Project orients Maasim BLGUs with LITS

The RESOURCEGov Team conducted LITS Orientation to 30 barangay captains, secretaries, and Vice-Gov staff on Sept. 10, 2019 at the ABC Hall of LGU Maasim, Sarangani. Led by Mr. Blanker, he oriented and also installed LITS in 6 barangays who provided a computer unit that day. The barangay captains expressed their gratitude for having a free legislative information system that is at par with higher legislative offices such as the sangguniang panlungsod and panlalawigan. The rollout of LITS to the barangays is spearheaded by the Vice-Governor Office of Sarangani as part of its thrust in strengthening the capacities of the legislative offices down to the barangay level. The team also conducted courtesy visit to Mayor Pacquiao to inform him about the LITS rollout.

Bid Opening Session (IOB No. SOLARES-SHS-19-01)

Scheduled on 30 September 2019, Mr. Jobe Tubigon, Project Manager, opened and presided over the meeting for the bid opening session.

He informed the members of the Technical Working Group (TWG) that as of 1:00 PM, September 30, 2019, the deadline for the submission of bids, no one submitted a bid. This was despite the ample time given to the potential bidders.

Based on the bidding timetable, the invitation for bids was published on August 7, 2019 in the Philippine Daily Inquiry (PDI) and in Mahintana’s website (which includes the e-copy of bid documents). On August 9, 2019, PDI re-published the invitation for bids.  On August 22, 2019, the pre-bid meeting was conducted where in only one bidder participated, SINOSOAR represented by Mr. Phoenix Zhang. During the pre-bid meeting, Mr. Zhang raised concerns and clarifications on the (a) nationality rule, (b) origin of goods, (c) sealant, (d) source code, and (e) terms of payment. These clarifications were formally emailed by Mr. Zhang to Mahintana. On September 5, 2019, Mahintana consulted the European Commission (EC) for their feedback and recommendations on the said clarifications and on Mahintana’s draft response. It was also agreed that Mahintana should inform EC on the results of the bidding for them to provide corresponding recommendation or action. Integrating EC’s recommendations, the response to the clarifications was published on Mahintana’s website on September 16, 2019. Upon reading the official response, SINOSOAR officially informed Mahintana (through email) that they would not participate in the bid.

Since no bids were submitted, Mr. Tubigon, being the project manager of the procuring entity/ purchaser, declared a failure of bidding. The declaration was based on Mahintana’s manual of operations. He suggested and informed the Technical Working Group (TWG) members that there will be no re-bidding as there was ample time given to the potential bidders for submission of bids. He said re-bidding may compromise the bid timetable given the tight project implementation period. Mahintana will consult and request EC for flexible procedures (negotiated bidding) requesting them for the relaxation of the rules on nationality and origin. Mahintana would also try to relax the source code requirement.

There were at least three (3) other potential bidders but they also did not submit a bid.

For the bid opening process, Mr. Tubigon shared the bid opening record format below that would have been used and filled-up if there were bids submitted. The team reviewed the timetable and scheduling of expected activities given the failure of bidding.

The team discussed updates regarding the status of the livelihood component of the project. Mr. Stefan Babera of PEF announced that the livelihood project proposals of the five (5) partner coops/MFIs (Sta. Cruz MPC, KIMEMCO, Bacbacan MPC, KOINDECO, KPS-Seed) had been approved by the Program Committee (ProgCom) of PEF. These proposals would amount to at least PHP14M (PHP 3M/coop) which forms part as counterpart of the project.

EU Philippines features the South Cotabato ODK-based Monitoring

The RESOURCEGov Project was again featured in the European Union of the Philippines Facebook page on September 9, 2019 with the hashtag Cooperation Highlight. As read in the post, the EU Philippines has deemed the cooperation initiative of the project with the local government units. Mr. Cris Fuentes, Provincial Project Officer, was featured in the post sating the ODK and its benefits of using the system in the faster data collection and consolidation leading to more efficient work accomplishments. The post will be accessed through the link:

As one of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Program initiatives of the Provincial Government of South Cotabato, the ODK-based project monitoring is being implemented in various departments of the PLGU especially in the Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC).

Mahintana shares its JICA Experience to Malungon Tourism Office

Mahintana Foundation, Inc.,  through  the R2R Project represented by Ms. Ella Mae Babao, presented  the JICA Ecotourism  Training  learnings and best practice during  the  Ecotourism Management Plan Orientation of  DENR  XII-PAMB  MMPL to the  tourism office staff in  preparation  for  the  updating of their ecotourism management  plan. 

Ms. Babao presented the best practices and learnings including the: Regional Development through the Search for Region’s Pride and a Phenology Calendar, Management and Operation of National Parks in Japan, Policies on Ecotourism in Japan (the role of national government and private-public  solutions), overview on Ecotourism “Understanding Nature Tourism”, and eco-tour activities in the different sites in Japan. She also presented the proposed program named Coffee Plantation Eco-tour to be managed by the local community. Before her presentation, the Protected Area  Superintendent  (PASu) Mr. Gabriel Baute oriented the body about the  outline of  the  management plan and  the  areas  where  they  should focus such  as the   inventory  of potential  ecotourism  sites,  status  of the areas, facilities constructed in  the areas, etc.

RESOURCEGov Team trains LGU T’Boli with ODK-based Mapping and Qlik Analysis

The RESOURCEGov Phase 2 Project Team, led by it Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker, facilitated the ODK and Qlik Training for Business Tax Mapping in LGU T’Boli, South Cotabato on September 3-4, 2019 at LGU T’Boli Conference Hall. It was attended by 28 participants (Male 14, Female 14), 25 of which came from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office (MTO), Municipal Assessor’s Office (MASSO), Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Tourism Office, Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO), Municipal Engineering Office (MEO) and Market Operations Office. The training, facilitated by Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker, Project Officer Mr. Jan Solomon B. Edrozo, and Project Documenter Ms. Lorielyn P. Patoc, aims to help the LGU T’Boli acquire skills and knowledge on ODK-based business tax mapping as mandated by the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) 12.

On the 1st day, the project team was welcomed by the Assistant Municipal Treasurer Rechie Calvo. After a round of introduction of the participants, Mr. Blanker presented a short project overview and proceeded to the ODK Training. In the afternoon, each office were given time to generate their own forms and present their outputs. For the 2nd day, Ms. Patoc facilitated the Qlik Training because Mr. Blanker was in the meeting with the South Cotabato Provincial Project Monitoring Committee (PPMC). She guided the participants through the Qlik tutorial. In the afternoon, Mr. Blanker came and helped the participants in their ODK forms and Qlik graphs. The participants also presented their Qlik-generated outputs. Moreover, they gave their impressions about the systems. Most of them said that the ODK will be very useful in mapping businesses and profiling because of the geotagging feature, as well as, fast data consolidation. As agreed after the training, the departments particularly the BPLO, MTO and MASSO will improve their ODK forms and use them in their business mapping/ assessment/ monitoring. They will also make a form for the Joint Inspection Team (JIT), composed by different LGU departments that will conduct a pre-inspection in October 2019.

Scaleup REPAIR installs 9 Signage in 3 Barangays

As part of its Information, Education and Communication (IEC) to campaign for better environmental practices, Scale-up REPAIR Project installed nine in three barangays of Polomolok and T’Boli on September 3, 2019. Two of the signage were installed in Brgy. Lumakil and the other two in Brgy. Rubber, Polomolok. Five other signage were installed in Sitio Malo, Brgy. Basag (3) and Sitio Bianan, Brgy. Basag (2) in the municipality of T’Boli.

The signage were about: Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) /Rainfall Advisory System (4), Solid Waste Management and Forest Protection (2) and Project Map (3).

Scale-up REPAIR inspects planted trees in 3 Barangays of Polomolok and T’Boli

To monitor the status of the planted trees, Scale-up REPAIR conducted plant monitoring and inspection on August 28-30, 2019 in Brgys. Lumakil & Rubber, Polomolok and Basag, T’boli. The project assists 76 farmer-beneficiaries from Brgy. Lumakil (10), Brgy. Rubber (15), Sitio Bianan, Brgy. Basag (12), and Sitio Malo, Brgy. Basag (39). A total of 3,211 coconut, 508 guyabano, 1,522 coffee, 1,784 cacao, 935 forest trees and 5,435 bamboos were planted covering 35.0775 hectares of land with the survival rate of 96%. Farmer beneficiaries stand beside the planted trees

RESOURCEGov conducts 2nd Mindanao Learning Exchange

As one of the highlights of the 26th MINCODE General Assembly, RESOURCEGov hosted two simultaneous learning sessions of the Mindanao Learning Exchange on August 29, 2019 at Blue Lotus Hotel, Davao City. The activity became an avenue where CSO members of the network to learn, discuss, interact, and appreciate the different best practices of various political and socio-economic issues, as well as, technological advances that affect the engagement of CSOs with the government. The two sessions were attended by 19 (Male 11, Female 8) and 18 (Male 7, Female 11) participants respectively.

The two sessions were all about the interventions of the RESOURCEGov 2 Project namely: “Innovate, Integrate, Motivate: Use of ICT in LGU Revenue Enhancement” (Session 1) and “Becoming Agents of Change: LGU-CSO Engagement” (Session 2). Other sessions are the following: “ICRC: Protection and Assistance to Civilian Population during Armed Conflict and Code of Conduct for NGOs in Disaster Relief” (Session 3), “Social Entrepreneurship: A Vehicle for People Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation” (Session 4), and “Exploring Possibilities: Strategies to Build CSO Financial Sustainability” (Session 5). For Session 1, the ODK, Qlik and LITS were featured presented by LGU partners from Maragusan (generation of ODK forms and forms that are currently used in the LGU Offices such as the OMAG and the MTOs), from President Quirino and President Roxas (Qlik-generated graphs of data coming from the ODK-based tax mapping results), and from New Bataan (the LITS and the benefits of using the system in the SB Office). The participants were able to ask questions and recommend ideas on how these ICT tools be used. The Session 2 presenters were LGU and CSO partners from Tagbina and Barobo.

Urgent Hiring!

Mahintana is looking for an IT Officer with the following qualifications:

  • Candidate must be an Information Technology or Computer Science graduate with accounting background is an advantage
  • Experience in software programming is an advantage
  • With good analytical, written and verbal communication skills
  • With good moral character

Interested applicants may submit their application letter, resume, Transcript of Records and other pertinent documents to or to addressed to:

Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot  
President and CEO
Mahintana Foundation, Inc.