RESOURCEGov Project featured in Brigada Insights

Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker was invited for an interview on the Brigada Insights Show in General Santos City on July 19, 2019. Mr. Blanker shared the project intervention ODK-based tax mapping in particular. Recently, the ODK-based tax mapping was launched in LGU Polomolok in partnership with the BLGF 12.

Brigada Insights is broadcasted to SOCSKSARGEN area through Brigada TV Channel and the same episode was posted on Brigada Insights Facebook page with the link below:

RESOURCEGov and BLGF 12 seal Partnership with MOU and Project Launching

Mahintana Foundation Inc., through the RESOURCEGov Project, and the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) 12 sealed their partnership with the signing of the MOU and project launching on July 16, 2019 at Viajer Dine and Café, Brgy. Morales, Koronadal City. The event was attended by BLGF 12 staff, provincial and city treasurers and assessors, Dole Philippines Inc. representative and the project team to a total of 33 participants (Male 17, Female 16). The partnership aims to popularize the use of the Open Data Kit (ODK)-based tax mapping and the Qlik as a data analytics tool in the region and aims to model the utilization of the systems to the whole country.

Mahintana President & CEO Mr. Martiniano L.  Magdolot shared that the project interventions helped the eight beneficiary LGUs of the project increase their local collections in Phase 1. BLGF 12 Regional Director Mr. Jeany T. Tedera expressed his gratitude to Mahintana in sharing the ODK and Qlik for free, as well as, hopes that the partnership with the organization will be fruitful. Ms. Leamor Bañaga, Dole Philippines Inc. representative, commended the initiative of the partners in adopting IT-based tools that will benefit the LGUs and the communities.

BLGF, a bureau under the Department of Finance, oversees the provincial, city and municipal treasurers and provides them technical assistance on economic growth of the local government units.

LGU President Roxas conducts ODK-based Business Tax Mapping

The RESOURCEGov Phase 2 Project Officer Mr. Kurt Jurgen Von D. Lumbao conducted Training workshop on ODK/Qlik Systems for LGU President Roxas on July 8-12, 2019 at Elai Resort, Hotel and Recreation Center, Kidapawan City with a total of 37 participants (Male 19, Female 18). The activity is in collaboration with ACF Foundation (Action Against Hunger), another organization that currently implements an EU-funded project in five municipalities in North Cotabato. The 5-day activity consisted of the following: project launching (Day 1), ODK Training (Day 2), and the actual business mapping for the pilot barangays (Days 3-5).

The project launching was attended by Municipal Mayor Hon. Jonathan Mahimpit and all the department heads. Mayor Mahimpit gave an inspirational message esp. to those who are attending the ODK and Qlik Training. He thanked Mahintana and ACF for collaborating in helping the LGU in attaining higher local revenues and committed his support in the implementing the systems.  ACF Head of Project Mr. William Baang turned over 10 Android tablets and 1 desktop unit to the CSOs of the municipality represented by Mr. Tawing Narciso of PROSESO, a cooperative. A signing of the Memorandum of Understanding of Partnership took place between Mahintana, ACF and LGU Pres. Roxas. Questions and suggestions were raised by the participants showing their interest on the training during the tutorial.

On the second day, Mr. Lumbao continued the training and guided the participants with the Qlik. The participants were able to create their own graphs and present the results and finalize the form to be used for the ODK-based business mapping. For the last three days, the participants mapped assigned pilot areas and the results are the following: Without Business Permit – 297;  With Business Permit – 157; TOTAL: 454 active business establishments assessed/mapped

RESOURCEGov and LGU Polomolok launch ODK-based Tax Mapping

RESOURCEGov 2 Project Team, in cooperation with the LGU Polomolok Municipal Treasurer’s Office, conducted the Launching of the Open Data Kit(ODK)-based Tax Mapping on July 11, 2019 at the Municipal Lobby, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The event was attended by 49 participants (Male 18, Female 31) including the Municipal Vice Mayor Hon. Atty. Xavier Bayan, BLGF 12 Regional Director Mr. Jeany T. Tedera, Dole Philippines Inc. HR Director Ms. Julieta Burgos and CRD Manager Ms. Leamor Bañaga, Mahintana President & CEO Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot, Municipal Treasurer Ms. Constancia Licayan, ABC President Hon. Antonio Octavio, the project team and LGU employees particularly from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office (MTO).

In partnership with the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) XII, the ODK-based tax mapping was popularized by the RESOURCEGov Project in the local treasurers of the region. This initiative helps LGUs set actual targets of business and real property tax collections, subsequently, enhancing the local revenue of the LGUs. ODK-based tax mapping training was conducted on June 28-29, 2019 for the MTO staff of LGU Polomolok.

RESOURCEGov trains OND HESED Foundation Incorporation on ODK System

RESOURCEGov 2 Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker was invited by OND HESED Foundation Incorporation Exec. Director Sr. Susan Bolanio to conduct the ODK Training on July 8, 2019 at OND HESED’s Office, Cotabato City capacitating 27 OND HESED management and staff (Male 7, Female 20). The one-day activity aims to help the organization to map, profile and monitor the beneficiaries of at least 12 projects it implements in Mindanao and Samar Region.

Sr. Joanne Lorilla gave the welcome address stating that she hopes that there the monitoring of the projects will be more efficient. After the preliminaries, Mr. Blanker presented briefer of Mahintana and the project overview. Mr. Blanker guided the participants through the tutorials of the ODK and gave them ample time to make their own forms. At the end of the workshop, nine project teams presented their own ODK-based monitoring questionnaires. For the closing remarks, Sr. Susan Bolanio, OND HESED Foundation’s Executive Director thanked Mahintana for extending their time and expertise to the organization through the project intervention.

Mahintana and ECCP meet to share OGP Commitment Initiatives

The Mahintana Foundation Inc. represented by the RESOURCEGov 2 Project team met with the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) partners on July 3, 2019 at Out of Nowhere Restaurant, Koronadal City for the complementation of the systems being shared to the Provincial Government of South Cotabato as part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) commitments of the said province.

ECCP Team, headed by Ms. Zyra Pajarillo, requested the meeting to know how to link their system-based Open Contracting initiative with the ODK-based Open Monitoring and Evaluation. Ms. Parillo shared that their system where information about project bidders and other relevant data can be accessed online by the public. Meanwhile, Mahintana, represented by its RESOURCEGov 2 Project Manager also shared to them the ODK-based project monitoring and evaluation tool which was also developed with the same provincial government. After discussions about the capabilities of both systems, they came up with an agreement. The links of the project being monitored under ODK system shall be shared to the Open Contracting System of ECCP by putting the link in one of its project data fields. This will allow the citizen or interested parties to check on the project documents as well as view the actual monitoring results of the projects implemented. This collaboration will further improve the OGP initiatives of the said province and forms part of the EU’s call for synergy of actions among EU-funded organizations.

BLGF 12 undergoes ODK and Qlik Training

RESOURCEGov Project Team spearheaded by the Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker were invited by the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) 12 to conduct a two-day training on ODK and Qlik Systems on July 3-4, 2019 at BLGF 12 Office, Koronadal City.  The training was participated by 16 BLGF 12 employees (Male 8, Female 8) including BLGF 12 Regional Director Mr. Jeany T. Tedera and facilitated by three project team staff (Male 2, Female 1). The newly appointed regional director expressed his gratitude for the project and hopes that the partnership with Mahintana will be fruitful and meaningful. He shared his intention of rolling out of the trainings to capacitate all the city and municipal treasurers of Region 12 and ARMM LGUs.

Mr. Blanker guided the participants in the making of forms and graphs using their existing forms and data on hand. The outputs during the ODK workshop include: Performance Standards Evaluation of Local Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers, Leave Application Form, Quarterly Report on Real Property Assessment (QRRPA), Loans and Borrowing Forms, Monitoring of Designated Local Treasurers, and Profiling Forms for Municipal Treasurers and Assistant Treasurers (on progress). For Qlik System, the participants generated the following visualizations: Target vs. Actual RPT Collections 2018, Quarter Report of Sultan Kudarat Province of QRRPA, Local Collections Efficiency 2017 (on progress), and Fiscal Sustainability Scorecards (on progress).

SOLARES Team conducts ODK Profiling on Off-Grid Households of Kiamba

As part of the social preparation, SOLARES (acronym for Strengthening Off-grid Lighting with Appropriate Renewable Energy Solutions) Project Team conducted the ODK-based profiling to off-grid households of Kiamba, Sarangani Province on June 24 to July 3, 2019. The profiling aims to validate and establish the individual socio-economic profile, the willingness to participate in the project, and capacity to pay of the potential household beneficiaries. Using the ODK-based forms, the team can able to map the households and avoid duplication of the potential household beneficiaries, and will also serve as baseline to measure future project impact at the household/community level. A total of 804 households were profiled in the nine sitios and puroks of the municipality.

RESOURCEGov Project shares ODK System to LGU Polomolok Treasurer’s Office

The RESOURCEGov 2 Project conducted two (2) batches of Open Data Kit (ODK) training to the staff of LGU Polomolok- Treasurer’s Office on June 28-29, 2019 with the goal of upgrading its systems for digitized business records and mapping of business establishment. A total of 30 participants (14, Male, 16 Female) from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office (MTO) and the project joined the activity. Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker guided the participants in generating their tax mapping form in ODK and allowed them to do initial mapping for greater appreciation of data collection and consolidation using their Android phones and tablets.

The LGU Polomolok, covered by the project as one of its expansion areas in Region 12, has been looking for ways to enhance its revenue by properly recording and locating the growing business establishments in the municipality; thus, it partnered with Mahintana thru the project. With ODK, the LGU will be able to set actual targets rather than based on previous estimates. Moreover, it gives the LGU an oversight of all the business establishments in the municipality thru maps, and allows it to analyse business compositions thru the information filters of ODK. The LGU and the project has set to formally launch its ODK-based Tax Mapping in the municipality on July 11, 2019