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PostHeaderIcon HEALTH Plus conducts 3rd Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting with Polomolok Municipal Hospital representatives

To discuss project updates, accomplishments and address gaps and challenges on the operations of HEALTH Plus Shop-in-a-Shop (HPSiS) in Polomolok Municipal Hospital (PMH), HEALTH Plus project implemented by Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI) hosts the 3rd TWG meeting on June 20, 2018 with 4 representatives from PMH headed by its Chief of Hospital, Dr. Graciano P. Vencer and 4 representatives from MFI headed by HEALTH Plus Supply Chain Officer, Mr. Nolimar G. Abesar. PMH 1

Ms Normelita Lauron, Project Bookkeeper, presented the project accomplishments as of May 31, 2018 such as served and unserved prescription of the hospital, of which 82% were served by hospital and remaining percentage (18%) was served by HPSiS. Dr Vencer expressed his sincere gratitude to the project in complementing hospital’s unserved prescriptions and in assisting them in complying with Philhealth’s No Billing Balance (NBB) policy. He added that as per his observation, financial of performance of HPSiS for this year was an exact opposite of its financial performance last year. He concluded that this is a continuing learning experience for the hospital to improve their operations by increasing their budget for drugs, medicines and supplies.pmh 2The project’s aging of receivables was also presented which has improved compared to last year through the interdependence of staff and constant and active communication between and among partners on resolving gaps and challenges. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed for HPSiS to package an admission kit for patients, chargeable to Philhealth reimbursement as supplies, and to assist the hospital in fabrication of visible signage of the hospital for promotion and awareness.

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana supports Integrated Provincial Health Office of Sarangani in its “Tutok Buntis” in Poblacion, Maasim

Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI), through its HEALTH Plus Project, actively participates in “Tutok Buntis” a health event initiated by Integrated Provincial Health Office (IPHO), headed by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Arvin Alejandro, in coordination with the Local Government of Maasim, headed by Acting Mayor Hon. Uttoh Salem Cutan, through the Rural Health Unit (RHU). The health event, held on June 19, 2018 at Poblacion, Maasim, Sarangani, benefits 137 pregnant mothers with hemoglobin tests and blood typing, one-on-one counseling and Olyset nets, insecticide-treated nets protecting individuals from biting mosquitoes and getting infected of dengue or malaria, provided by Department of Health (DOH).Tutok buntis 1

The HEALTH Plus project, with the assistance from is partner-suppliers such as National Pharmaceutical Foundation (NPF), MBE Pharma, Berovan, Innogen, Sannovex, Euromed, Natrapharm, Multicare and Medprix, distributes 100 pregnancy kits, comprised of toothbrush, toothpaste, vitamins, soap, alcohol, adult and baby diapers and bathroom tissue, to first 100 pregnant mothers who attended the event. The project also benefits at least 200 individuals (pregnant and non-pregnant mothers and children) through nutritional feeding.Tutok buntis 2

The “Tutok Buntis” is a health event conducted by IPHO of Sarangani in coordination with the Local Government, through the RHU, to provide health services to pregnant mothers such as laboratory and diagnostic services, pre-natal, health education and promotion, one-on-one counseling and distribution of Olyset nets and pregnancy kits in active coordination with other development players in the area.

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana conducts Courtesy Visit and Presentation of 3-year accomplishments of HEALTH Plus project in Dr. Jorge P. Royeca Hospital

35461934_1932674816784102_4640012066478882816_nMahintana Foundation, Inc., through the HEALTH Plus Project, facilitated a Courtesy Visit with Hon. Ronnel Rivera, City Mayor of General Santos on June 14, 2018, at his office in City Hall, to present the 3-year accomplishments of HEALTH Plus Shop-in-a-Shop (HPSiS) in Dr. Jorge P. Royeca Hospital (DJPRH) and the identified gaps and challenges of its implementation.  The activity was attended by Hon. Rosalita P. Nu?ez, Sangguniang Panlalawigan Chairperson on Health, Ms. Rhesababes Sumalpong, City Accountant, Mr. John Quimosing, City Budget Officer, Mr. Rodilon Lacap, City Treasurer, Mr. Glennville Gonzalez, DJPRH administrator and Mahintana representatives headed by Ms. Liza D. Hora, Admin and Finance Officer, Ms. Margie S. Managuit, HEALTH Plus Project Manager and Ms. Jea Roque, Licensed Pharmacist. 35522820_1932674853450765_3346446304371802112_n The meeting immediately started with the presentation of history & background, objectives, milestones and accomplishments of the project and its project experience in South Cotabato and Sarangani and in General Santos City, facilitated by Ms. Managuit, ably assisted by Ms. Hora.  Ms. Managuit also emphasized the gaps and challenges of the project in DJPRH including the differing policy interpretations which led to delayed collection of receivables. Ms. Hora acknowledged the accomplishments and active partnership of both the City Government and MFI with the HEALTH Plus project implementation, however, this is greatly affected by some gaps and challenges that have arisen as a result of sudden surge of transactions of HPSiS on the previous year.35514130_1932673816784202_8982304168299462656_nShe stated that DJPRH was not yet able to process the payment for 2018 receivables of HPSiS pending the crafting and approval of an ordinance on the proper utilization of Revolving Fund for such purpose.  Hon. Nu?ez committed to fastrack the crafting and approval of such ordinance as this will be passed and approved under her committee. Hon. Rivera, on the other hand, expressed his concern on the decreasing PHIC’s NBB compliance rate of DJPRH. He instructed Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Chairperson and City Budget Officer, Mr. John Quimosing to also fastrack processing of procurement as this is the major factor for the stock-outs and unavailability of drugs, medicines and supplies at the hospital pharmacy level which further led to decreased NBB rate. He added to also fastrack payment for Mahintana as this may also cause stock-outs at HPSiS level.


PostHeaderIcon “HEALTH Plus project facilitates Technical Working Group (TWG) Meeting on HEALTH Plus project implementation in Dr. Cornelio T. Martinez, Sr. Memorial Hospital in Kiamba”


Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI) through its HEALTH Plus project facilitates the 1st TWG meeting at Dr. Cornelio T. Martinez, Sr. Memorial Hospital in Kiamba, Sarangani on May 07, 2018 as part of the project’s monitoring and evaluation of the performance of HEALTH Plus Shop-in-a-Shop (HPSiS) in the hospital.  The said meeting was attended by Chief of Hospital, OIC Dr. Sharon Fortaleza, Admin Officer Rhiza Pomares, Chief Nurse Sarah Carmel Quinto, Hospital Pharmacist Aracelli Ballan, RPh and MFI representatives:  Project Manager Margie S. Managuit, PPF Licensed Pharmacist Jea A. Roque, RPh and Project Bookkeeper Shinny Lee G. Ula, CPA.  At the onset, Ms. Managuit explained the rationale of the TWG meeting which is to present accomplishments of the project and to discuss and resolve challenges on inventory management, PHIC’s No Balance Billing (NBB) policy compliance and other related concerns.20180508_110440Afterwards, Ms. Ula presented the list of served and unserved prescriptions, Type ABC, nearly expiry medicines and financial performance (unaudited) of HPSiS as of April, 2018. On the nearly expiry medicines, Ms. Managuit requested for the hospital to assist HPSiS in the dispensing of these drugs and medicines.  Dr. Fortaleza agreed with the request, however, he identified the items that cannot anymore be dispensed such as the Cotrimoxazole 800mg.  Ms. Ballan also requested all HPSiS staff to be present during the weekly pharmacy meeting so as to address related concerns.  Ms. Ula inquired from the participants on the factors of decrease in the revenue of HPSiS.  Ms. Ballan stated that the hospital has available drugs, medicines and supplies.  Moreover, Ms. Pomares added that the PLGU-Sarangani has increased their budget from P3M to P4M with General Fund as the source of funds, aside from the unlimited budget coming from Trust Fund.  Key agreements after the meeting are as follows; for HPSiS to send the copy of its Type B and C to ER, Chief of Hospital and Admin Officer; delivery of requested aircon by MFI-PPF will be on Thursday, May 07, 2018; for hospital to prioritize dispensing of nearly expiry medicines; for hospital pharmacist to provide the list of near-stock-outs to HPSiS one week before to give time for MFI-PPF to order and deliver those requested items.

PostHeaderIcon “HEALTH Plus Project conducts Presentation of Modified Inventory Management System with PHO of Chief of Hospitals and Admin Officers of 4 public hospitals in the province”


Mahintana-PPF, headed by Ms. Margie S. Managuit, Project Manager with Mr. June Ritche Cagata, newly installed HPMIS officer and Ms. Normelita Lauron, Project Bookkeeper, facilitates the Special Provincial Management Committee (PMC) meeting on May 07, 2018 at Viajera Dine, Koronadal City.  Attended by Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Rogelio Aturdido, Jr. with his Admin Officer, Mr. John Salcedo and the Chief of Hospitals and Admin Officers of 4 province-managed public hospitals, the meeting is called for to present the modified inventory management system developed by the previous HPMIS officer, Mr. Franz Andrei Cruspero for the HEALTH Plus Project.

final 2

The development of the modified system, which computes the safety stock, reorder point and quantity order of drugs, medicines and supplies, is an offshoot of the 2-day Training-workshop on Budget and Inventory Management with the PMC members held on February 01-02, 2018.  Key agreements after the presentation are as follows:  for Mahintana to: add in the modified system date of the first day of ordering and the expected date of arrival of ordered stocks to compute the lead time and column on the number of days for the available quantity to last, to meet with iHOMIS-in-charge of SCPH to discuss the template for the database and to present the revised inventory management system with the added features on the next PMC meeting on June, 2018.


PostHeaderIcon Mahintana facilitates Technical Working Group Meeting on HEALTH Plus project implementation in Upper Valley Community Hospital.

20180417_094706 - Copy

Mahintana Foundation, Inc. conducts the 1st Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting as part of the HEALTH Plus Project’s monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the HEALTH Plus Shop in a Shop outlet in Upper Valley Community Hospital (UVCH).   The meeting held on April 17, 2018 at Conference Room of the said hospital, was attended by Dr. Ana Marie Tuburan, the Chief of Hospital, Ms. Julie Bendita, the Hospital Administrator, Ms. Noemi Araguas, Hospital Pharmacist from UVCH and Ms. Margie S. Managuit, MFI-HEALTH Plus Project Manager and Ms. Normelita Lauron, Project Bookkeeper. The meeting started with the presentation of the financial performance of UVCH-HPSiS as of March 31, 2018. Ms. Managuit stated that Ms. Princess Jance, the HPSiS Pharmacy Assistant requested for 1 additional staff for the HPSiS. She added that this may be possibly as long as they reach breakeven daily sales of Php8,000.00.

20180417_095114 - Copy

Dra. Tuburan stated that this is possible since the hospital pharmacy does not deliveries from the PLGU considering the long process of procurement and the deliveries may take a while.  Ms. Araguas stated that there are certain drugs, medicines and supplies that the HPSiS cannot provide and this is lost opportunity on their part, so she suggested for Ms. Jance to be assertive and aggressive in inventory management and to actively communicate her concerns to the PPF Supply Chain Section.  Ms. Managuit agreed on the recommendation.  Summary of the key agreements after the two-hour meeting are as follows:: 1. For HPSiS to stock drugs. Medicines and supplies especially those fast moving items since the hospital pharmacy is currently experiencing stock outs due to long procurement process; 2. For HPSiS to hire one additional Pharmacy Assistant; 3. For HPSiS to email the list of fast-moving items to PPF; 4. For UVCH c/o Pharmacist to handle the fabrication of counter for the pharmacy as per their request;

PostHeaderIcon “Mahintana facilitates Technical Working Group Meeting on HEALTH Plus project implementation in Norala District Hospital”


As part of the HEALTH Plus Project’s monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the HEALTH Plus Shop in a Shop outlet in the Norala District Hospital (NDH) Mahintana Foundation conducted their first Technical Working Group meeting for the year which was held on March 01, 2018 at the Chief Nurse’s office. It was attended by Dra. Mila Quinton, the Chief of Hospital, Ms. Adelyn Dequico, the Hospital Administrator, Mr. Ben Maypa, the Chief Nurse, and Ms. Helen Soldevilla, Hospital Pharmacist from NDH and Mr. Franz Andrei Cruspero, MFI-HEALTH Plus Operations Officer, Ms. Normelita Lauron, Project Bookkeeper and Ms. Yedda Marie Bandojo, On-the-Job Trainee from Dole Philippines School. new3

The meeting started with the presentation of the Hospital Admissions and Served and Unserved prescriptions for January 2018, wherein the graphs clearly showed an increasing trend in admissions and a decreasing percentage of prescriptions served by the HPSiS outlet. Dr. Quinton said that the increase of admissions were mainly because of the new doctors and specialists that were employed by the hospital. Ms. Soldevilla stated that the decrease of prescriptions served is because of the availability of drugs, medicines and supplies in the hospital pharmacy. Ms. Lauron, presented the financial performance of the outlet for the year 2017. new4

Other issues and concerns of the hospital were that there was an alarming increase of snake bites, Dr. Quinton requested Mahintana Foundation to supply at least 2 bottles of anti-venom in the HPSiS outlets in case of emergencies.

PostHeaderIcon HEALTH Plus facilitates Site Visitation of MPA and MBA students of NDDU-NDKC at SCPH-HPSiS

Health is one of the major concerns in the Philippine society as well as to the other nations. With the growing needs for the improvements and the increasing number of newly found diseases, Filipinos, especially the indigents, marginalized and oppressed, are now suffering as to how they will afford their medications. To address this concern, Mahintana Foundation has developed their HEALTH Plus Project, specifically the Health Plus Shop-in- a-Shop (HPSIS) which is one of the four business

The event provided the participants with information on the vision, mission, functions, objectives, operations management, fund source, 3-year comparative financial statements and best practices, awards and recognitions of HEALTH Plus project in the province of South Cotabato. new2

The event provided the participants with information on the vision, mission, functions, objectives, operations management, fund source, 3-year comparative financial statements and best practices, awards and recognitions of HEALTH Plus project in the province of South Cotabato.  They were also informed about the contributions of the project to the overall goal of the province of improving delivery of health services to its constituents: reduction of out-of-pocket expenses of households, compliance to NBB policy of PHIC, increasing PHIC reimbursements of the hospital through the increased hospital due to its improved health services and facilities.600x300

At the end of the activity, the participants commended the political leadership of PLGU of South Cotabato, the active support of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. and the commitment and partnership of both sectors which contributed to the successful implementation of the project.

PostHeaderIcon Mahintana hosts Technical Working Group (TWG) Meeting of HEALTH Plus project in Sarangani

40 participants from the Provincial Health Office (PHO), Provincial Accounting Office (PACCO), Provincial Treasurer’s Office (PTO), Office of the Provincial Governor and 4 public hospitals of Sarangani (Malungon, Glan, Maasim and Kiamba) participates in the TWG meeting of Mahintana’s HEALTH Plus Project held on February 07, 2018 at Kalsangi Club House, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The said meeting, facilitated by PHO of Sarangani, led by Dr. Arvin Alejandro, Provincial Health Officer, opens with presentation of rationale which is to identify gaps and challenges and recommendations leading to and improved effective and efficient delivery of health services to its target clients.2 - Copy (2)

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PostHeaderIcon HEALTH Plus Project Sponsors Training-workshop on Budget and Inventory Management for South Cotabato Public Hospitals


As a commitment of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI) to actively provide technical assistance to Provincial Government of South Cotabato (PGSC) in improving delivery of health services by public hospitals to indigent communities, specifically on increasing access to quality but affordable drugs, medicines and supplies, the foundation, through its HEALTH Plus Project, facilitates the conduct of Training-Workshop on Budget and Inventory Management at Mt. Sabrina, Tambler, General Santos City on February 01-02, 2018.  The training-workshop was participated by Integrated Provincial Health of South Cotabato, headed by Dr. Rogelio Aturdido, Jr., who gave the Welcome Remarks during the Opening Preliminaries and the Chief of Hospitals, Admin Officers, Pharmacists, Supply Officers, Bookkeepers and Billing-in-Charges of 4 public hospitals in the province:  South Cotabato Provincial Hospital (SCPH), Norala District Hospital (NDH), Polomolok Municipal Hospital (PMH) and Upper Valley Community Hospital (UVCH).

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