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Project Manager Roel Ian P. Blanker and Project Officer Ms. Lorielyn P. Patoc visited SB Office of Polomolok on April 4, 2018 and SB/SP Offices of Sto. Niño, Koronadal City and Tupi, South Cotabato on April 6, 2018 for the Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) Monitoring. The 2 MLGUs (Polomolok and Tupi) had already installed LITS before the phase 2 of the project while the CLGU has its own existing system called Legislative Management Information System (LEG-MIS).

During the visit to SB Office of Polomolok, the SB Staff Ms. Angelie Olana showed us the computer installed with LITS. She said that they will be installing LITS to other computers as soon as they transfer to a new office. She added that there are some problems during installation of LITS to some of their computer units due to the operating system’s updates needed. Ms. Olana said that the LITS helps them much esp. when accessing the resolutions and ordinances whenever somebody asks for a printed copy of it. As of date, they have already uploaded 3,455 resolutions and ordinances into the system. The team also visited Ms. Jennifer Fernandez, MLGOO of Polomolok.

The project team went to LGU Sto. Niño on April 6, 2018. The said LGU had been rescheduling the visit of team because they wanted to wait for the computer unit that was bought intended to be used for LITS. Ms. Ma. Ervina G. Balbino, Admin Officer I, showed us the newly acquired unit still in its box. She said that since the unit was not ready yet, their IT staff who also joined the LITS Installation Orientation and Training will be the one to install the system. Mr. Blanker told the Ms. Balbino to not hesitate in asking help from the team whenever they needed any technical assistance. She said that they are very excited to install and use the LITS and are now preparing the files to be scanned for easier uploading to the system.

The team proceeded to the Koronadal City Hall. The team conducted courtesy call to Vice Mayor Eliordo Ogena and explained the reason for the visit. Mr. Rio Rivera, Admin Officer II, then showed us the existing system that the SP Office is using: the Legislative Management Information System (LEG-MIS) which was programmed by the in-house IT staff. The LEG-MIS is centralized and can be accessed by all the offices of the City Hall. It works similar to the LITS. Mr. Rivera explained that they will not install the LITS anymore because they have already started using the LEG-MIS and uploaded a lot of files already in the said system.

The team then went to monitor the LITS in LGU Tupi. Ms. Lorena Sumagaysay, Admin Officer V, told us that the LITS was installed by Mr. Melroy of DILG R12 last July 2017. The LGU was able to purchase a computer set and scanner to be used for LITS last year, thus, they were able to upload resolutions and ordinances already from present down to 2000s. She said that they are already working on the files down to the 1990s. Ms. Sumagaysay said that the mayor asked whether the mayor’s office can use the LITS for the incoming/outgoing communication files. Mr. Blanker replied that it would be another program to be explored, along with Business Permits and Licensing Systems (BPLS) appointment system. Ms. Sumagaysay said that they are happy with the LITS and will be coordinating with the team when they have concerns regarding the system.

Overall, the beneficiary LGUs are very grateful for the free system that they are willing to purchase equipment dedicated to LITS. They are also happy for the technical assistance extended to them.

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