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PostHeaderIcon LITS Installation in LGUs Carmen, Kabacan, Matalam, Pikit, Midasayap and Pigcawayan (Cotabato Province)


RESOURCEGov Project Officers Mr. Byron E. Delandrino and Mr. Kurt Jurgen Von D. Lumbao visited the Municipalities of Carmen, Kabacan, Matalam, Pikit, Midsayap and Pigcawayan, Cotabato Province for the actual Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) installation on April 17- 21, 2018. LITS was installed to a total of 18 computer units with the estimated cost of around Php 439,000.00 in the six (6) LGUs.

On April 17, 2018, Mr. Delandrino with the assistance of Mr. Lumbao monitored the LITS in the Municipality of Carmen, Cotabato. The project officers oriented the staff of the Vice Mayor’s office about the project and the SB Sec Staff afterwards re-oriented the SB Sec Staff assigned. The project officers were able to install 1 main server and two client stations connected through LAN. Mr. Delandrino suggested that attachments be in PDF format instead of JPEG. The total costing of the hardware used for the utilization of the system and serves as the counterpart of the LGU is around Php 68,000. 00. The SB staff also suggested having an additional computer in their SB Hall for viewing. In the afternoon of the same day, Mr. Delandrino and Mr. Lumbao proceeded to the Municipality of Kabacan, Cotabato for the scheduled installation of LITS. Since no computer units are available for LITS installation, Mr. Delandrino suggested to install the LITS in two (2) laptop units instead. The project officers conducted courtesy call and short project orientation to Hon. Vice Mayor Myra Dulay-Bade. The vice mayor agreed to propose procurement of at least (2) brand-new units for LITS use. Though the LGU had acquired a legislative monitoring from Lexsys, they cannot use the old system and agreed to use the LITS instead.

On April 18, 2018, Mr. Delandrino and Mr. Lumbao visited the Municipality of Matalam, Cotabato. The team was able to install LITS to five (5) units worth around Pp 120,000.00.  The SB Secretary staff asked for the assistance of the project officers for the installation of LITS to new units to be purchased by the LGU. In the afternoon, Mr. Delandrino proceeded to Municipality of Pikit for the scheduled installation of LITS. Out of four (4) units available, only two (2) units were compatible with LITS. After the installation, the project officer re-oriented the staff on how to properly encode entries, back-up data and to install additional client stations

On April 19, 2018, Mr. Delandrino visited the Municipality of Midsayap and was warmly welcomed by Vice Mayor Albert Luis L. Garduque. The project officer presented the RESOURCEGov 2 Project, the LITS and Mahintana Foundation Inc. to the vice mayor. VM Garduque is very much interested in the system and even joined the staff in installing the system. He shared that it is his dream to modernize the legislative tracking and monitoring in their municipality. He jokingly added that the move for modernization of their tracking and monitoring system will greatly compliment their newly built three – storey Legislative building. The vice mayor also extended his gratitude to Mahintana Foundation Inc for implementing the project and hopes that more projects like this be replicated in Midsayap. The SB Secretary staff, with the help of the project officer, was able to install LITS to three (3) units.

On April 20, 2018, the RESOURCEGov Project Officers proceeded to Municipality of Pigcawayan as scheduled for the monitoring of the LITS. Two (2) computer units were installed with LITS and SB Secretary staff were oriented with the functionalities of the system. Mr. Delandrino also left soft copy of the LITS manual as requested by the staff.

PostHeaderIcon Project and CSO Participation Monitoring in 6 Existing Areas in Sarangani, Sultan Kudarat and Cotabato Provinces

visit to 6 exisitng areas - Copy

RESOURCEGov 2 Project Documenter Ms. Lorielyn P. Patoc visited the six (6) existing LGUs of Region 12 for the project and CSO participation monitoring on April 17-19, 2018. The said LGUs were Malapatan and Maasim in Sarangani Province President Quirino and Lambayong in Sultan Kudarat, and Aleosan and Libungan in Cotabato Province. The monitoring is the follow-through activity for the phase 2 of the project.

Ms. Patoc went to LGU Malapatan on April 17, 2018 to meet the MLGOO Ms. Marife Tenorio, the SB Secretary Mr. Jerry L. Cabonegro, and the (Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator) MPDC to share the five (5) key interventions of RESOURCEGov 2 project. According to Mr. Cabonegro, LITS not fully used since the LGU had acquired Legislative Tracking System (LTS) from Lexsys Solutions Ltd worth Php 75,000.00. The SB Secretary said that he uses ODK in the project monitoring of the cooperative where he sits as chairman. On the other hand, the MPDC was not around so Ms. Tenorio introduced Ms. Patoc to the Municipal Administrator Mr. Israel C. Singay. Mr. Singay said that he is happy for the assistance that the project continues to give LGU Malapatan. In the afternoon, Ms. Patoc proceeded to LGU Maasim to be assisted by MLGOO staff Ms. Hiera R. Rizano to go to the concerned department offices. The project documenter conducted courtesy call to Mayor Mr. Uttoh Salem Cutan and presented a short project overview of RESOURCEGov 2. The mayor is delighted that the project is ready to extend its technical assistance to the LGU. He added that the interventions in phase 1 had greatly impacted them positively. He also hopes that the phase 2 of the project will be successful. Ms. Patoc met with MPDC Mr. Ronald L. Orbita. After a short orientation about the project, Ms. Patoc asked about how the MPDO was able to use the systems taught to them. He said that the municipality had used the ODK for the tax/business mapping, however, was not able to use it in its full potential because of budget restraints in the implementation of the mapping such as manning and equipment. He added that the ODK was used by the Business Licensing and Permits Office (BPLO) instead. He hopes that systems orientation be conducted again soon and that the LGU will be able to allocate budget for the tax/business mapping activity. Mr. Orbita added that the CSIS survey is very helpful in knowing how the constituents perceive the services of the LGU. Ms. Patoc also visited the SB Office, the Treasurer’s Officer Ms. Editha Mamintas and the BPLO Licensing Officer Ms. Teresita Escalante. The SB Office is currently using the LITS and the BPLO uses the ODK in their operations.

              Ms. Patoc proceeded to LGU President Quirino, Sultan Kudarat on April 18, 2018. MPDC Ms. Marren Harley Arabejo and MPDO staff Ms. Sheilame G. Marcos and Ms. Aileen D. Castro received Ms. Patoc during her visit to the office. Ms. Marcos commented that the MPDO used the ODK system in monitoring the projects like the day care centers, schools’ water and sanitation, etc and the MEEDO. Ms. Patoc gave a short overview of the RESOURCEGov 2 project to the Ms. Evangeline Reyes, the secretary of the mayor and proceeded to meet with the Municipal Treasurer Ms. Judy Subido and BPLO staff to ask how the ODK system has helped their offices in business tax mapping and business permits and licensing monitoring. Both said that ODK made their monitoring faster and more efficient. While, SB Secretary Ms. Andrei Vonn said that the LITS had been very useful especially in the codification of the ordinances and resolutions. Afterwards, MLGOO staff Ms. Jenefer S. Mahaddi called the CSO Federation Mr. Darwin A. Gibavillo to discuss the upcoming CSO participation training in May 16-17, 2018 in Koronadal City. He said that a lot of CSOs need accreditation guidelines. In the afternoon, the project documenter went to the Municipality of Lambayong and conducted courtesy call to Hon. Mayor Mr. Ramon Abalos, MLGOO Mr. Ricii Exiomo and other department heads. Ms. Patoc presented a short overview of the project to the body and asked for comments regarding the project implementation of RESOURCEGov 1 Project. The mayor is impressed after Ms. Patoc presented that the local revenue of Lambayong had increased when the ODK sytem was used in real property tax mapping. He said that the RESOURCEGov 1 project had been very helpful in the LGU. He also handpicked the 25 CSOs that will be trained on May 16-17, 2018. Mayor Abalos and his staff are very excited for the implementation of the five (5) key interventions of RESOURCEGov 2 in LGU Lambayong.

Ms. Patoc went to LGU Aleosan, Cotabato Province for the project monitoring. MLGOO Mr. Jesus Remus Laguting received the project member and introduced her to the Mun. Administrator Mr. Miguel Estrobillo and MPDC Ms. Rowena Banaga for short meeting and project overview of the project.  Ms. Banaga said that the ODK was used but not fully implemented because of lack of manning and data/program management. Ms. Patoc asked assistance from the MPDC of the list of active CSOs in the Local Development Council (LDC) and Local Special Bodies (LSBs). Ms. Banaga said that she will handpick the CSOs. In the afternoon, Ms. Patoc proceeded to LGU Libungan, Cotabato Province. MLGOO Ms. Emilia Dandoy received her and ushered her to the MPDO and Municipal Assessor’s Office. The MPDO staff shared their experiences with the use of ODK system. MPDO Secretary Ms. Leda Redoble said that they are grateful that ODK system was introduced to them because it has helped the LGU increase its local revenue through business tax mapping, business permits and licensing updating, and other project monitoring.

Overall, the six (6) existing LGUs are very much excited for the RESOURCEGov2 project implementation. Most of the LGUs also commented that their CSOs were actively participating in the LGUs during the phase 1 of the project. Strengthening the CSO desks and giving follow-through trainings will help the CSO participate better especially in the local budget process.  According to the MLGOOs and their staff, the CSOs will be very happy for the trainings that will be conducted for them. The mayors committed their support to the project and hope that RESOURCEGov 2 project implementation be successful.

PostHeaderIcon Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Tagbina and Barobo, Surigao del Sur Undergo Training on Participation in the Local Budget Process and CSO Desk Strengthening & Accreditation

tagbia The RESOURCEGov 2 Project conducted a roll-out training and technical assistance on CSO Participation in the Local Budget Process and CSO Desk Strengthening & Accreditation to CSOs of LGUs Tagbina and Barobo  on April 18-19, 2019 at Surigao del Sur Polytechnic State University, Barobo, Surigao del Sur. The two-day training was implemented in partnership with MINCODE and Kasilak Development Foundation, Inc. which was attended by 49 participants including project staff, MLGOOs and the representatives from the two LGUs.

Mr. Samuel Ibalez, LGU Tagbina Secretary, graced the activity recognizing the importance of CSOs as partners of LGUs in knowing the needs of the community and its development. He also shared that the LGUs were grateful to be recipients of the EU-funded project and expects that thru the training, CSOs will be empowered in their roles. After a round of inttrainingroduction of the participants and the implementing organizations, Mr. Roel Ian Blanker, the Project Manager, presented the project overview and rationale of conducting the activity. He also shared about ODK as an emerging tool for activity/project monitoring and also discussed the previous results of the 8 MLGUs of the RESOURCEGov 1 Project in terms of compliance to the budget process which showed that most are not aware and have not participated in the process before having the training. After, the CSOs learned about their roles in local governance during the discussion with Mr. Ian Reigh Elimanco, MLGOO of Tagbina. Mr. Elimanco also shared the Common Cases of Corruption in Government, followed by Ms. Jane Moreno, MLGOO of LGU Barobo, who discussed the CSO Accreditation Process and their participation in local special bodies (LSB). Mr. Jobe Tubigon, Mahintana Operations Manager, who has undergone the same training with the Department of Budget Management, discussed the CSO Participation in the Local Budget Process to the CSOs.

To know how the CSOs have participated in the local budget process of the LGUs, they were given the profile sheets and checklist of LGU’s compliance in the budget process. Analyzing the results of their answered checklist for both LGUs thru ODK, it sCapturehowed that most of the CSOs are not aware or have not participated in the process. The initial result of the profiling of CSOs in the two LGUs showed that only cooperatives and people’s organization are actively engaged with LGUs’ activities, and some are not yet accredited or have participated in LSBs. At the end of the activity, the CSOs expect themselves to meaningfully participate in the LSBs and exercise their roles in the budget process. They shared that the training was an avenue to strengthen their roles, equipped with right knowledge for participation, and become aware of new technology (ODK) to monitor projects/activities. A handbook on the CSO Participation in the Local Budget Process was distributed to the CSOs for their reference.

PostHeaderIcon Partnership Exploratory Meeting with Coca Cola Foundation and AF Mindanao SOCSARGEN Cluster


Mahintana Foundation Inc. hosted the Partnership Exploratory Meeting with Coca Cola Foundation and Association of Foundations (AF) Mindanao SOCSARGEN Cluster on April 5, 2018 at Kalsangi Club House. The meeting was attended by Coca Cola Foundation, Inc. President Ms. Cecile Alcantara and Program Manager Ms. Monina Pacheco, RD Foundation, Inc. AVP & Executive Director (AF VP-Mindanao) Mr. Ryan Vidanes, Conrado & Ladislawa Alcantara Foundation, Inc. AVP & Executive Director Mr. Don Magtulis, Sarangani Province Empowerment Consortium for Commmunity Transformation Forum (SPECTRUM) Provincial Coordinator Mr. Dennis Matt Callo, Coalition of Social Development Organizations in South Cotabato (CSDO-SC) Provincial Coordinator Ms. Jovelyn Vilbar, Tribal Leaders Development Foundation, Inc. & CSDO-SC Chairperson Executive Director Mr. Dennis Librado, OND-HESED Foundation Inc. Representative Ms. Baby Jane, Sarangani Province Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) Mr. Rolando Tuballes, Mahintana Foundation, Inc. President & CEO Mr. Martiniano  Magdolot and Admin & Finance Officer Ms. Liza Hora. The body identified collaboration opportunities with Coca-Cola Foundation Inc.’s programs such as water projects and World Without Waste (environmental clean-up).


PostHeaderIcon Turn-over of Materials and Equipment for Schools’ Adolescent Reproductive Health Centers


The Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Program continues its advocacy in creating awareness to students of Polomolok with a main objective of suppressing the increase of Teenage Pregnancy and Reproductive Health Diseases (e.g STI/HIV/AIDS) by the conduct of Ceremonial Turn-over of Materials and Equipment for  Schools’ Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Center, funded by Dole Philippines, Inc., through Mahintana Foundation, Inc., in partnership with the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Polomolok on April 10, 2018 at Polomolok Municipal Hall during the flag raising ceremony.

This was participated by the School Principals, ARH Advocates and Peer Educators of the partner public secondary schools (Bentung-Sulit NHS, Nicolas B. Barreras NHS, Pablo Valencia NHS, Palkan National NHS, Landan NHS, Silway-8 NHS, Poblacion Polomolok NHS, Polomolok NHS and  Bonifacio R. Tagaban Integrated School)  and witnessed by the local government employees of Polomolok.


During the activity, Ms. Leamor Bañaga, Dolefil Community and Cooperative Relations Manager, gave her message of support in the advocacy to help decrease cases of teenage pregnancy and in guiding the youth in becoming responsible adolescents. This was followed by the distribution of the materials and equipment spearheaded by Ms. Liza D. Hora of Mahintana Foundation. Mr. Benigno M. Toribio, School Principal 1 of Palkan National High School and representative of school beneficiaries, gave his message of appreciation and committed proper handling of the donated materials and equipment to achieve the program goal of reducing teenage pregnancy and other health related cases among students.

The materials and equipment given to the schools will be used in the established Adolescent Reproductive Health Center as the instruments to give service and to pursue the suppression of teenage pregnancy; provide complete facilities for training and meetings for ARH Advocates, Peer Educators and Peer Counselors. The funds were taken from the proceeds of the ARH Day Celebration dubbed as “RATED PG, #Pag-ibigGoals” last August 25, 2017 during the 40th Founding Anniversary of Mahintana Foundation, Inc.

PostHeaderIcon LITS Installation in LGU T’Boli, South Cotabato

tboli lits 2

Project team members Ms. Lorielyn P. Patoc and Mr. Byron E. Delandrino, with Mahintana Foundation Inc. Operations Manager Mr. Jobe C. Tubigon, visited LGU T’Boli on April 11, 2018 on request. The LGU was able to purchase a new computer unit worth Php 35,000.00 to be used as main server of Legislative Information Tracking System. Moreover, another unit was installed with LITS to serve as it client station for encoding and accessing data. The LGU had long waited for such archiving and tracking system, thus, was so grateful for the project.

PostHeaderIcon Project Orientation and Meeting in LGU Tampakan, South Cotabato

2 tampakan meeting

RESOURCEGov 2 Team visited LGU Tampakan for the project orientation and open forum meeting on April 11, 2018 at the SB conference hall. It was attended by three (3) Mahintana personnel and 11 department heads and their representatives.

Mr. Jobe C. Tubigon, Operations Manager of Mahintana Foundation Inc. and the Project Manager of the project’s phase 1, spearheaded the team to inform the LGU heads about the RESOURCEGov 2 Project still funded by European Union. He articulated that the phase 2 of the project revolves to only 5 activities versus the 20 activities conducted the 1st phase. The 5 key interventions are the following: 1) tax mapping/business inventory system, 2) project/budget monitoring system, 3) legislative information tracking system (LITS), 4) LGU performance monitoring system through CSIS, and 5) CSO participation & LGU compliance to local budget process. He presented the other uses of the ODK system such as the Real Property Tax Mapping (for the MPDO and Treasury Office) and shared the advantages of using the ODK system in esp. in the Real Property Tax Mapping as testified by LGU Lambayong after the RESOURCEGov project implementation. Moreover, Mr. Tubigon showed the results of the Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS) Survey and its implications to the LGU’s eight (8) service areas such as health, support to education, social welfare, governance and response, public works and infra, environment, agriculture, and tourism. He added that the CSIS survey results can be used as a guide for the LGU to improve its services. Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Ms. Mercedita G. Mangunlay suggested to the Municipal Administrator Ms. Minihaha D. Escobillo to allocate budget for the tax mapping activity.

LGU Tampakan is one of the 8 beneficiary LGUs who were able to use the LITS/ODK/Qlik in RESOURCEGov Project Phase 1. Other departments are expressing their interest in using the ODK in their monitoring activities such as the seedling survival monitoring of MENRO.

PostHeaderIcon RESOURCEGov 2nd Joint PIT-PMT Meeting


The RESOURCEGov (phase 2) Project team, together with the management and staff of Mindanao Coalition of Development NGO Networks (MINCODE), its partner networks (Kasilak Development Foundation, PhilDHRRA, Agre-Aqua Development Coalition-Mindanao) and DILG Regions 11-13, gathered for the 2nd Joint Project Implementation Team- Project Management Team (PIT-PMT) Meeting at The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites, Matina, Davao City. It was attended by 44 participants from the abovementioned organizations including DILG Regional, Assistant Regional and Provincial Directors, MLGOOs and their representatives. The said meeting was presided by Mahintana Foundation Inc. President and CEO Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot being the Director of RESOURCEGov 2 Project.

The meeting started with a prayer led by Project Officer Ms. Myra G. Macla. The participants were given 2 minutes to meet at least 10 new people followed by a round of introduction of the attendees. MINCODE Executive Director Ms. Raizsa Mae “Bai” Anayatin, Project Coordinator, welcomed the participants and introduce MINCODE and its projects and focus areas. DILG 12 Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Ms. Lailyn A. Ortiz expressed her joy and her gratitude to the implementation of the RESOURCEGov Project. “Nakikita na po natin ang bunga ng ating partnerships…You have facilitated the realizations of some of the DILG dreams and aspirations in the local government particularly itong RESOURCEGov2 project, said Ms. Ortiz and committed to support the project implementation in behalf of the DILG Region 12. Mr. Magdolot ran through the contents of the kits. After the approval of the proposed agenda, Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker presented the collated business arising, key agreements and actions taken of the first three PIT and PMT meetings. Mr. Magdolot called out the some of the business arising from the summary and gave management updates including the pending European Union-funded project entitled SOLARES (acronym). Mr. Blanker introduced the project team and presented the accomplishments from November 2017 to March 2018. He also shared the schedule for April through October 2018. Then, Ms. Anayatin shared the accomplishment of MINCODE and announced some of MINCODE’s schedules that might interest the participants to join.

In the afternoon, Project Bookkeeper Ms. Jessica Jose-Teves presented the agenda during the EU Kick-off Meeting last March 20, 2018 attended by Ms. Blanker, Project Admin and Finance Officer Ms. Wilma Jumilla and Ms. Teves at EU Office, RCBC Bldg., Makati City. She also reported the financial updates of MINCODE and its partners. Afterwards, Project Bookkeeper Mr. Jason Inot presented the consolidated budget performance of the RESOURCEGov Project. Mr. Blanker then presented the Key Agreements and other concerns such as how to help the interested LGUs from Regions 11 and 13 to avail of ODK/Qlik/LITS were discussed by the body. MINCODE BOT Chairwoman Ms. Patricia M. Sarenas gave her closing message saying that working with the local government units is one meaningful involvement. “One of the things that help us grow really are friendships that are built through involvements that are meaningful,” she quoted. Sultan Kudarat Provincial Director Ms. Margarita Baynosa expressed her gratitude to Mahintana Foundation for the implementation of the RESOURCEGov projectphase 1 and hopes to have the success of the project’s phase 2.

PostHeaderIcon LITS Installation in LGUs Tulunan, M’lang, Makilala, Magpet, Pres. Roxas, Antipas and Kidapawan City, North Cotabato Province

april 3-6 BED NC LITS

RESOURCEGov Project Officer Mr. Byron E. Delandrino visited the Municipalities of Tulunan, M’lang, Makilala, Magpet, Pres. Roxas, and Antipas and the City of Kidapawan, North Cotabato Province for the actual Legislative Information Tracking System installation (LITS) on April 3 – 6, 2018. A total of 18 units of the 7 C/MLGUs were installed with the system and accumulated (estimated) cost of  Php 738,000.00 worth of equipment to be used for LITS.

Mr. Delandrino installed the LITS in LGU Tulunan and M’lang, North Cotabato on April 3, 2018. The project officer was able to orient the SB Secretaryof Tulunan Mr. Romeo Navarte about RESOURCEGov 2 Project and Mahintana Foundation, Inc. The SB staff of Tulunan was able to install LITS to one (1) main server and one (1) client station. Scanned documents were already prepared because the said LGU purchased and used a legislative tracking system for 3 years. When it crashed, they were not able to contact its programmers anymore. On the other hand, LGU M’lang was able to purchase a new desktop unit to be used as main server and installed four (4) client stations for encoders. IT Staff Mr. Lester John Dimasuhin was also taught how to network laptops of SB members to promote paperless legislative operation. The LGU also plans to purchase additional units as client stations.

On April 4, 2018, the project officer installed LITS to LGU Makilala and LGU Kidapawan City. Mr. Julieto Abes and Ms. Henny S. Cagas, Legislative staff of LGU Makilala who participated during the LITS orientation, welcomed Mr. Delandrino in Makilala. The said LGU is currently using Legislative Document Archival and Retrieval System (LeDARS). The SB staff said that LITS is more user-friendly, can generate reports and more accessible after installing LITS to one (1) main server and 2 client units and assessing the system. They added that they will be using the LITS for year 2016 onwards documents. LGU Makilala also purchased new scanner to be used for archiving using LITS. In LGU Kidapawan, the SP Secretary, assisted by Mr. Delandrino, was able to install LITS to one (1) main server and four (4) client units.

On April 5, 2018, Mr. Delandrino installed LITS in LGU Magpet and LGU Pres. Roxas. IT Staff Mr. Angel Pines had already installed LITS to one (q) main server and one (1) client unit with the help of the project officer by instructions through phone call. That day, the Vice Mayor and the SB representatives were having special session and Mr. Delandrino was invited to conduct RESOURCEGov 2 project orientation and to present the Mahintana Foundation Inc. In the same day, the project officer proceeded to LGU Pres. Roxas to install LITS. SB Secretary Robert F. Herbilla Jr. informed the officer that the purchase of new desktop units is still on process and that there is no internet connection in the office. Moreover, LGU Pres. Roxas is using the Sangguniang Bayan Legislative Tracking System (SB-LTS). It is similar to LITS, except that the staff don’t know how to back-up the files.

The next day, Mr. Delandrino installed LITS in LGU Antipas. The staff presented the newly purchased desktop unit and scanner which were still in the boxes/packages awaiting the arrival of the RESOURCEGov Team. The equipment will be used solely for LITS. The SB staff were able to install LITS to one (1) main server and three (3) client stations.  The project officer instructed the staff how to encode and attach scanned files. The SB staff agreed on the delegation of tasks and timeline to encode data to the system. The staff informed the officer that they plan to purchase additional units to be used for LITS.

Here is the estimated cost of the equipment (computers and/or scanners) to be used by each LGU for the LITS: LGU Tulunan – Php 70,000.00; LGU M’lang – Php 150,000.00; LGU Makilala – Php 123,000.00; LGU Kidapawan – Php 160,000.00; LGU Magpet – Php 90,000.00; and LGU Antipas – Php 145,000.00.



PostHeaderIcon Legislative Information Tracking System Monitoring in Polomolok, Sto. Niño, Koronadal City and Tupi, South Cotabato

PolSNKorTup - 2

Project Manager Roel Ian P. Blanker and Project Officer Ms. Lorielyn P. Patoc visited SB Office of Polomolok on April 4, 2018 and SB/SP Offices of Sto. Niño, Koronadal City and Tupi, South Cotabato on April 6, 2018 for the Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) Monitoring. The 2 MLGUs (Polomolok and Tupi) had already installed LITS before the phase 2 of the project while the CLGU has its own existing system called Legislative Management Information System (LEG-MIS).

During the visit to SB Office of Polomolok, the SB Staff Ms. Angelie Olana showed us the computer installed with LITS. She said that they will be installing LITS to other computers as soon as they transfer to a new office. She added that there are some problems during installation of LITS to some of their computer units due to the operating system’s updates needed. Ms. Olana said that the LITS helps them much esp. when accessing the resolutions and ordinances whenever somebody asks for a printed copy of it. As of date, they have already uploaded 3,455 resolutions and ordinances into the system. The team also visited Ms. Jennifer Fernandez, MLGOO of Polomolok.

The project team went to LGU Sto. Niño on April 6, 2018. The said LGU had been rescheduling the visit of team because they wanted to wait for the computer unit that was bought intended to be used for LITS. Ms. Ma. Ervina G. Balbino, Admin Officer I, showed us the newly acquired unit still in its box. She said that since the unit was not ready yet, their IT staff who also joined the LITS Installation Orientation and Training will be the one to install the system. Mr. Blanker told the Ms. Balbino to not hesitate in asking help from the team whenever they needed any technical assistance. She said that they are very excited to install and use the LITS and are now preparing the files to be scanned for easier uploading to the system.

The team proceeded to the Koronadal City Hall. The team conducted courtesy call to Vice Mayor Eliordo Ogena and explained the reason for the visit. Mr. Rio Rivera, Admin Officer II, then showed us the existing system that the SP Office is using: the Legislative Management Information System (LEG-MIS) which was programmed by the in-house IT staff. The LEG-MIS is centralized and can be accessed by all the offices of the City Hall. It works similar to the LITS. Mr. Rivera explained that they will not install the LITS anymore because they have already started using the LEG-MIS and uploaded a lot of files already in the said system.

The team then went to monitor the LITS in LGU Tupi. Ms. Lorena Sumagaysay, Admin Officer V, told us that the LITS was installed by Mr. Melroy of DILG R12 last July 2017. The LGU was able to purchase a computer set and scanner to be used for LITS last year, thus, they were able to upload resolutions and ordinances already from present down to 2000s. She said that they are already working on the files down to the 1990s. Ms. Sumagaysay said that the mayor asked whether the mayor’s office can use the LITS for the incoming/outgoing communication files. Mr. Blanker replied that it would be another program to be explored, along with Business Permits and Licensing Systems (BPLS) appointment system. Ms. Sumagaysay said that they are happy with the LITS and will be coordinating with the team when they have concerns regarding the system.

Overall, the beneficiary LGUs are very grateful for the free system that they are willing to purchase equipment dedicated to LITS. They are also happy for the technical assistance extended to them.

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