Engr. Tayactac during the courtesy call

SOLARES Courtesy Calls to Target Barangays in Kiamba

Courtesy Call with the Barangay Secretary of Tambilil, Allan Lik

On June 10, 2019, the SOLARES Project Team went to Kiamba, Sarangani Province for a courtesy call with the MPDO regarding the status of the enumerators. According to Irish Joy Hingpit, an MPDO Staff, she was able to idenity nine enumerators and another three new enumerators wil be possibly on the team. She was uncertain of the three new enumerators as they are a new addition to the team and has no prior experience relating to conducting surverys on off-grid areas. The team also had courtesy calls with the barangay captains and/or representatives of Maligang, Gasi and Lomuyon. On the next day, June 11, the Project Team, conducted courtesy calls with Badtasan, Kapate, Nalus, Tablao, Tamadang and Tambilil.

In general, the Project Team was able to gain support from the barangays. The barangay captains and kagawads were thankful of the said opportunity as it will help their community members in the far-flung areas and they, in turn, will provide whatever assistance they can to aid the project team during implementation.

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