Mahintana participates in MENRO – Polomolok MOA Meeting

Mahintana Foundation, Inc. participated the MENRO – Polomolok MOA Meeting at Municipal Ecotourism Office, Municipal Plaza, Polomolok on November 19, 2019. The meeting aims to bind all the roles and activities of all willing volunteer stakeholders who area dedicated and committed to preserve the environment as well as part of the endeavor to solve the global warming brought about by green-house gases emissions.

Among the agreements are the following: MENRO-Polomolok shall designate the tree growing areas for the stakeholders and shall verify if it is National Greening Program (NGP) or other government adopted areas; stakeholders shall provide tree guards (made of bamboo, pallets, lumber) painted with agreed color scheme and set the time of maintenance of their respective adopted areas; MENRO-Polomolok shall conduct Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Campaign for all participating enterprises; and MENRO-Polomolok together with stakeholders shall set a schedule for MOA signing.

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