AMCOOP Foundation feeds the volunteers on Labor Day

May 1, 2020 – the AMCOOP Foundation donated 60 lunch packs to the relief operations volunteers on Labor Day. AMCOOP thanked Mahintana for the opportunity to feed the unsung heroes of Polomolok. For those who are interested to donate, please contact us through our Facebook page or through our telephone number (083) 500-2796.

SP Board Member Eamon Matti and DPS sponsor the volunteers’ meals

South Cotabato Board Member Hon. Eamon Matti, Dole Philippines School (DPS) Principal Mr. Bob Doctolero and Ms. Lerma Songcuya sponsored the meals of our relief operations volunteers on April 28-30, 2020. The relief packing is still on-going. For those interested to donate for the volunteers’ meals, please contact Mahintana through our Facebook page or our telephone number (083) 500-2796.

Dolefil-Mahintana donates goods to T’boli and Tupi

Dole Philippines, Inc. through Mahintana Foundation Inc., in partnership with T’boli Farmer Growers’ Multi-purpose Cooperative (TFGMPC) and Laconon 100 Multi-purpose Cooperative (LMPC) donated the 226 boxes of corned beef and 4,000 capsules of Vitamin C to LGU T’boli on April 20, 2020. On the 24th of April, LGU Tupi received 120 boxes of sardines, 39 boxes of corned beef and 4,000 capsules of Vitamin C.

Call for Support to Relief Volunteers

Since the start of the relief packing on 31st of March, the 80-100 volunteers come to help in packing the relief goods to be handed to more than 45,000 households in Polomolok. They sacrifice their time and energy without monetary compensation. Mahintana is calling for support to these volunteers for their lunch and snack packs. For interested donor, contact us on how you can give your support to our mighty heroes!