RESOURCEGov 2 meets with Sarangani PVGO

The partnership between the RESOURCEGov 2 Project and the Sarangani Provincial Vice Governor’s Office (PVGO) is continuously forged. On the 3rd of March 2020, the project team was invited by the Sarangani PVGO for a meeting at the Vice Governor’s Office to discuss the updates of the cascade of the LITS to the barangays, coined as the BLITS by the PVGO, and the upcoming training of trainers on March 5-6, 2020. The meeting was attended by 7 participants (Male 3, Female 4).

As agreed during the 2nd Annual Review and Planning Workshop, the Sarangani PVGO shared that the 5th level of its BLITS is the provision of the computer hardware to 141 barangays in Sarangani. This will ensure that the LITS will be used in the BLGUs that will help them in codification, archiving and tracking of legislative documents.

RESOURCEGov 2 facilitates CSIS Survey in Lake Sebu

To assess the awareness, availment and satisfaction of the citizens of a certain local government unit, the DILG designed the Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS) survey that requires a random 150 respondents to be interviewed regarding the services of the LGU. The RESOURCEGov Project made the CSIS survey one step higher by facilitating it using the ODK system instead of the traditional pen and paper.

RESOURCEGov 2 Project Team headed by the Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker conducted a CSIS orientation to the Mun. Mayor Hon. Floro Gandam and the enumerators from the Santa Cruz Mission School Inc. (SMSCI) on February 17, 2020. Project Officer Mr. Jan Solomon Edrozo attended an ABC (Association of Barangay Captains) meeting at ABC building, Lake Sebu on February 19th to inform and update all the barangay captains about the on-going CSIS survey in their respective barangays. In the following days, the project officer closely monitored the actual CSIS survey conducted by 13 enumerators until February 27, 2020 as far as Brgy. Ned. The data will be consolidated on March 5, 2020.

The first round of ODK-based CSIS survey for the eight focal LGUs was conducted by the RESOURCEGov 1 Project in 2016. The results of 2016 and 2020 will be compared after the consolidation of the latter survey.

Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat undergoes CSIS Survey

The RESOURCEGov 2 Project conducted CSIS orientation on February 24, 2020 to the enumerators from the Lambayong Polytechnic College. Project Coordinator Mr. Kurt Jurgen Von Lumbao and Project Documenter Ms. Lorielyn Patoc-Capulso facilitated the mock survey on the 27th. The actual CSIS survey commences on February 28, 2020 and will end on March 5, 2020. Consolidation of the data will be done on the 6th of March 2020.

RESOURCEGov Interventions shared during the South Cotabato PDC IDC

Mahintana Foundation thru the RESOURCEGov 2 was invited to present during the South Cotabato Provincial Development Council- Institutional Development Committee (PDC IDC) meeting on February 19, 2020. Representing the CSDO-SC, Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian Blanker shared the project interventions and accomplishments. This is an initiative for the upscaling data management system thru civic tech tools.

RESOURCEGov orients LGU Malapatan on ODK-based RPTax Mapping

The RESOURCEGov 2 Project oriented the selected personnel of LGU Malapatan on ODK-based Real Property Tax (RPTax) and business mapping on January 29-31, 2020. The 18 participants (Male 6, Female 12) were the heads and staff from different LGU departments: Municipal Treasurer Office (MTO), Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO), Municipal Assessor Office (MASSO), and Municipal Planning and Development Office (MPDO).

The 3-day activity comprised of the orientation, mock mapping where the enumerators were assigned to different barangays, and presentation of the results. On the 1st day, the participants made their ODK-based forms. On the 2nd day, the MTO sent enumerators to 6 barangays, the BPLO enumerators went to 4 barangays, the MASSO mapped the Poblacion area, while the MPDO monitored three projects. On the 3rd day, the results were

For the RPTax Mapping, the MASSO plans to use the ODK and Tableau Systems on top of the ArcView System to make faster, better data collection, visualization, and data analysis regarding RPTax.

Koronadal City Engineering Office undergoes ODK Training

The City Engineering Office (CEO) of LGU Koronadal City partnered with Mahintana Foundation thru the RESOURCEGov 2 Project to hasten its compliance to DILG on the inventory of roads and bridges using the Open Data Kit (ODK) system. The LGU has already underwent training with DILG about the online Road and Bridges Information System (RBIS), however, data collection on field remains a challenge. The initial ODK orientation of Mr. Roel Ian Blanker, the project manager with Mr. Zaldy Gayosa, Engineer IV/Chief PDD of the CEO, led to the three-day ODK training-workshop on January 23-25, 2020.

On January 23, the participants were oriented in the Build, Collect, and Analyze processes and were able to make their own ODK forms and conducted a mock survey to test these forms. On the 2nd day, the participants created the ODK-form based on the RBIS of DILG. To ensure that no roads are missed by the system, the participants grouped themselves by barangay and coordinated with the planning to office to come up with an initial inventory of roads to be monitored. On the last day, the participants were deployed to the four barangays as a sample survey site. After the survey, they shared their experiences and learnings. Their learnings included the following: to check the tablets for updates before going to the filed, updating the road maps with planning office, arrangement of survey questions vis-à-vis survey process, removal of some irrelevant questions, and long tape for measuring road width. Next steps were also discussed which includes another round of reviewing and updating of the form based on the actual mapping experience and the actual survey. Overall, the LGU Koronadal CEO staff trained that the ODK-based monitoring is faster and easier than paper and pen.

RESOURCEGov Project orients the South Cotabato 1st Congressional District Office

The RESOURCEGov 2 Project had another opportunity to share the project interventions to the 1st Congressional District of South Cotabato led by Hon. Shirlyn Bañas-Nograles on January 22, 2020. Represented by the project manager Mr. Roel Ian Blanker, the meeting with Mr. Malvin Hatulan and their staff was all about exploring the potentials of the Open Data Kit (ODK) system in addressing the project monitoring issues in the district which covers General Santos City and the municipalities of Polomolok, Tupi and Tampakan. The ODK orientation led to various possible uses of ODK such as profiling, mapping and other data collection requirements of the congressional district. As to date, there are no systems yet tailored to the data gathering needs of the district office. Both parties agreed to conduct a two-day ODK training workshop on February 7-8, 2020.

Cong. Nograles during her previous term as the Vice-Mayor of General Santos City is a project partner under the Legislative Information Tracking System (LITS) intervention. The same team responsible for the implementation of LITS will be trained with ODK.

LGU Lake Sebu maps businesses using ODK

RESOURCEGov 2 Project facilitated the 3-day orientation and mock ODK-based business mapping of LGU Lake Sebu on December 16-18, 2019. A total of fourteen participants (Male 10, Female 4) participated in the said activity. Participants included selected staff from Municipal Treasurer’s Office, Municipal Assessor’s Office, Municipal Health Office, and Human Resources Office, and MLGOO Ms. Maria Fe T. Soto.

On the first day, Project Officer Mr. Jan Solomon Edrozo and Project Documenter Ms. Lorielyn Patoc-Capulso conducted the ODK workshop that aimed for the LGU staff to make ODK-based tax mapping form. The next two days, the participants mapped the businesses in the 8 barangays nearest the municipal hall namely: Poblacion, Lamdalag, Luhib, Lahit, Lake Seloton, Bacdulong, Talisay, and Takunel. Overall, the activity surveyed over 165 businesses. In the application status of the businesses mapped, 72% (119 of 165) business renewed their application, 23% (39 of 165) were still new in their status, and 4% (7 of 165) were not yet renewed.

Mr. Ernane V. Blonto, a staff of the Business Permit and Licensing Office, promised that their office will adapt and continue what the RESOURCEGov 2 project has initiated starting by ensuring their own tablets for business tax mapping purposes. Hon. Floro S. Gandam, the Municipal Mayor of Lake Sebu, also expressed his continual support to the projects of Mahintana, especially the RESOURCEGov 2 Project.

Project Team prepares for the 2nd Annual Review

RESOURCEGov Project Team conducted Pre-Annual Review Meeting on October 1, 2019 at Las Casitas Inn, Matina, Davao City to prepare for the upcoming Annual Review and Planning Workshop to be held on October 24-25, 2019. The meeting was attended by 16 project management and staff (Male 8, Female 8). Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker presented the provisional agenda to be finalized, as well as, the list of the invitees from the government line agencies and other adopters of the project interventions. MINCODE Executive Director Ms. Raizsa Mae Anayatin shared the workshop mechanics and the guide questions to be answered. Lastly, Project Head Bookkeeper Ms. Jovelyn L. Vilbar presented the budget performance report and the spending plan template. It was agreed that the accomplishment and financial reports, and spending plan will be sent to MINCODE and member networks for their reference

RESOURCEGov Project convenes with DILG 12

To update its associate partner on the project accomplishments, RESOURCEGov Project convenes with DILG 12 on Sept. 30, 2019 at Cicada Conference Room, Kalsangi Clubhouse, Polomolok, South Cotabato. It was attended by 34 (Male 16, Female 18) including the DILG 12 Regional Director Ms. Josephine Leysa, CESO V and Assistant Regional Director Ms. Lailyn Ortiz and the provincial directors.

The team, spearheaded by Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker, presented the project accomplishments particularly the LGUs who adopted the ODK, Qlik and LITS, and the other line agencies and organizations that adopted the systems such as the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) 12, South Cotabato Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC), the commitments in the Open Government Partnership (OGP), and partnership with the Surigao del Sur Academy for Good Governance. Mr. Blanker also presented the flow of the Annual Review and Planning Workshop on October 24-25, 2019. He encouraged the presence of the DILG directors for the planning for the 3rd year and the sustainability of the project. DILG 12 RD Ms. Leysa encouraged the saturation of the systems in the regional line agency by utilisation of ODK in the monitoring and ISO Certification processes. She also suggested that the probable 3rd phase shall focus on the journey of the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Program particularly on increasing the revenue of the LGUs of the region. Ms. Leysa hopes that the number of the Region 12 LGU SGLG passers will double in the next years.