2 laptop units using a LAN cable since there is no internet connection that day. The project officer also updated the OS of one of the desktops of the SB office to be installed with LITS.

At the end of the day, the team was able to install the LITS to 2 laptops and 1 desktop and connect these in a network. For the time being, the server unit will be the new laptop and the other 2 units as encoders. The vice mayor, in behalf of LGU Sen. Ninoy Aquino, that they are very grateful for the RESOURCEGov2 project and that they were one of the beneficiaries.

PostHeaderIcon Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) Installation in Lutayan and Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat and Monitoring Activity in Lake Sebu, So. Cotabato

Project Officer Byron E. Delandrino installed the LITS in Lutayan and Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat on March 5 and 6, 2018, and visited LGU Lake Sebu, South Cotabato on March 7, 2018 to monitor its use of the ODK, Qlik and LITS being one of the partner LGUs in the phase of the project.


The project officer assisted the Lutayan SB Secretary staff Ms. Faith Aniluj Lavilles and Ms. Annalyn B. Carillo in the hands-on installation of the system. The desktop unit’s OS needed to be updated, however, the internet connection is not available at that time. The project officer suggested to install LITS to a laptop personally owned by one of the staff for them to start encoding entries. The SB staff shared that their request for new computer units were approved during the SB session. The LITS was installed successfully in the laptop unit. It was agreed that the database will be transferred to the proposed desktop units when it arrives. The following day, the Mr. Delandrino proceeded to the City of Tacurong as scheduled. Vice Mayor Joseph George L. Lechonsito, MD, DPA, MDMG personally welcomed the project officer and expressed his gratitude to the Project for choosing Tacurong City as one of the beneficiaries. After the courtesy call, the project officer assisted the SB Secretary staff in installing LITS successfully in one main server and one client station.


On March 7, 2018, the project officer was tasked to monitor the status of project activities in the municipality of Lake Sebu being one of the target municipalities of RESOURCEGov Phase 1 project. MLGOO Debbie Grace Pendon reported that the Annual Investment Plan (AIP) of Lake Sebu was on schedule and was already approved last September 2017. CSO participation was also observed as former members of LPRAT were invited to participate in the Municipal Development Council Meeting for the endorsing of the AIP for Calendar Year 2018. The Legislative Information Tracking System was still in place and being utilized by the Legislative Department. The SB Secretary staff continues to encode entries to the system. They suggested to conduct a re-orientation of the SB and Vice Mayor’s Office staff as they are planning to network all the computers in the Legislative Department Office. P_20180307_133132

PostHeaderIcon LITS Orientation to the Vice Mayor League of the Philippines Region 12

Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker oriented the Vice Mayor League of the Philippines (VMLP) Region 12 about the Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) during their meeting on March 9, 2018 held at Palm Pavilion in Tacurong City.


Mr.  Blanker presented the overview about LITS to the vice mayors and shared that the orientation is a follow-through activity of the recent trainings on LITS installations, operations, and maintenance to the P/M/CLGUs of Cotabato Province, Sarangani, South Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat. The vice mayors appreciated the system and are now implementing the LITS in their offices. The VMLP committee officers encouraged all the LGUs to utilize the free system as it will help improve their tracking and archiving of their legislative documents.

List of LGUs present during the orientation:

  1. Kalamansig, SK;
  2. Columbio, SK;
  3. Lebak, SK;
  4. President Quirino, SK;
  5. Senator Ninoy Aquino, SK;
  6. Lambayong, SK;
  7. Isulan, SK;’
  8. Tacurong City, SK;
  9. Alabel, SP;
  10. Malungon, SP;
  11. Midsayap, NC;
  12. Tulunan, NC;
  13. M’lang, NC;
  14. Kabacan, NC;
  15. Arakan, NC;
  16. Carmen, NC;
  17. Banisilan, NC;
  18. Alamada,NC;
  19. President Roxas, NC;
  20. Makilala, NC;
  21. Lake Sebu, SC;
  22. T’Boli, SC;
  23. Koronadal City, SC;
  24. Cotabato City


PostHeaderIcon ODK, Qlik, LITS Orientation to LGUs Barobo and Tagbina, Surigao del Sur

The RESOURCEGov 2 Project team, thru MINCODE and its member network Kasilak Development Foundation (KDFI), Inc., conducted a series of orientation and training about ODK, Qlik, and LITS to 20 participants (11 male, 17 female) from LGUs Tagbina and Barobo of Surigao del Sur on March 5-9, 2018 at Maxze Bed and Breakfast, Lanang, Davao City.


Ms. Llenie Grace Cebuala, Kasilak Development Foundation, Inc. Project Officer, facilitated the activity. The program started with acknowledgment and introduction of participants. Ms. Jane G. Moreno, the MLGOO of the municipality of Barobo welcomed all the participants emphasizing that the training is a great opportunity for the local government units to improve their systems and transparency in governance. During the expectation setting, the LGUs wanted to learn something new, go home full of knowledge, and apply their learnings to improve their performance. Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker, RESOURCEGov 2 Project Manager, oriented about Mahintana Foundation (MFI) thru a video presentation and then gave a brief project orientation to the participants. Before the training proper started, KDFI Executive Director Mr. Joemil Montebon, in his message, expressed his gratitude for the partnership and the commitment of the participants to the project, specially with the presence of Hon. Felixberto Urbiztondo, Mayor of LGU Barobo. Mr. Jobe Tubigon, MFI Operations Manager, also shared that the systems that will be introduced to them will not replace their existing systems, but rather complement them.


During the ODK training, the participants were able to create an account for their LGUs in, learned how to create forms, and to conduct survey through their Android phones/tablets.  They also learned how to simply aggregate their data and generate maps. In the afternoon, they were able to conduct mock survey on locational clearance, business permit monitoring, monitoring for locally funded projects and real property tax.


During the Qlik training, the participants were able to register an account and download installer of Qlik Sense Desktop. They also learned how to use Qlik Sense Cloud when working online. Using the Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (SRE) report, the participants learned how to create an app with interactive charts and graph that would visualize the figures of the report. At the end of the workshop, the LGUs were able to generate an interactive graph of their actual vs target SREs. With Qlik, they realized that it is easier to analyze as to why they have increasing or decreasing trends in their reports and take action.


For the LITS training, the LGUs were able to install the database and the system to their demo units.  They have also learned how to use the system in standalone scheme and in a networked environment.

At the end of the training, the LGUs were grateful to the project and realized that the systems were advantageous and beneficial to various government offices, especially when DILG requests for reports. Mr. Blanker and MINCODE Project Officer Ms. Myra Macla also shared their appreciation to the participants for sustaining their interest throughout the series of training.  As a result of the training, the participants made an action plan to implement what they have learned from the training to their respective LGUs. . After, Mr. Montebon, in his closing remarks, was excited in pushing the advocacy in influencing partners towards good governance. He shared that the action plans will be harmonized with KDFI plan and will be presented to the mayors. The training ended with awarding of certificates to the participants.

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana Foundation, Inc. Awarded as the Best Non-Government Organization by DSWD

Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot, President & CEO of Mahintana Foundation. Inc., joined by Atty. Melquiades L. Hernandez III, Corporate Affairs Director, Dole Philippines, Inc., received the Best Non-Government Organization Plaque during the the “Pagkilala sa Natatanging Kontribusyon sa Bayan (PaNata Ko sa Bayan) Awards” of the Department of Social and Development (DSWD) Central Office, Quezon City on March 8, 2018.

5 - COPY (2)

The core message of DSWD is “We would never be able to succeed in our work of helping Filipinos in need without our partners. In all advocacy campaigns and operations, we work with so many others to meet common goals: help those in need and serve with compassion” as it gave recognition to its various partners and stakeholders. DSWD OIC Emmanuel A. Leyco said that the awards are “the Department’s way to thank the various groups and individuals who have helped us in providing programs and services for the vulnerable sectors that we serve, such as older persons, persons with disabilities, poor families, disadvantaged and abused women, children and youth.”

plaque - Copy

PostHeaderIcon “Mahintana facilitates Technical Working Group Meeting on HEALTH Plus project implementation in Norala District Hospital”


As part of the HEALTH Plus Project’s monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the HEALTH Plus Shop in a Shop outlet in the Norala District Hospital (NDH) Mahintana Foundation conducted their first Technical Working Group meeting for the year which was held on March 01, 2018 at the Chief Nurse’s office. It was attended by Dra. Mila Quinton, the Chief of Hospital, Ms. Adelyn Dequico, the Hospital Administrator, Mr. Ben Maypa, the Chief Nurse, and Ms. Helen Soldevilla, Hospital Pharmacist from NDH and Mr. Franz Andrei Cruspero, MFI-HEALTH Plus Operations Officer, Ms. Normelita Lauron, Project Bookkeeper and Ms. Yedda Marie Bandojo, On-the-Job Trainee from Dole Philippines School. new3

The meeting started with the presentation of the Hospital Admissions and Served and Unserved prescriptions for January 2018, wherein the graphs clearly showed an increasing trend in admissions and a decreasing percentage of prescriptions served by the HPSiS outlet. Dr. Quinton said that the increase of admissions were mainly because of the new doctors and specialists that were employed by the hospital. Ms. Soldevilla stated that the decrease of prescriptions served is because of the availability of drugs, medicines and supplies in the hospital pharmacy. Ms. Lauron, presented the financial performance of the outlet for the year 2017. new4

Other issues and concerns of the hospital were that there was an alarming increase of snake bites, Dr. Quinton requested Mahintana Foundation to supply at least 2 bottles of anti-venom in the HPSiS outlets in case of emergencies.

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana conducts HEALTH Plus Orientation with Members of the Provincial Health Board of Sultan Kudarat

As one of the strategy to address the imminent challenge of Sultan Kudarat Provincial Hospital (SKPH) on the lack of supply of essential drugs, medicines and supplies based on the Provincial Leadership and Governance Program (PLGP) Roadmap implemented  by Zuellig Family Foundation, the Provincial Health Board (PHB) headed by Provincial Governor Pax Mangudadatu, Al-Haj, PhD., invited Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI) to present the HEALTH Plus project on March 05, 2018 at King’s Hall, Provincial Capitol, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat.  The orientation includes the history and background of the project, milestones, benefits and contributions of the project to LGU, public hospitals and clients and its best practices.  The key agreements after the meeting is for the province to organize a Technical Working Group (TWG) to study on the viability of the project at the province, conduct the 1st TWG meeting on March 08, 2018, Thursday and the monthly schedule of the PHB every 1st Monday of the month.  Hon. Mangudadatu stated that the objective of the meeting, aside from studying the viability of the project, is to monitor and achieve a higher rating for its roadmap. Untitled-1

The meeting was also attended by Regional Director of Department of Health (DOH) – XII, Dr. Aristedes C. Tan, MPH, CESO III, Dr. Consolacion P. Lagamayo, OIC-PHO, Hon. Napoleon Duque, SP Chairperson on Health, Chief of Hospital of 5 province-managed public hospitals: Sultan Kudarat Provincial Hospital, Lambayong District Hospital, Kalamansig Municipal Hospital, Medicare Community Hospital of Lebak and Palimbang Public Hospital.


PostHeaderIcon HEALTH Plus facilitates Site Visitation of MPA and MBA students of NDDU-NDKC at SCPH-HPSiS

Health is one of the major concerns in the Philippine society as well as to the other nations. With the growing needs for the improvements and the increasing number of newly found diseases, Filipinos, especially the indigents, marginalized and oppressed, are now suffering as to how they will afford their medications. To address this concern, Mahintana Foundation has developed their HEALTH Plus Project, specifically the Health Plus Shop-in- a-Shop (HPSIS) which is one of the four business

The event provided the participants with information on the vision, mission, functions, objectives, operations management, fund source, 3-year comparative financial statements and best practices, awards and recognitions of HEALTH Plus project in the province of South Cotabato. new2

The event provided the participants with information on the vision, mission, functions, objectives, operations management, fund source, 3-year comparative financial statements and best practices, awards and recognitions of HEALTH Plus project in the province of South Cotabato.  They were also informed about the contributions of the project to the overall goal of the province of improving delivery of health services to its constituents: reduction of out-of-pocket expenses of households, compliance to NBB policy of PHIC, increasing PHIC reimbursements of the hospital through the increased hospital due to its improved health services and facilities.600x300

At the end of the activity, the participants commended the political leadership of PLGU of South Cotabato, the active support of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. and the commitment and partnership of both sectors which contributed to the successful implementation of the project.

PostHeaderIcon Turnover Ceremony of the Newly Constructed Ram Pump Water System to Brgy. Polomolok, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat

As part of promoting safe water, sanitation and hygiene by providing community-based water system to barangays with limited access, Mahintana with the support of Dolefil and technical expertise of EcoAgri Development Foundation Inc. and policy support and manpower of the Maguindanaoan Development Foundation Inc. has formally turned over the community-based ram pump water system to Brgy. Polomolok, Columbio at Polomolok Elementary School, Columbio  Sultan Kudarat on February 28, 2018. The event was attended by Dolefil represented by Mr. Bobby Valdez, Agri-Operations Superintendent and Mr. Sonny Esclamada, Community and Cooperative Depot. Supervisor; Eco-Agri Development Foundation Inc. represented by Mr. Dante Escarmoso, Program Manager; Maguindanao an Development Foundation Inc. represented by Mr. Dausay Daulog, Executive Director. SB Samirh Musali representative of Municipal Mayor Hon. Amirh Mangilin Musali, Chief of Staff Ms. Soraina Olama representative of the 1st District Representative of Sultan Kudarat Hon. Datu Suharto T. Mangudadatu, Al Haj and Barangay Captain Abdul Karim also graced the occasion together with representatives from tripartite partners and other key stakeholders.


The first part of the program were the messages of support from project sponsors followed the ceremonial washing of hands at one of the tap stands and ceremonial turnover of tools to the local ram pump technicians.

The ram pump construction and water tanks rehabilitation was completed in a duration of 6 months. One (1) spring box, Two (2) ram pumps and drive pipes, two (2) 2 catchment tanks, diversion pipelines, delivery and distribution pipelines and 11 communal tap stands were constructed and 2 existing water tanks were rehabilitated. The community-based ram pump supplies at least 4.5 liters/minute/unit of or 6,480 liters/day or 64.8 drums per day for 2 reservoirs. This will benefit at least 480 direct beneficiaries (80 households), 1,876 indirect beneficiaries (453 households) of the barangay and one (1) existing school in the community with at least 100 pupils and at least 10 teachers.

For the sustainability, 3 local technicians were trained to maintain the ram pumps.


PostHeaderIcon 1st Project Implementation Team Meeting for Regions 11 & 13


The MINCODE and its partners: AADC, Kasilak, PHILDHRAA, with Mahintana, met for the 1st Project Implementation Team Meeting for Regions 11&13 on February 26, 2018 at Mindanao P.O. Complex, 1st St. Trinidad Greenhills, Ma-a, Davao City. The meeting was participated by 16 project members (Male 4, Female 12).

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