Mahintana connects with Mongolian NGO for OGP Commitments Peer Learning Dialogue

Open Government Partnership (OGP) Partnerships & Events Consultant for Asia Pacific Ms. Ivy Ong facilitated the meeting of its OGP Partners, the Mahintana Foundation, Inc. and Democracy Education Center (DEMO), for a peer learning experience regarding their OGP commitments. The two parties agreed to communicate through teleconference call on March 18, 2019, 8:00 AM. Mahintana Pres. & CEO Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot, RESOURCEGov Project Manager and Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker attended the teleconference call with DEMO Director Ms. Undral Gombodorj.

DEMO is a Mongolian NGO that launched the mobile app community-based monitoring tool called Check My Service. This initiative was selected by the OGP as one of the best Asia Pacific regional innovations in 2014 and 2016, and received an OGP Global Award in 2016. To date, Check My Services app has already monitored 101 government services of Mongolia. Mahintana, on the other hand, introduced the OGP Commitments such as Open Monitoring using the ODK and Open Legislation using the Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS). As to date, the ODK-based project monitoring forms has already finished its dry run stage. Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC) has deemed the ODK system easy-to-use and time-saving in data collection and consolidation. The next step is for the ODK-result map to be linked to the provincial government’s website for public to access and provide feedbacks. For the LITS, the 1st phase, which is archiving of the legislative documents of the province, is already done. The 2nd phase is to make the LITS accessible online, and the 3rd phase is to provide a comment section where the citizens can leave their comments and suggestions.

RESOURCEGov Team conducts 4th PIT Meeting, Financial Workshop, and Financial Monitoring in Davao City

RESOURCEGov 2 Team conducted a series of activities in Davao City on March 11-13, 2019 namely: 4th PIT Meeting (for Regions 11&13), Financial Workshop, and Financial Monitoring. These activities were conducted to ensure the proper implementation of the project in the remaining years according to the financial policies of EU.

For the 4th PIT Meeting for Regions 11 & 13, RESOURCEGov Team from 25 participants (Male 9, Female 16) Mahintana, MINCODE and member networks met for updating. Consolidated accomplishment and accomplishment per member network were presented, as well as the consolidated budget performance, budget performance per implementation, counterpart complied, and spending plan. A small working group for visibility action was formed to ensure the faster implementation of visibility and communication plan including posters and press releases. During the Financial Workshop, the Financial Manual draft was presented and discussed per section. Inputs from team were considered and noted that do not come in conflict with EU financial policies were considered and noted. Lastly, the Financial Monitoring was attended by 7 participants (Male 1, Female 6) of the finance team of Mahintana. Financial monitoring is an internal monitoring & evaluation regularly conducted by Mahintana to MINCODE to ensure the proper documentation of financial records and necessary attachments.

Mahintana attends the DILG Round Table Discussion on Citizen Participation Promotion

Mahintana Pres. & CEO Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot was invited by the DILG Central Office to attend the Round Table Discussion: Pushing the Envelope from Nominal to Transformative Citizen Participation on March 12, 2019 at the Luxent Hotel, Timog, Quezon City. The roundtable discussion aims to look into local and global experiences through a peer learning exchange of views in the area of promoting participatory governance. DILG invited 18 resource persons from the different sectors – national government, business, academe, international and national donors and NGOs. Mahintana was the only identified local NGO from Mindanao.

DILG was tasked to absorb the functions of the Office of Participatory Governance (OPG), that is, “to promote and ensure the direct participation of various stakeholders in the crafting and formulation of policies and programs to address concerns at the grassroots level and to initiate programs and projects that will facilitate citizen empowerment and participation in governance at the national, regional, and local levels.”

A Student’s Gratitude Speech for Mahintana’s Work Immersion Program

Three from the Dole Philippines School (DPS) Grade 12 students of HUMSS strand, Gilmore Leaño, Sairah Sipe, and Ronjey Rendon, underwent the 2-week Student Work Immersion Program in Mahintana Foundation Inc. in January 2019. Mr. Leaño and Ms. Sipe were designated to work in the Ridge-to-Reef (R2R) Project under the supervision of R2R Coordinator Ms. Ella Mae Babao. On the other hand, Mr. Rendon was assigned in Nutripan Project under Ms. Yvonne Templonuevo’s watch. Admin & Finance Officer Ms. Liza D. Hora received a Certificate of Appreciation from DPS in behalf of the organization. Adolescent Reproductive Health Volunteer Ms. Wiki Hamilton was also recognized in the speech for her invaluable support to the immersion work experience.

During the Grade 12 Culmination Program of DPS on March 8, 2019, the immersion students were given the opportunity to share their work experiences. Booths were also set up with photos of their immersion work. Mr. Leaño representative of the HUMSS students who worked in Mahintana, shared:

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” Yes, nothing is going to lose when you help someone.

“Building resiliency and sustaining development has been the bullseye of the institution. Empowering people’s capacity has also been greatest investment – we learned, through this institution, on how to help others by helping themselves. It is not just all about helping others and giving what they need but also helping them to stand and live by their own efforts. As we entered the foundation, the Mahintana force had embraced us with love and care as if we had never felt like anyone else inside the room. In fact, they treated us like family. Two weeks were a bit short for us. Short as it was, however, we cherished the moments that the institution had taught us.”

More than the appreciation of the environmental and socio-economic development interventions, he cherished the learnings and experiences, as well as, relationships built with the mentors and co-workers in Mahintana.  Also, he mentioned that with Mahintana, they were able to immerse with the culture and dream of the community and travel to the project sites as an exhilarating experience. Mr. Leaño encouraged the incoming Grade 12 HUMSS and Grade 11 students to freely express their insights and creative juices in developing the society.

HUMSS, or Humanities and Social Sciences, is one of the tracks offered to senior high school in DepEd’s Kto12 Program. It is the strand for students who will take up communication arts, liberal arts, education, and other social science-related courses in college. Meanwhile, the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) strand students worked in Dole Philippines, Inc.

We are still hiring!

Mahintana Foundation, Inc. is in need of the following:

  1. Project Coordinator (1)
  • Graduate of Electrical or Electronics Engineering or any engineering course (with or without license)
  • Male/Female
  • Experience in off-grid solar panel installation is an advantage
  • With good oral and written communication and leadership skills
  • With driver’s license
  • Willing to do fieldwork
  • With good moral character

2. Project Officers (2)

  • Graduate of Electrical or Electronics Engineering or any engineering course (with or without license)
  • Male/Female
  • Experience in off-grid solar panel installation is an advantage
  • With driver’s license
  • Willing to do fieldwork
  • With good moral character

3. Project Officer (1)

  • Graduate of any course
  • Good in oral and written communication skills
  • With good moral character

Application letters must be addressed to:

Mahintana Foundation, Inc.
Cannery Housing, Cannery Site
Polomolok, South Cotabato
(083) 500-2796

Applicants may submit their application requirements (application letter, resume, and TOR) thru our email address or in person to our office.

Mahintana continues to develop its staff thru Basic Supervisory Training-Workshop

More than 30 Mahintana and Dolefil Community Relations (ComRel) staff underwent the Basic Supervisory Training-Workshop on February 28 to March 2, 2019 at Dolores Farm Resort, Polomolok, South Cotabato. This development training aims to help the staff understand the roles and functions of a supervisor, as well as, enhance their skill sets such as leadership, planning, effective communication, control function, time management, and facilitating meetings.

In the span of 3 days, there were various discussions, group activities, and individual quiz-type sessions. Structured Learning Experiences (SLEs) were designed to test the physical and mental stamina of the participants. The participants were expressive of their thoughts, feelings, and work experiences that may be beneficial to other participants. One of the significant activities was the opportunity to communicate with all the attendees one-on-one, which was according to the trainees, very liberating.

“Persistence, dedication and willingness to be accessed by people who want to develop you”are just few of the advices given by the resource speaker Ms. Janet Obra. Mahintana Admin & Finance Officer Ms. Liza D. Hora encouraged the body to open themselves in learning more. She recounted the experiences and pains of working in a dynamic organization such as Mahintana, yet, she counted it all joy to seeing the results of community organizing especially raising leaders who will continue the work to do and more. During the post evaluation session, the participants shared their impressions about the said training-workshop.