SOLARES Team conducts ODK Profiling on Off-Grid Households of Kiamba

As part of the social preparation, SOLARES (acronym for Strengthening Off-grid Lighting with Appropriate Renewable Energy Solutions) Project Team conducted the ODK-based profiling to off-grid households of Kiamba, Sarangani Province on June 24 to July 3, 2019. The profiling aims to validate and establish the individual socio-economic profile, the willingness to participate in the project, and capacity to pay of the potential household beneficiaries. Using the ODK-based forms, the team can able to map the households and avoid duplication of the potential household beneficiaries, and will also serve as baseline to measure future project impact at the household/community level. A total of 804 households were profiled in the nine sitios and puroks of the municipality.

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5,700 Trees planted in 3 growing activities

In partnership with Mahintana Foundation Inc., three different organizations conducted tree growing activities in the different sites that support the Ridge-to-Reef Program’s efforts in environmental conservation and raising awareness in the communities. A total of 5,700 hills were planted as a results of the said activities.

On June 23, 2019, a total of 500 hills of assorted fruit and forest trees were planted at Prk. 20, Lower Nopol, Brgy. Mabuhay, General Santos City by the Maharlika Action Group Task Force (MAGTF). While on the 25th of the same month, 350 participants from Barangay Council of Klinan 6 and Klinan 6 Integrated School Parents, Teachers and students planted a total 1000 hills of assorted forest trees at Brgy. Klinan 6, Polomolok, South Cotabato. Lastly, Polomolok Water District (PolWD) conducted a tree growing activity on June 29, 2019 at Sitio Miranda, Brgy. Maligo to celebrate the 2019 World Environment Day and 12th Gamtabung Amtutong with a total of 4,200 hills planted. The participants include other stakeholders namely, Local Government Unit of Polomolok (LGU – Polomolok)/ Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) – Philippine National Police (PNP) – Polomolok, Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineering (PSME) – Polomolok, Landbank – Polomolok, Catholic Women’s League (CWL) – Polomolok Socsksargen Raiders Team (SRT), and Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI).

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RESOURCEGov Project shares ODK System to LGU Polomolok Treasurer’s Office

The RESOURCEGov 2 Project conducted two (2) batches of Open Data Kit (ODK) training to the staff of LGU Polomolok- Treasurer’s Office on June 28-29, 2019 with the goal of upgrading its systems for digitized business records and mapping of business establishment. A total of 30 participants (14, Male, 16 Female) from the Municipal Treasurer’s Office (MTO) and the project joined the activity. Project Manager Mr. Roel Ian P. Blanker guided the participants in generating their tax mapping form in ODK and allowed them to do initial mapping for greater appreciation of data collection and consolidation using their Android phones and tablets.

The LGU Polomolok, covered by the project as one of its expansion areas in Region 12, has been looking for ways to enhance its revenue by properly recording and locating the growing business establishments in the municipality; thus, it partnered with Mahintana thru the project. With ODK, the LGU will be able to set actual targets rather than based on previous estimates. Moreover, it gives the LGU an oversight of all the business establishments in the municipality thru maps, and allows it to analyse business compositions thru the information filters of ODK. The LGU and the project has set to formally launch its ODK-based Tax Mapping in the municipality on July 11, 2019

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Polomolok evaluated for the Red Orchid Award

By virtue of Proclamation No. 183 signed on May 30, 1993 by former President Fidel Ramos, June is annually celebrated as the No-Smoking Month in the Philippines. The Municipal Health Office (MHO) together with the Department of Health (DOH) scheduled the anti-smoking evaluation of Polomolok on June 20, 2019. Project Officers Jeric Amparo and Rochelle Juevesano were invited and documented the event.

Over 700 participants from different barangays in Polomolok attended the event to show their participation and support during the evaluation period; barangay captains and kagawads were present as well. Dr. Edwin Dipus from the MHO delivered the opening remarks. Hon. Honey Lumayag-Matti also expressed her support to the anti-smoking program. One portion of the stage was taken up by a table filled with the necessary documents the barangays submitted for the evaluation. To close the brief program, Dr. Earl Edward Dimamay delivered the closing remarks and took the time to thank and appreciate the evaluators and volunteers in the Anti-Smoking Cluster. The evaluators were given time to check the submitted documents and following the program, the participants took home their red orchid barangay tarps, no-smoking flaglets, and took photos. As a result of a municipal-wide effort, Polomolok received its third Red Orchid Award, making it a Hall of Famer for Red Orchid.

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Japanese partners plant trees

As part of strengthening the relationship between Dole and Tarami Corporation, six visitors from both groups namely Mr. Wada Yutaka, President, Tarami Corporation, Mr. Inoshita Tomohide, GM, Procurement, Tarami Corporation and Mr. Fuchigami Takuya, GM, QA, Tarami Corporation, Mr. Ogawa Yoshifumi, GM, Dole Japan, Mr. Okabe Makoto, Manager, Dole Japan and Mr. Yoshino Tomohiko, Sales, Itochu together with Mr. Kajikawa Yohei of Industrial Operations participated on the tree growing activity on June 18, 2019 at the Field gully 116C, Kalsangi Road, Brgy. Polo, Polomolok, So. Cot. .

Mahintana R2R staff Ms. Ella Mae M. Babao and Mr. Zaypee M. Kakim together with Dole Community Relations Manager Ms. Leamor B. Bañaga and supervisor Mr. Karlo D. Hora facilitated the activity.  A total of 15 hills of bagras were planted on the roadside.

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SOLARES Courtesy Calls to Target Barangays in Kiamba

Courtesy Call with the Barangay Secretary of Tambilil, Allan Lik

On June 10, 2019, the SOLARES Project Team went to Kiamba, Sarangani Province for a courtesy call with the MPDO regarding the status of the enumerators. According to Irish Joy Hingpit, an MPDO Staff, she was able to idenity nine enumerators and another three new enumerators wil be possibly on the team. She was uncertain of the three new enumerators as they are a new addition to the team and has no prior experience relating to conducting surverys on off-grid areas. The team also had courtesy calls with the barangay captains and/or representatives of Maligang, Gasi and Lomuyon. On the next day, June 11, the Project Team, conducted courtesy calls with Badtasan, Kapate, Nalus, Tablao, Tamadang and Tambilil.

In general, the Project Team was able to gain support from the barangays. The barangay captains and kagawads were thankful of the said opportunity as it will help their community members in the far-flung areas and they, in turn, will provide whatever assistance they can to aid the project team during implementation.

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LITS Monitoring to Sultan Kudarat and North Cotabato Areas

Project Officer Mr. Kurt Jurgen Von Lumbao visited the LGUs of the expansion areas of Sultan Kudarat and North Cotabato to monitor the utilization of Legislative Information Tracking System on June 3-4 and 6-7, 2019. Schedules are as follows: June 3, 2019 – Pres. Roxas, Arakan and Antipas, June 4, 2019 – Banisilan, Alamada and Pigcawayan, June 6, 2019 – Bagumbayan and Esperanza, and June 7, 2019 – Kalamansig and Lebak .

LITS was installed and already used, with resolutions and ordinances uploaded and encoded. During the monitoring, he gathered the issues and concerns of the LGUs. Most of the LGUs have issues such as lack of staff assigned to administer the system and need for re-orientation on the use of the LITS. SB Secretaries requested for the refresher training on its maintenance and use.

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