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PostHeaderIcon PTFK Conducts TOT on ARH, Responsible Parenting, and Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases

Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK) Project conducted Training of Trainers (TOT) for the 18 active and committed Health Education and Promotion Officers (HEPO) of the five (5) partner cooperatives namely: Polomolok Manpower Services Coop (PMSC), Cannery Multi Purpose Coop (CAMPCO), Fortitude Ability and Resiliency in Business (FARB), Unified Engineering Works Multi Purpose Coop (UEWMPC) and Tibud sa Katibawasan Multi Purpose Coop (TSKMPC) on Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH), Responsible Parenthood,  and Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases May 15-16, 2018 at The Farm @ Carpenter Hill, Koronadal City. This training was initiated due to the demand to have an updated information and inputs on the definition, transmission and prevention of the health-related concerns and to effectively educate the workers of the cooperative and the people in the community.


Ms. Liza Hora, Admin and Finance Officer of Mahinatan Foundation, Inc. gave the welcome remarks and the Overview of the training being the organizer of the event. Moreover, with the support given by the Local Government Unit, Department of Health Region XII and Dole

Philippines, Inc., Mr. Jessie Cercado, Development Management Officer II and DOH Representative    , showed support by giving his inspiration message of the participants to continue on their advocacy in promoting healthy lifestyle and be an aid to educating their co-workers and the people in the community. The Province of South Cotabato provided resource speakers of the abovementioned topics from Integrated Provincial Hospital.

The training was composed of five (5) Modules incorporating the essential inputs from the topics and the resource speakers: 1) Non Communicable Diseases – Ms. Ivy Joy Gallinero; 2) Communicable Diseases – Mr. John Arlo Codilla and Mr. Jose Baroquillo; 3) Responsible Parenthood – Ms. Melanie Chiva; 4) Adolescent Reproductive Health – Mr. Ralph Janiola; and 5) Development of Action Plan       – Ms. Liza Hora.


At the end of the two-day session, the participants were enlightened on their direction towards disseminating information and sustaining initiatives on promoting health and wellness. They were given certificate of participation as evidence of their 2-day active participation and interaction on the training of trainers.


PostHeaderIcon LITS Monitoring and Troubleshooting in LGU T’boli

05292018 LITS Troubleshoot T'Boli

Project Officers Mr. Byron E. Delandrino and Kurt Jurgen Von D. Lumbao visited the Municipality of T’boli for the monitoring and troubleshooting of the Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) on May 29, 2018.

The LITS was already installed during the visit on February 6, 2018. Since then, the staff using the system already encoded resolutions, ordinances and minutes to the system. As of the present date, the SB Secretary staff encoded around 150 ordinances ranging from years 1991 to 2017 and 221 resolutions from 2015 to 2017. However, some of entries cannot be searched using the LITS search tool. The LGU requested for the RESOURCEGov project officers to look into the problem. The officers found out the following: a) most of the encoded entries were only drafts and necessary data for search feature were not provided; and b) the files attached were JPEG instead of PDF format (the system supports only PDF format files). The project officers then updated the OS of the database servers, backed up the encoded data and loaded it to the new database, client stations were reconnected to the new server, and taught the staff how to save drafts using indexing for those entries that are still in the first reading. After converting of the JPEG files to PDF format, the team tested and successfully searched the entries.

At the end of the monitoring and troubleshooting activity, it was agreed that all attached JPEG files should be replaced with PDF format. Also, to start completing the necessary data to draft entries for the features of the system to work. Thirdly, to present the LITS and the accomplished encoded entries during the regular or special session of the Sanggunian.

PostHeaderIcon RESOURCEGov Team Conducts Training for CSOs of Maasim and Malapatan

CSO training_sar

RESOURCEGov Phase 2 Project Team conducted CSO Participation to Local Budget Process and CSO Desk Strengthening/CSO Accreditation Training for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) of Municipalities of Maasim and Malapatan, Saranggani Province on May 24-25, 2018 at Mt. Sabrina Panoramic View and Resort Incorporated, Tambler, General Santos City. It was joined by 57 participants (Male 36, Female 20) including the 4 team members.

This is the last leg of the series of two-day trainings to capacitate the CSOs to actively participate to the local budget process and the accreditation process. During the introduction, when Ms. Marie Nisa Suib introduced herself she raised a tag line of Malapatan like when she said “Malapatan” her co-participants from the municipality answered “Mapia Gid!” and same with Ms. Josephine Solidad, their tagline was “Maasenso Maasim”. Both municipalities are aware of the CSOs’ participation because almost of the CSOs are accredited and invited by Mahintana in Phase 1. Ms. Lala Lumatao, representative of the budget officer of LGU Maasim, inspired everyone to support the project. LGOO IV Mr. Ian Jon Clemente was the resource speaker for the Accreditation Process and Atty. Libertine Cagang discussed the Participation of CSOs to the Local Budget Process. In the course of discussion, questions were raised regarding the appropriation of the budget.  The CSOs were given time to convene and discuss about their next steps. Both CSO networks requested for Lakbay Aral as learning exchange between the two (2) municipalities.

PostHeaderIcon RESOURCEGov Team Conducts Training for CSOs of Aleosan and Libungan

cso training_NC
RESOURCEGov Phase 2 Project Team conducted CSO Participation to Local Budget Process and CSO Desk Strengthening/CSO Accreditation Training for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) of Aleosan and Libungan, North Cotabato on May 21-22, 2018 at Elai Resort, Hotel and Recreation Center, Kidapawan City. It was joined by 47 participants (Male 26, Female 20) including the five (5) team members.

The two-day training is one of the five (5) interventions of the phase 2 of the project. It aims to capacitate the civil society organizations on how to participate to the local budget process and increase their knowledge about CSO accreditation process. Resource speakers invited were Mr. Ian Jon Clemente, LGOO VI from DILG and Atty. Libertine Cagang, ARD of DBM. Open forums were conducted during and after the discussion of the topics, thus, clarifications and questions were made regarding the said topics. Half of the participants were the same CSOs tapped in the 1st phase of the project, thus, most of them are aware of their participation to the local budget process. Also, they were able to answer the questions during the recap of the previous topic. The CSOs were also given time to convene for their next steps including the technical assistance they need for capacity development. Mr. Honorio Dillbert Ducao, III, Budget Officer from Libungan, expressed his gratitude to the project and encouraged the CSOs to apply the learnings, as well as, to strengthen their participation to their LGUs.


Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian Blanker and Mr. Kur Jurgen Von Lumbao also paid a visit to the office of DILG Provincial Director Mr. Ali Abdullah for updating of project implementation in the Province of North Cotabato.



PostHeaderIcon LITS Training to Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) Staff of General Santos City

pageThe SP Staff of Gensan, thru the initiative of the Office of the Vice-Mayor underwent a training on the use of Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) on May 23-24, 2018 at the SP Session Hall of LGU General Santos City.

The training, participated by at least 45 legislative staff and facilitated by the Office of the Vice-Mayor and their IT Department spearheaded by Hon. Shirlyn Bañas-Nograles, equipped the staff with knowledge on the benefits of using the LITS in their office and shared the roles of the departments on the first day. Furthermore, to give more information about the basic functions and features of the LITS system, Mr. Roel Ian Blanker, the RESOURCEGov 2 Project Manager, was invited to do a walkthrough of the system while entertaining clarifications of the system usage from the audience in the afternoon. On the second day, the participants experienced a hands-on activity using the system, such as encoding master list of members, categories, forums, and sample ordinances among others. City Vice Mayor Shirlyn Bañas-Nograles concluded the activity with the awarding of certificates of participation and a message encouraging all employees to engage in using the system to further improve the performance of the SP Office and in delivering its services to the public.

The LITS, a system rolled out by the RESOURCEGov 2 Project which is funded by the European Union, is already installed in the SP office of LGU General Santos City and is now accessible across its various departments through a wireless network.

PostHeaderIcon PTFK-ARH Conducts Training of Trainers on Learning Package on Parent Education on Adolescent Health and Development

arh 1_ToT

Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan-Adolescent Reproductive Health Program in partnership with Dole Philippines and Local Government Unit through Mahintana Foundation, Inc. conducted Training of Trainers on Learning Package on Parent Education on Adolescent Health and Development to the ARH Advocates and Principals of the 10 partner public secondary high school on May 21-22, 2018 at CCT-Retreat and Training Center, Sitio Lao, Brgy. Nagpan, Malungon, Sarangani Province.

The two-day ToT was graced by the President and CEO of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot and three (3) Resource Speakers from the Provincial Population Commission namely, Ms. Melanie Chiva, Ms. Vanessa Pamplona and Ms. Crispy Arves.

Arh 2_ToT

At the end of the training, the ARH Coordinators and Advocates submitted activity plan schedules of each school of the roll-out of the same training.

The ToT’s objectives are the following: to undertake parents’ education program on adolescent responsible sexuality; to provide age-appropriate, values laden and rights based (right to protection, development and participation) information, education and counseling services (at home, in-school, out-of-school, workplaces and other settings; to conduct training for youth on life skills and fertility awareness; to capacitate programs implementers and advocates as program partners; to equip the parents and educate them with the necessary knowledge on sexuality and other health related concerns of adolescents and skills on communicating such concerns to their children; and to highlight the role of parents as primary source of accurate and sound information on adolescent health and development including ASRH.

Arh 3_ToT

PostHeaderIcon Enterprise Integrity Award Orientation


Mahintana Foundation, Inc., in behalf of the Provincial Planning and Development Office (PPDO) of South Cotabato, invited the cooperatives in the area and the representatives from LGU departments particularly the Municipal Treasurer’s Office and BPLO to attend the Dangal ng South Cotabato Enterprise Integrity Award Orientation on May 18, 2018 at MFI Conference Rooms. It was attended by the 18 participants (Male 9, Female 9).

Mr. Jobe C. Tubigon gave message of thanks to the cooperatives who came. Then, Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot gave the welcome remarks and presented a short overview the Dangal ng South Cotabato: Enterprise Integrity Award 2018 as a mechanism of South Cotabato Integrity Circle (SCIC), a tri-part arrangement program comprised of CSOs, business sector and the government. The Enterprise Integrity Award is the initiative of Gov. Daisy Avance-Fuentes while the SCIC was initiated by European Chamber of Commerce in the Phils. PPDO staff Mr. Stephen Jake Peñales introduced the Enterprise Integrity Award and Ms. Rhea Conente discussed the guidelines and procedures of the Enterprise Integrity Award.


The Dangal ng South Cotabato: Enterprise Award is a mechanism in pursuit of good governance that aims to promote and encourage integrity by giving due recognition, honor and wards to the different private business enterprises in the province that have successfully implemented strategies and mechanisms to promote integrity in the conduct of their business. It is open to all business establishments in South Cotabato and shall only be applicable to profit-oriented companies and thus, excludes the non-profit CSOs, NGAs and LGUs.


PostHeaderIcon Training for CSOs of Lambayong and President Quirino, Sultan Kudarat

mahintana site_cso_1617

RESOURCEGov Phase 2 Project Team conducted CSO Participation to Local Budget Process and CSO Desk Strengthening/CSO Accreditation Training for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) of Lambayong and President Quirino, Sultan Kudarat on May 16-17, 2018 at The Farm @ Carpenter Hill, Koronadal. It was joined by 42 organizations with 54 participants (Male 39, Female 15) including the 5 team members.

On May 16, 2018, the training started with preliminaries at around 9:00 AM. Project Manager Roel Ian P. Blanker welcomed the participants and introduced the team. A round of introduction of each participant was conducted. Then, Mr. Blanker then explained the CSO Profile Information Sheet and Checklist of LGU Compliance in the Local Budget Process and presented the 2016 CSO survey result of the same checklist.  In the afternoon, DILG representative LGOO VI Mr. Ian Jon Clemente gave the talk on CSO Accreditation Process. The participants were free to raise questions during the discussion. Mr. Clemente clarified that only CSOs that have been accredited can be invited to participate in the local budget process. He also said that the CSOs who have been turned down by the Sangguniang Bayan/Panlungsod can make their appeal to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) to be accredited.

The next day, a quiz-type game was conducted to test how well they understood the lesson the day before. Department of Budget Management (DBM) Representative Atty. Libertine Cagang presented the CSO Participation to Local Budget Process, Budget Accountability and the Procurement Process. Questions were raised regarding the travel allowances for the CSOs who are invited to the budget process. After, Mr. Blanker presented the ODK and Qlik systems as new tools for project monitoring and budget tracking. Also, Mr. Blanker presented the results of the checklist of LGU compliance to local budget process. He went through the items and explained the possible reasons for the answers. Mr. Blanker told the participants of importance of inventory and updated directory of the CSOs. The CSOs were given time to convene for their next steps and initial plan of action. Ms. Alma Sandia, a CSO representative of Lambayong and Ms. Linda Quines, the representative of CSOs of President Quirino, presented the key agreements of their CSO network. Their common agreement is to ask technical assistance form RESOURCEGov for trainings such as financial management, project proposal writing and making of localized CSO directory/manual to motivate and empower other CSOs to join and be active part of the local government units. To wrap up the training, Mr. Blanker asked for two (2) representatives from CSOs to give messages. Ms. Prescilla Baldonado and Ms. Linda Quines, from Lambayong and Pres. Quirino respectively, expressed their gratitude to Mahintana Foundation for implementing the RESOURCEGov Project Phase 2. They are looking forward for more trainings esp. in capacity development of the organizations.


PostHeaderIcon Training for CSOs of Lake Sebu and Tampakan, South Cotabato

so cot CSO_mahintana

RESOURCEGov Phase 2 Project Team conducted CSO Participation to Local Budget Process and CSO Desk Strengthening/CSO Accreditation Training for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) of Tampakan and Lake Sebu, South Cotabato on May 9-10, 2018 at The Farm @ Carpenter Hill, Koronadal. It was joined by 33 organizations with 46 participants (Male 25, Female 21) including the three (3) team members.

On the first day of the training, RDIP Coordinator and Project Documenter Ms. Lorielyn P. patoc welcomed the CSO participants and one budget officer from Tampakan in behalf of the Mahintana and the project Manager Roel Ian P. Blanker. She introduced the RESOURCEGov Phase 2 Team who will facilitate the training and gave the participants to introduce themselves, their organizations represented and their expectations. After the round of introduction, Project Officer Mr. Byron E. Delandrino presented the RESOURCEGov Phase 2, the agenda of the training and the forms to be filled out by the CSO participants. He explained that the checklist of LGU compliance is only to gauge the knowledge of the CSOs regarding their roles to the local budget process. In the afternoon, LGOO IV Mr. Muhammad G. Nanding, Jr., the resource speaker for DILG, discussed the process of CSO accreditation. The participants were given the opportunity to air out their concerns which were answered by the DILG representative.

The next day, May 10, 2017, the session was opened by recapping the lessons learned the day before through a cabbage roll game. Department of Budget Management (DBM) Regional Director Mr. Akmad Usman and Atty. Libertine Cagang presented the CSO Participation to Local Budget Process, Budget Accountability and the Procurement Process. An open forum was conducted where the CSOs were able to ask questions to DBM speakers. In the afternoon, Mr. Delandrino presented the results of the checklist through ODK. Most of the answers were “not aware” since most of the CSOs were newly accredited. They were given 20 minutes to convene per LGU for the next steps of the CSO federations. A representative for each LGU presented their agreements and suggested activities such as capacity development trainings to be conducted by the RESOURCEGov Phase 2 Team such as leadership, financial management, proposal writing and minutes of the meeting writing trainings. These suggestions were noted by the team subject for approval of the management of the project. Also, there were CSO representatives who gave their message of thanks. They said that they are very much grateful to the opportunity to be chosen for the training and are looking forward for the success of the project implementation. Certificates of participation were distributed to the participants.


PostHeaderIcon ARH Conducts its 1st Quarter Meeting of 2018


Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan-Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Program conducted its 1st Quarter Meeting on May 8, 2018 at Cicada Room, Kalsangi, Polomolok, South Cotabato. It was participated by ARH advocates, Dr. Ligaya Gepte of MHO, Mahintana Foundation, Inc. and partner stakeholders.


Seven (7) of 10 partner public high schools presented their accomplishment reports to other stakeholders for the whole 1st quarter. These accomplishments will be used as basis for the schools’ best practices based on the standard Action Plan. The schools are the following: Landan National High School, Nicolas Barreras National High School, Silway-8 National High School, Pablo Valencia National High School, Upper Klinan National High School, Palkan National High School and Bonifacio R. Tagaban Integrated School. The common accomplishments are: integration of ARH modukes t MAPEH, Values and Science; posting of ARH advocacy tarpaulins; orientation of parents and students about ARH; and conduction of ARH awareness campaign and meetings with teachers and peer counselors.

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