CTNI visits Community Nurseries, Gullies and Dole Agro Research Facility

Dole Philippines, Inc., together with Mahintana, facilitated the visit of Claveria Tree Nursery Inc. (CTNI) General Manager Mr. Roberto J. Togle and CTNI Nursery Head Mr. Ebenezer A. Tabilla at the proposed area for the Ramet Multiplication Garden on September 26-27, 2018.  The visit was a follow-up activity of the Dole and Mahintana benchmarking at CTNI at Misamis Oriental for the Trees-for-Pallets Project. The activity was headed by Dole Industrial Operations Senior Analyst Mr. Yohei Kajikawa, together with Dole Corporate Affairs Division Head Atty. Melquiades L. Hernandez III and Community Relations Department Manager Ms. Leamor B. Bañaga, Mahintana President& CEO Mr. Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot, Operations Manager Mr. Jobe C. Tubigon and Project Coordinator Ms. Ella Mae M. Babao.

The team led the visitors to Cannery and Brgy. Maligo Community Nurseries for exposure trip on the different planted bamboos and assorted forest and fruit trees. Then, the team went to the 4-hectare company owned area at Prk. 5 Dam, Maligo & Landan where bagras trees can be planted and be used as a ramet multiplication garden. Mr. Tabilla inspected the trees and commented that one of the trees is a possible candidate as a mother plant. They also visited 113BC Gully in Brgy. Polo to see the different tree species are planted.  On the second day, the team visited Dole Agro Research Facility in Poblacion, Polomolok and was toured by Dr. Noel Perpetua and Ms. Meredith Dacayo around the facility. The team took a side visit to the Engineered Bamboo House.

During the discussion on the next steps, it was agreed that: the species for planting will be hybrid bagras, white lauan, and other locally available species; CTNI will provide technical assistance and transfer of “Macro Somatic Cloning” Technology to Dolefil.

CTNI is into mass production of quality tree seedlings by means of Macrosomatic Cloning. It is a subsidiary of RI Chemical Corporation with a vision to be a leader in the propagation of genetically superior trees that will fight climate change, alleviate the poverty and increase the income of tree farmers.

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MENRO Polomolok conducted tree growing at Bgry. Lamcaliaf

Mr. Luwee Roy Siacor and Mr. Dante Francisco participated the tree growing activity of Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO)  Polomolok where 2,000 forest tree hills were planted along Crossing Repolyo to 306A located at Brgy. Lamcaliaf, Polomolok, South Cotabato on September 26, 2018 as part of their community development initiative.

The activity was headed by Engr. Agustin Valencia, Sr., MENRO – Polomolok Officer, which was participated by other stakeholders namely, Local Government of Polmolok (LGU – Polomolok), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Philippine National Police (PNP), Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (MDRRMC), Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP), faculty and students from the General Santos Academy (GSA), and Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI). A total of 98 participants from the aforementioned institutions/organizations joined the event.

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Mahintana Relaunches Website

Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI) launched its newly revamped website on September 25, 2018, incorporating a minimalist CMS (content management system) format throughout the site. In order to steer focus not only on content and information archival, the redesign seeks to address the distinct design, ease of navigation, and visual appeal of its decades-old web presence. The move comes after years of using the old homepage template, and as an online culmination of MFI’s 40 years in the service of its communities, as well as its thematic direction in 21st century humanitarianism.

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Polomolok Water District conducts Tree Growing Monitoring

Mahintana Project Officer Mr. Luwee Roy Siacorand Polomolok Water District representatives Mr. Edwin Edillo and Mr. Thomas Edillo conducted a monitoring for the tree growing activity of the said institution on September 25, 2018 at Prk. 7, Brgy. Kinilis & Sitio Miranda, Brgy. Maligo, Polomolok, South Cotabato.

3,095 of 3,125 (99.04%) hills of forest tree planted last May 7, 2018 at Prk. 7, Brgy. Kinilis. The 30 damaged forest hills were replaced. 3,600 of 3,750 (96%) hills of forest tree planted last September 30, 2017 at Sitio Miranda, Brgy. Maligo where 150 damaged hills were replaced. 3,480 of 3,500 (99.42%) hills of forest tree planted last July 1, 2017 at Sitio Miranda, Brgy. Maligo, and 20 damaged hills were replaced.

Polomolok Water District will conduct quarterly monitoring and relay the information with MFI as agreed.

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Klinan NHS Science Club plants trees along the Klinan River

To support the Klinan National High School Science Club environmental awareness program, the Science Coordinator Ms. Richel M. Nacubuan  and 100 students of Klinan NHS conducted a tree planting activity at Brgy. Upper Klinan in support for the Upper on September 5, 2018. A total of 100 hills of fruit trees were planted at the riverbank of Klinan River.

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SK Poblacion invites R2R to speak in the Linggo ng Kabataan Environment Protection Seminar

Mahintana through the R2R program was invited to be a part of the Linggo ng Kabataan Environment Protection Seminar n August 30, 2018 at the Our Lady of Lourdes Lay Parish, Polomolok, South Cotabato.. An estimated of 200 students from Poblacion Polomolok National High School and Schola de San Jose attended the seminar.

R2R Project Coordinator Ms. Ella Mae Babao presented the the R2R program overview, the current situation and global challenges faced by the environment. She also presented what the youth can do to help in environment protection.

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Scale-up RePAIR Phase 3 conducts Organic Pest Management Trainings

Mahintana Foundation Inc., through its Scale-up RePAIR Phase 3 Project, conducted Organic Pest Management for 20 farmer-partners of Brgy. Lumakil, Polomolok on August 28, 2018 and for 53 farmer-partners of Brgy. Basag, T’Boli. The activities were facilitated by the Project Officers Mr. Luwee Siacor and Mr. Zaypee Kakim. The training aims to capacitate the farmer-partners to make their own organic pesticides, and know the adverse effects of using synthetic ones.


The resource speakers were the Offices of the Municipal Agriculture (OMAG) agricultural technicians of the respective municipalities. OMAG Polomolok  Technician Ms. Annie Balanay and OMAG T’Boli Technician Ms. Ligaya Pedrano taught the beneficiaries  the importance of using organic instead of the chemical pesticides. The farmer-beneficiaries were able to make the following: Fish Amino Acid (FAA) as natural source of nitrogen and micronutrients, Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO) for the beneficial microorganisms, Oriented Herbal Nutrients (OHN) as natural pesticide and Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ) as growth enhancer.

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Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Self Appreciation Day 2018 #StandUpForYourself #InspireOthers

In celebration of the 41st founding anniversary of Mahintana Foundation Inc., its Polomolok Task Force Kalusugan (PTFK) organized the Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Self Appreciation Day #StandUpForYourself #InspireOthers with the theme “Be Empowered: Build Your Future, Pursue Your Dreams” on August 23, 2018 at Municipal Gymnasium, Brgy. Poblacion, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The event was made possible with the support of Local Government Unit (LGU) of Polomolok, through the Municipal Health Office (MHO), and Dole Philippines, Inc. through Mahintana Foundation, Inc. (MFI).  This is also in partnership with the Provincial Health Office, Department of Education, Health Education Promotion Officers (HEPOs) of the partner cooperatives, PNP-Polomolok, Civil Security Unit and was participated by at least 6,000 high school students from 10 public and 6 private schools in Polomolok.

The activity composed of the contest such as: Modern Dance, Spoken Poetry, Slogan Making, Team Quiz Bee and the most-awaited Battle of the Bands. Messages were heard from Municipal Health Officer (MHO) Dr. Edwin D. Dipus, MFI Board of Trustees on Health Dr. Eva B. Hormigos, Provincial Health Officer Dr. Rogelio B. Aturdido, Dole Philippines, Inc. Supervisor for Community Relations Department (CRD) Mr. Karlo D. Hora, and Municipal Mayor Hon. Honey Lumayag-Matti. To further inspire the students to strive for their dreams and aspirations, Rev. Orlando Macaspac shared his life story of how drugs and vices destroyed his life and how he stood up from it all by the help of the Lord. While waiting for the results of the tabulation of scores, President and CEO Mr. Martiniano L. Magdolot gave the closing message thanking the participants and the support of the stakeholders.

Below is the list of the winners.

Team Quiz Bee 

1st place – Upper Klinan National High School

2nd place – Landan National High School

3rd place – Polomolok National High School

Modern Dance Competition

1st place – Poblacion Polomolok National High School

2nd place – Palkan National High School 

3rd place – Saint Lorenzo Ruiz of Polomolok Inc.

4th place – Dole Philippines School

5th place – Polomolok National High School

Slogan Making Competition

1st place – Polomolok National High School

2nd place – Silway-8 National High School

3rd place – Landan National High School

4th place – Poblacion Polomolok National High School

5th place – Notre Dame Siena College of Polomolok

Spoken Poetry Competition 

1st place – Palkan National High School

2nd place – Notre Dame Siena College of Polomolok

3rd place – Upper Klinan National High School

4th place – Bentung Sulit National High School

5th place – Poblacion Polomolok National High School

Song Composition and Battle of the Bands

1st place – Polomolok National High School

2nd place – Saint Lorenzo Ruiz of Polomolok Inc.

3rd place – Poblacion Polomolok National High School

4th place – Landan National High School

5th place – Christian School of Polomolok

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Mahintana participates in Adopt-Malungon River Launching Activity

Mahintana participated in the Adopt-Malungon River Launching Activity thru Bamboo Growing Project of the Municipality of Malungon at Brgy. Nagpan, Malungon, Sarangani Province on Aug. 15, 2018.  The organization was represented by Operations Manager Mr. Jobe Tubigon, R2R Project Coordinator Ms. Ella Mae Babao, and Project Officer Mr. Luwee Roy Siacor together with Dole Philippines Inc. CRD Supervisor Mr. Reb Shanton Minion. A total of 1,000 hills of afus were planted on the riverside out of 35,000 afus hills target covering 4.8km stretch of river.  

Mahintana was agreed to present the R2R Program during the ABC meeting and a benchmarking activity at R2R project areas scheduled within the year.

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