Mahintana joins JICA’s ) Ecotourism for Officials on Nature Conservation Program

Mahintana Foundation, Inc. through the Ridge-to-Reef Program represented by Ms. Ella Mae M. Babao participated on the JICA-KCCP Ecotourism for Officials on Nature Conservation Training Program on June 25 to August 2, 2019. This program aims to strengthen the capacity of administrators in charge of promoting/developing nature conservation plans/projects including ecotourism in and around nature reserves.  It primarily targets officials and staff at national/local government agencies who are dedicating themselves to implement and promote nature conservation policies/plans and activities by utilizing ideas of “ecotourism” in and around protected areas.

The 39-day program was participated by seven other namely Ms. Leni Pajarillo from the Philippines, Mr. Brivce Ulrich Mavoulou from Gabon, Ms. Andrea Naivana from Palau, Mr. Nguyne Dinh Dien from Vietnam, Mr. Timon Uatoia from Kiribati, Ms. Tamara Cvetcovic from Serbia and Ms. Anna Pridun from Ukraine. The participants were able to learn about phenology, learn from Ministry of Environment on the Management and Operation of National Parks in Japan and Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of Environment on the Policies on Ecotourism in Japan, Issues and Lessons Learned in Ecotour Development, and visit various nature centers and parks such as Lake Shikaribetsu, Mt. Higashi Nupukaushinupuri, Tokachi Millennium Forest, Nakasatsunai Art Village, Kiritappu Wetland, Kenbokki Island, ND Akkeshi Waterfowl Observatory, Kushiro Wetland, Cape Kirakotan, Hosooka Observatory, among others.

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