Users’ Training for SOLARES Partner Electric Cooperatives on Open Data Kit (ODK)

The activity was facilitated by the EU-funded SOLARES project on July 3, at SOCOTECO II, General Santos City. Mr. Armel Adanza from SOCOTECO II delivered the welcoming and opening remarks. Mr. Adanza thanked the Mahintana team for the ODK training, and he himself saw the possible improvements as a result of adapting the software and how to accomplish Window 1, and to the whole process: from gathering data through a survey of the area for potential beneficiaries. In connection to the activity, Mr. Adanza also announced the 13 Millionth Consumer Connection on July 12, which also be attended by the President of the Republic of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. Participants from SOCOTECO II and SUKELCO attended the training. Mr. Jobe Tubigon, SOLARES project manager first gave an overview of the SOLARES project and followed with a demonstration of the KoboCollect android application on his phone casted to the laptop and through a projection. The demonstration included filling up a sample form provided by Engr. Jomar Sevillano, PEE from SUKELCO.

The participants threw several questions regarding the content of the survey and up to the retrieval of data; possible cases or concerns they or other users might encounter. Mr. Tubigon addressed these concerns and questions as he carried on the training. Tutorials were distributed to the participants; some installed the Kobocollect app on their phones while some were in charge of preparing a sample form to be filled up later that day. Participants stepped outside the room when filling up their forms (in order to capture their current location). Towards the end of the training, Mr. Crisanto Sotelo, SOCOTECO II General Manager, delivered the closing remarks.

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