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As one of the follow-through activities of the RESOURCEGov 2 Project, Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker and Project Coordinator Ms. Lorielyn P. Patoc went to LGU Tampakan to check on how the said LGU uses the systems being one of the beneficiaries of the phase 1 of the project.

The team came to visit the SB Secretary Ms. Maria Grace A. Barroso to ask her how the SB office sees the LITS. She said hat it is very helpful for them in archiving because they don’t have to go through the piles of papers to look for the needed documents such as resolutions. She said that they have minor problems with LITS however because some details of entries about the SB members cannot be displayed even when the details are seen and displayed in the edit form of the system. Mr. Blanker replied that it might be their computer’s issue since it has not been a concern form other LGUs. He explained that since the Microsoft’s OS needed updates from time to time, it might be that some of the programming codes of the system cannot be read because of the new SQL released by Microsoft. But overall, the SB Secretary said that LITS has been very helpful to them for archiving and accessing important legislative files. She hopes that there will be more improvements in the system. Mr. Blanker said that it will be taken to consideration since there are other issues about the LITS that are gathered and to be consolidated by the team to know whether the system has to be reprogrammed for the better.

The team proceeded to the Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO) and was welcomed by Ms, Sunshine Jesusco, one of the staff. Ms. Jesusco said that unfortunately the MPD Coordinator is not around. She suggested for the team to come back for an open forum about ODK and Qlik on April 10, 2018 since those that used the systems will be back on the said date. The staff said that their office had a hard time every year in renewals of business permits because of the inconsistent recording of the business enrolled in the system. For example, Business A in 2017 is 001, however it becomes 007 in 2018. Ms. Jesusco expressed a concern also about not having a Business Permits and Licensing System (BPLS) appointment system that will hopefully help not only the staff of Treasury and MPDO, but most especially the businessmen and entrepreneurs who seek to enroll and/or renew their business permits. Mr. Blanker said that he is also proposing the BPLS appointment system in the next years. Ms. Jesusco hope that the appointment system will be available soon.

Moreover, other offices like the Municipal Environment and Natuaral Resources Office (MENRO) are interested in using the ODK in their project monitoring. A meeting with MPDO, MENRO, SB Office and other concerned offices is moved from April 10 to 11, 2018 due to the availability of staff from LGU Tampakan. The said meeting will be attended by Mr. Jobe C. Tubigon, Ms. Patoc and Project Officer Mr. Byron Delandrino.



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