RESOURCEGov Trains BLGF and Selected Local Treasurers of Region 12

RESOURCEGov Project Team conducted a 2-day training to the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) and selected municipal treasurers of Region 12 on May 22-23, 2019 at the FB Hotel and Convention Center, Koronadal City. This is one of the networking and linkaging actions of the project with the government agencies to popularize the use of the systems in the region. The activity was participated by 43 (Male 16, Female 27) attendees including the BLGF 12, municipal treasurers, their staff and the project team. BLGF is the office to which the municipal treasurer’s offices submit their Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (SREs), the data to which the RESOURCEGov project will gauge the increase of the local revenue collection of its project areas.

BLGF 12 Regional Director Mr. Jeany Tedera expressed his gratitude to Mahintana, through the project, in rolling out such useful tools for the agency, as well as, the treasurer’s offices. He shared that it will not only help them analyze the trend of the collections but also help them forecast collections in the next 5 years. Project Documenter Ms. Lorielyn P. Patoc and Project Officer Mr. Kurt Jurgen Von D. Lumbao facilitated the training in behalf of Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker. The participants were able to generate ODK-based business mapping forms and generated Qlik graphs of their respective municipalities’ SREs which they presented at the end of the workshop. The BLGF and treasurers appreciated the systems and committed to utilize the tools for their own convenience. BLGF said that this is just the first leg of the many trainings and partnerships with Mahintana.

The Stone Dike Technology: Innovation that Helps Mitigate Soil Erosion in the Gullies

Mahintana Foundation, Inc., continues to think outside the box in the conservation, preservation and protection of the environment particularly around the Mt. Matutum Protective Landscape (MMPL). To mitigate the soil erosion that usually occur in the plantation gullies, the organization innovated a technology that uses indigenous materials found in the locality such as large rocks, used fishnets from the fishing industries in General Santos City, and malabago trees, thus, the birth of the stone dike technology. The technology was purposely constructed in scoured gully banks to prevent their further damage.

The ceremonial construction of the stone dike was conducted on August 10, 2018 at Gully 116A/101C, Upper Klinan, Polomolok, South Cotabato as one of the activities of the 41st anniversary celebration of Mahintana and SRC. From its construction to present, the stone dikes were able to allow sedimentation that increased the vegetation around the dikes and stabilized the gully banks by protecting them from further scouring. Other stone dikes were constructed in 110A/109C Cannery and 113C/112B/113B Polo.

RESOURCEGov orients the BLGF 12 about the Project

RESOURCEGov Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker oriented the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) 12 about the project to forge a partnership with the said government agency on May 17, 2019 at BLGF Office, Koronadal City. It was attended by the 14 participants (Male 9, Female 5) including the BLGF 12 Regional Director Mr. Jeany T. Tedera and his staff.

BLGF, being the source of the Statement of Receipts and Expenditures (SREs), Mr. Blanker focused the presentation of the use of Qlik System that can generate interactive graphs and data visualizations. Seeing the Qlik-generated graphs using the SRE data from the said office, Mr. Tedera expressed his interest to adopt the system and shared that he has heard of Qlik through the Municipal Treasurer’s Office of Lake Sebu. Mr. Blanker suggested that the data collection from each LGU in the region can be done through the use of ODK.

RESOURCEGov trains the DILG-PDMU R12 on ODK and Qlik

DILG 12, the associate partner of RESOURCEGov Project, requested the project team to conduct the ODK and Qlik Systems for the Project Development Management Unit (PDMU) on May 15-16, 2019 at the DILG 12 Conference Room, Regional Center, Koronadal City. The 2-day activity was attended by 30 (Male 20, Female 10) composed of personnel from various programs and projects handled by DILG such as Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig sa Lahat (SALINTUBIG), Assistance to Municipalities (AM), Conditional Matching Grant to Provinces (CGMP) and Performance Challenge Fund (PCF).  

Project Roel Ian P. Blanker facilitated the training on the monitoring tool ODK on the 1st day where participants were able make their ODK-based project monitoring forms. Impressed as the system can readily consolidate the data after collection, the PDMU staff expressed their excitement to use the ODK in their project monitoring activities. On the other hand, the participants appreciated the Qlik System as an interactive data visualization tool for the data collected from ODK. The PDMU was able to present their outputs after the workshops.

SOLARES ODK Profiling of potential Member-Consumers in Maasim, Sarangani

As part of the EU-funded SOLARES project’s social preparation, a survey/profiling for each of the 5,000 off-grid households in 50 target barangays shall be conducted to validate and establish the individual socio-economic profile, the willingness to participate in the project, and capacity to pay of the potential household beneficiaries. The survey results will serve as baselines to measure future project impact at the household/community level and to help determine/map out the actual location/coordinates of the potential household beneficiaries.

On May 2-14, 2019, the SOLARES project team conducted the ODK profiling in its target benefeciaries in 11 Brgys. in Maasim, Sarangani Province namely: (a) Kablacan; (b) Bales; (c) Lumasal; (d) Amsipit; (e) Kamanga; (f) Daliao; (g) Kanalo; (h) Pananag; (I) Lumatil; (j) Colon; and (k) Nomoh.

Prior the actual profiling, the project team together with nine (9) enumerators conduct Brgy. Courtesy Calls to the Sitio/Purok Leaders to inform them of the purpose of the activity & to allow the team to conduct profiling. Every enumerator received an umbrella and powerbank which they can use as they will be profiling scattered or distant households using android tablets.

The enumerators were residents in Maasim, Sarangani and were all familiar with the local conditions, the people, and cultural sensitivities of the target areas. For 13 consecutive days, they were able to endure the scorching heat and trekked arduous areas, typically on foot & motorcycle and profiled a total of 733 households. Please refer to the table below for the total number of of households profiled per Barangay.

Name of BarangayTotal # of Households Profiled
Bales 127
Lumasal 119
Nomoh 77

Mahintana attends the Europe Day Celebration

The Mahintana Foundation, spearheaded by Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot, the President & CEO graced the Europe Day Celebration held at Dusit Thani Manila, Makati, Philippines on May 9, 2019. Joining him are Mr. Jobe C. Tubigon and Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker, the managers of the EU-funded projects of the organization and also Ms. Jean Jumilla, one of the project’s Admin and Finance Officer and Mahintana’s Accountant. The Europe Day marks the birthday of EU, a political and economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe. The event highlights the friendship and partnership of the EU and the Philippines that was attended by various government officials, civil society organizations, embassies, and EU officers & staff. This also served as an avenue for organizations involved with EU to get to know each other and exchange contacts for possible collaborations. The Europe day is also celebrated worldwide thru its delegation offices.

SOLARES Consultation Meeting with SUKELCO, SOCOTECO II & Dole Philippines, Inc.

To ensure that the Solar Home System (SHS) technical design and other implementation/procurement arrangements will be effectively and efficiently carried out, the Strengthening Off-grid Lighting with Appropriate Renewable Energy Solutions (SOLARES) project facilitated a Consultation Meeting on May 3, 2019 held at Dole Kalsangi Clubhouse, Polomolok, South Cotabato. In attendance were members/management staff from Electric Coops’ SUKELCO and SOCOTECO II. Also present were Dolefil’s Directors Atty. Renato N. Alvarez and Mr. Yohei Kagikawa and DPO Manager Wilson A. Peria.  Mahintana sought the expertise of the ECs as they have experiences in implementing ASEP’s PVM Window 1 Project.

Project Manager Jobe C. Tubigon presented the SOLARES project overview, objectives, expected impact & outcomes, the SHS package and Procurement and installation timeline. His presentation also included the composition and functions of different groups such as the Technical Working Group, Technical & Financial team and the Advisory group. Additional members were added to ensure that the preparation, review & evaluation of bid documents will be in accordance to EU’s procurement standards and requirements.

The demonstration of the SHS technical specifications followed afterwards. Engr. Jay Amiel Ajoc explained the system functions, battery capacity and the load vending management scheme.

Currently, the project is conducting profiling, validation and social marketing while waiting for EU’s approval of the amendments of the contract particularly on change of SHS technical design/specs, project sites, and budget reallocation. Once approved, the posting/publication of bidding documents will follow. The group were able to share their suggestions and views to ensure that the right implementation/procurement arrangements & mechanisms will be applied.

Mahintana Foundation, Inc. in partnership with Peace and Equity Foundation, Electric Coops’ SUKELCO and SOCOTECO II is implementing the EU-funded SOLARES project for 3 years.

Mahintana and SPECTRUM train partners with ODK

In partnership with Mahintana Foundation, Inc., Sarangani Province Empowerment and Community Transformation Forum, Inc. (SPECTRUM) conducted a Community-Based Waste Collection and Monitoring using Open Data Kit (ODK) Training on May 3, 2019 at Blue Room, Esma Restaurant, Brgy. Cannery Site, Polomolok.

The training was aimed to capacitate Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO)–Maasim, Barangay Local Government Units of Brgy. Kawas, Alabel, Brgy. Sapu Masla, Malapatan, Brgy. Tinoto, Maasim, and Brgys. Bula and Baluan, General Santos City as well as People Organizations (PO) to utilize ODK as a data gathering and monitoring tool for the coastal clean – up activities held at the abovementioned areas under the Project entitled Reducing the Effects of Destructive and Improper Plastic Waste Disposal through Upgraded Community Engagement or Project REDUCE which was implemented by the Coca-Cola Foundation and SPECTRUM. The project aims to protect and conserve Sarangani Bay from the inimical effects of poor plastic waste disposal.

SOLARES Courtesy calls to selected barangays in Maasim, Sarangani

On April 29-30, 2019, the SOLARES project team visited selected barangays with potential households beneficiaries at Maa,sim for a courtesy call; these were Kamanga, Bales, Kablacan, Amsipit, Lumatil, Nomoh, Lumasal, Kanalo, and Panang. The team gave prior notice regarding the household survey, validation, and project orientation in the different sitios or puroks of the selected areas starting on May 2, 2019.

Engr. Mohammad Alver Amanoddin presents to Mrs. Mary Jane Tabalao, Brgy. Secretary of Brgy. Nomoh

All barangays conveyed their support to the project and allowed the team along with the enumerators to conduct profiling in their respective sitios/puroks.