Background of the Organization

The humble beginnings of Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI) trace back 34 years ago when a group of executives from Dole Philippines, Inc. and professionals from South Cotabato organized Mahintana on August 12, 1977.  In honor of the indigenous communities inhabiting the area, the term mahintana was coined from the B’laan terms mahin (sea) and tana (land).  The B’laan is an indigenous tribe regarded as one of the earliest settlers in Southern Mindanao.

MFI was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on  September 12, 1977 (Registration No. 75603) as a private, non-stock, non-profit social development foundation, with Dr. Jorge F. Calderon, Sr. as its Founding Chairperson. The foundation was then under the direct supervision of the Community Relations Department of Dole Philippines, Inc. with its initial programs on health (immunization), water system establishment and reforestation of gullies and riverbanks within the areas of Mt. Matutum

To give more elbowroom to the foundation in developing and implementing its programs and projects, the foundation spun-off from the company’s direct supervision in 1993, though it still continually extends its assistance in the implementation of various Community Development projects of Dole Philippines, Inc.  Over the years, Mahintana has expanded its programs and operations in close partnership with a variety of development players in the community.  It has established strong networks and linkages with various local and foreign resource organizations, which was instrumental in building effective partnerships with the Local Government Units, Non-Government Organizations, private sector, the academe and other development players in the area.  Among our initial donor organizations supporting our conservation activities along the Mt. Matutum Protected Landscape and the Sarangani Bay Protected Seascape is the Australian Agency for International Development – Philippine Australian Community Assistance Program, who had been supporting our programs since 1994 to 2008.  Another long-term partner in helping the Muslim communities in Sumbakil, Polomolok, South Cotabato is the Lutheran World Relief, who had been supporting our agricultural production and marketing program since 2002 up to the present time.

Currently, Mahintana is governed by the Board of Trustees coming from the corporate, business and social development institutions and is supported by professional staff with backgrounds in various disciplines.

Mahintana envisions achieving an improved quality life of people in a sustainable environment. To do this, Mahintana shall improve the quality of life of assisted communities by actively implementing sustainable socio-economic and environmental programs through teamwork, dynamic leadership and excellence with utmost integrity and commitment.

Mahintana fulfils its mission and reaches out to its target beneficiary sectors by extending assistance through its various programs. Its current Programs of Assistance include Institution-Building & Governance (Organizational Development, Policy Advocacy and Technical Assistance & Consultancy), Enterprise Development (Social Enterprise and Livelihood Enhancement), Basic Social Services (Health & Sanitation and Education) and Environment (Disaster-Risk Reduction & Climate Change Adaptation and Conservation & Protection).