SOLARES takes part in Kiamba ABC Meeting

Mr. John Tindoy demos the SHS unit.

SOLARES project staff, led by SOLARES Project Manager, Mr. Jobe Tubigon along with SOCOTECOII SBU representative, Mr. John Tindoy, joined the ABC meeting in Kiamba attended by barangay captains of Kiamba, Sarangani Province.

After the presentation of the SOLARES Project to the ABC committee, Mr. Tindoy demonstrated and explained the basic operation of the Solar Home System (SHS) unit to the barangay captains which includes the charging, capacity, loading system and the maintenance of the SHS unit. He also added that the project beneficiaries will automatically become members of SOCOTECO II and are entitled to all the benefits provided by the electronic cooperative.

One of the barangay captains, Capt. Melanie Balanag raised a concern if the households along the coastal areas can also avail of the SHS unit due to the on-grid electrification prohibited by SOCOTECO II along that area. Mr. Tindoy explained the concerns of an on-grid electrification along the coast which includes soil quality and the risks of electrocution. He will be raising the said issue at their own staff meeting.

Barangay captains of Kiamba, Sarangani Province gave a positive response in the SHS Project. They will provide assistance to help in project implementation.

In the afternoon, the team headed to Maasim, Sarangani Province. The project was briefly introduced and demonstrated to ABC President, Alladin Tambingag and to Maasim Mayor, Uttoh Salem Cutan.

Mayor Cutan was very positive about the project especially on the project’s livelihood component. He discussed how far-flung barangays in Maasim would greatly benefit, Maasim farmers have to haul and process their products within the municipality proper  because of the lack of processing equipment and electricity on the remote barangays.

SOLARES Courtesy Calls: MLGUs Kiamba & Maitum, PAMULCO

On March 22, 2019, the SOLARES project staff visited Kiamba, Sarangani to meet and discuss with MLGU Kiamba. The SOLARES team introduced the project including the project framework and the target beneficiaries, 10 barangays and tentatively 680 target households within Kiamba.

Councilor Jeric Santillana mentioned that a previous project with SOCOTECOII and the government, failed to continue due to issues in land permit and right of way. Unfortunately, households in Datu Dani already paid for the said service. Posts, cables, and all other necessary materials were procured but the project was put to a halt.

Mr. Antonio Yasana mentioned that most barangays in Kiamba are already energized; he provided a list of possible beneficiaries including households in Nalus, Green Valley, Badtasan, Banate and Salakit. Mr. Yasana also invited the team to the Kiamba ABC meeting on April 1, 2019 to further introduce SOLARES to the barangay captains and gauge their interests on the project.

SB Secretary and KIMEMCO Chairperson, Ms. Jane Rojas expressed interest in the project and was pleased that Kiamba was chosen as one of the beneficiaries. Due to her interest in Tableau, which is a software for interactive data visualizations, it was agreed that Mahintana would introduce Tableau to the cooperative, in return, they would share their CBMS file which will aid the project in determining viable beneficiaries.

On the afternoon of the same day, the team headed off to Maitum, Sarangani to meet with the LGUs and discuss/introduce the project to them.

At Maitum on the same day, Maitum MLGOO Mr. Rodolfo Jerez mentioned that the project will be helpful in the remote areas of Maitum, especially in Batian and Zion. It could improve the quality of life in the areas. He expressed his willingness to help Mahintana Foundation, Inc. in any way he can.

Maitum Municipal Administrator Mr. Ruben Balanag was also pleased that Maitum was one of the beneficiaries of the project, reaching about 890 households. He welcomed Mahintana to Maitum and added that he can offer police assistance to Mahintana when conducting site visits.

SOLARES Courtesy Calls: MLGUs Kalamansig and Lebak

SOLARES project officers headed to Kalamansig, Sultan Kudarat at 3:00 A.M. on March 19, 2019 to meet and discuss with Kalamansig mayor Hon. Ronan Eugene Garcia at 10:00 A.M. Meeting agenda was the introduction of the SOLARES Project to Hon. Garcia including the project framework and the target beneficiaries, which included three barangays and tentatively 1020 target households within Kalamansig.

Hon. Garcia raised his concerns with the project’s specific recipients. There are GIDAs or Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas in Kalamansig. These communities do not use any lighting at all during nighttime. Furthermore, these communities may not be capable of paying the monthly fee. The team clarified that the payment was for the project’s sustainability and maintenance. There will also be an initial ODK profiling, to identify eligible recipients. It was agreed that the team will return along with a representative from SUKELCO to further discuss the viable target areas.

Brgy. Capt. Albaladeso asked if it would be possible for the barangay halls and schools to be SHS recipients as this would seem atypical for households being energized while barangays are not. Apparently, this shall be clarified with SUKELCO first since the intention of SOLARES is to become a part of the electrification program of  the electric cooperative.

Hon. Ronan Eugene Garcia, Kalamansig Mayor; Ms. Ma. Alma Engcong, MLGOO Kalamansig; Mr. Victor Albaladeso, LIGA President, and SOLARES project officers discuss the SOLARES project.

In the afternoon, the team was scheduled to meet with LGU Lebak. with Lebak Administrative Officer Mr. Rusty Vilo. Mr. Vilo conveyed his support to the project and expressed his gratitude that Lebak was chosen as one of the target municipalities. He also shared about a previous solar-related project which awarded SHS units to certain communities after a one-time payment was uninformed the status of said project.